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Underneath Impeachment: 25 Random Headlines from Last Week

December 9, 2019 by Jim Miller

By Jim Miller

Her Heart Stopped for 6 hours. Now She’s Ready to go Back to Work

Fractured Forests Are Endangering Wildlife, Scientists Find

Killer Heat: US Cities’ Plans for Coming Heatwaves Fail to Protect the Vulnerable

Eight-Year-Old Girl Strip-Searched Before Visiting Father at Prison

No Sex in the Bunkbeds!: Tales from the Most Intimate Sharing Economy Start Up Yet

Google’s Anti-Worker Actions Evoke IBM’s Racist Past

This Has Been the Warmest Decade in Earth’s History

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A Few Random Faces from the OB Street Fair

June 27, 2016 by Source
Thumbnail image for A Few Random Faces from the OB Street Fair

Here are some random faces from the Ocean Beach Street Fair – taken by our good friend Byron Morton.

Here’s Mike Deadman of Kissed Alive Tribute Band.

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What the Heck? The Story of My Randomly Sounding Fire Alarms

June 24, 2013 by Judi Curry

Buddy in pool 003By Judi Curry

My dog Buddy and I were awakened early Sunday morning by the smoke alarm going off in our bedroom. (Yes, Buddy and I sleep in the same room – although not in the same bed.) He freaked out because the high pitched noise hurts his ears, and he quickly ran into the other part of the house to hide.

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OB Random Stories: Sophie Stephens – the Future Cosmetologist to the Stars

April 5, 2013 by Frank Gormlie
Thumbnail image for OB Random Stories: Sophie Stephens – the Future Cosmetologist to the Stars

Continuing my series of ‘random’ stories of Ocean Beach, I wanted to go somewhere besides my usual haunt of Newbreak Cafe, across from the Lifeguard station. So, I tried going over to the great new coffeehouse on Voltaire that just opened, TeMana Cafe, … but it closed at 3pm. I turned and headed up the block to Hungry Lu’s where they must have good coffee, related to the Grab and Go stores – but no, they don’t sell coffee. Kids, I tried, I really did, but it was back to Newbreak for me.

It was a windy, cool day in OB, so I was looking forward to a mug of strong French Roast, and once I settled in at a small, round table inside Newbreak I was not disappointed. As I try to keep my interviews gender balanced, I was looking this day for an OBcean woman.

I found Sophie Stephens studying at her laptop; she had purple hair, so I thought this person must have a story to tell, and again I was not disappointed. She jumped at the chance to be interviewed – and as she met my criteria (resident of OB or Point Loma, willing to be interviewed, and have photos taken), I asked her to join me at my table which was a little quieter than hers.

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Random Stories of Ocean Beach: Interview With Aaron Sutton

March 18, 2013 by Frank Gormlie
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After a brief respite from them, I was back on the trail for my series of “random” interviews of OBceans when I entered NewBreak coffee house on Abbott the other day. It was hot in the rest of the County of San Diego, but in OB it was a windy – almost cold day – and I was looking forward to my steaming mug of java.

After introducing myself to Aaron Sutton, a 40 year old with a full brown beard who was sitting in front of his laptop, he agreed to be interviewed and we moved over to a corner booth with more privacy. “Everybody has a story,” I told him, and “I want to tell yours.”

Aaron had been living over on Pescadero for about 3 years, when he moved in with good bud, Mike Stevens, on Lotus Street about 6 weeks ago.

“We call it ‘the Farm'”, he said, “we’ve got dogs, frogs, chickens, and fish,” he said.

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Ocean Beach’s Random Stories: LA Refugee and Resident Comedian

February 8, 2013 by Frank Gormlie
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This is the third in a series of interviews with OBceans that I have met randomly – all so far in NewBreak coffee house on Abbott Street. I heartily believe that everyone has a story worth retelling, so I approach strangers and ask them if I can sit down with them and take their story.

Two requisites: they have to live in OB – or the Peninsula -, and they have to agree to have their picture taken. Up to now, the feedback from readers has been positive on these random interviews. Here’s my first interview with Eric Long and my second with Helga Staalhane.

Gina Manning – Who Fled the LA Area and Who Now Is in Search of Gigs As a Comedian

Gina Manning was just closing up her laptop the other day when I approached her and asked her if I could interview her for this blog. She said sure, so I sat down at her small table with my coffee mug and got out my notepad.

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Random OB Stories: From Norway to Ocean Beach With Love

January 31, 2013 by Frank Gormlie
Thumbnail image for Random OB Stories: From Norway to Ocean Beach With Love

This is another in a series of random interviews with OBceans while the author has a firm belief that everyone has a story worth telling.

Meet Helga Staalhane – on loan to OB from Norway. She has lived here for six months and is in a masters program in Sociology at San Diego State University on a student visa. I met her at NewBreak the other day and she agreed to be interviewed and have her photo taken for the OB Rag (the photo is a prerequisite for the interview, as living in OB is also).

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The Random Stories of Ocean Beach – Eric Long – Musician and Documentary Film Maker

January 22, 2013 by Frank Gormlie
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Editor: this is the first in a hopefully weekly series highlighting different OBceans and their stories, OBceans chosen at random.

Each person I’ve ever met has a story. Whether it was their life experiences or their dreams, or a combination of both, everybody has a story to tell. So, with this belief firmly in mind, I set out to find a denizen of Ocean Beach who I knew would have an interesting and deeply individual story, so I could tell their story to the rest of the village.

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OB Street Fair 2012 – Random Photo Gallery

June 24, 2012 by Staff
Thumbnail image for OB Street Fair 2012 – Random Photo Gallery

Doug Porter wandered through the OB Street Fair yesterday, Saturday, June 23rd, and took dozens of random photos of the people, the kids, the bands, the vendors and their booths.

Here they are, randomly.

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A Random Act of Kindness – An Essay

March 3, 2011 by Source
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Editor: This post has received a lot of attention recently, so we decided to bring it back up.

By Shirley Sprinkles, Ph.D

She handed me a five dollar bill through the car window, then turned and walked away. I don’t know her name, nor where she was going—the encounter was so brief—but I know I will never forget that lady stranger who generously saved me from a lot of frustration and prevented me from walking a mile or more to my destination. The scene was a downtown public parking lot. My husband, Leo, and I were already a half hour late for a statewide conference on the status of African American families and children. (CSAAFC). We had taken the wrong fork in the expressway, and found ourselves deadlocked in traffic that was backed up for four miles due to a serious accident. I told Leo to go the other way, but he didn’t. .

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San Diego Mainstream Media Downplay Suspected Serial Killer of Homeless People

November 5, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

For some reason, San Diego’s mainstream press is downplaying the fact that the man in court is suspected of being a serial killer of people who were homeless.

On Monday, a preliminary hearing opened for Jon David Guerrero, 42, who is charged with four counts of murder with a special-circumstance allegation of multiple murders. He is accused of killing four people, three men and one woman during a murderous crime spree in 2016. Plus he may be charged for another murder, as one of the badly injured victims has since died. He also faces charges of attempted murder, arson and assault with a deadly weapon likely to cause great bodily injury.

That’s still a lot of murders. So many I thought of asking the ol’ citadel of wisdom, wikipedia: “How many random murders does it take for it to be a serial killing? ”

Here was my answer:

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Reforming California’s Dysfunctional Charter School Law

July 19, 2019 by Source

By T. Ultican / Tultican / July17,2019

Members of the California legislature have engaged in an internecine battle over charter schools. Even the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) has expressed concern over lawless cyber charters and filed the first known complaint with the California Department of Education over A3 Education and Valiant Prep which were recently charged with stealing a stunning $50 million.

California State Sen. John Moorlach (R) is warning that 85% of school districts in California are running deficits. Governor Gavin Newsom has stated “rising charter school enrollments in some urban districts are having real impacts on those districts’ ability to provide essential support and services for their students.” The drive to privatize schools in San Diego, Oakland and Los Angeles has been fueled

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Fireworks – Cheap Thrills with Toxic Consequences

July 18, 2019 by Source

Pollution from Fireworks is an Unnecessary Risk to Our Personal and Environmental Health

From Back Country Attitude

Why celebrate those special occasions by polluting? Is poisoning the air and water a patriotic way to recognize the 4th of July?? Is unnecessary air pollution a good way to ring in the New Year??

Do you consider yourself environmentally conscious and responsible? You might not know that all those colorful explosives used to celebrate special occasions…. (your firecrackers, skyrockets, Roman candles and yes even those so-called “harmless” sparklers)… pose a serious environmental and health danger from heavy metals and other toxic firework fallout.

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Gone Are the Golden Months of the Fetus

July 9, 2019 by Source

By Joni Halpern

Since 1896, Ohio voters have picked the winning candidate in all but two presidential elections – 1944 and 1960 – giving rise to the state’s renown as a “bellwether” to which candidates cannot afford to turn a deaf ear. If Ohioans are going to be so influential, maybe we could help inform their future choices by sharing some concerns from the Golden State

Dear Ohio,

It has occurred to me to ask you to take a second look at the abortion controversy. It seems to be splitting us apart as a nation. Apparently, it is not enough for some groups of Christians to refrain from abortion in their own lives. They seem to believe they can save their souls only if they ban abortion for every woman of every belief, under every circumstance. They contend that a full-fledged human life with all rights to maximum protection begins at the moment sperm and egg join. They believe government must protect the fetus.

In the old days, long before modern techniques of abortion were available, women of every culture and religion knew how to encourage miscarriage. Mothers and grandmothers taught daughters and granddaughters. There were potions and teas before there were coat hangers and curettes.

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News of Ocean Beach, Point Loma and the Midway – Mid-June 2019

June 13, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

* Driver Crashes into OB CVS – Then Fights Police
* Suspect in Serial Killings of San Diego Homeless Found Competent for Trial
* Armed Robbery of 2 7-Elevens – Midway district and Point Loma
* Suspect in Peninsula 7-Eleven Robberies Could Be Involved in LA Killing of Off-Duty Cop
* Request Your New Yard Sign to Save San Diego Neighborhoods
* Intruder in Point Loma Home Dies in Police Custody
* Hey! San Diego Media: Where Is the Midway District?
* Full Council to Vote on Campland Lease
* Old Point Loma Lighthouse a Member of SoCal’s History
* Mr. Moto to Open in July

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News and Notes From Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Early April 2019

April 2, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Ocean Beach Green Center Open Saturdays Till May’s 30th Anniversary Party

Big things in the works at the new location of the OB Green Center, 4862 Voltaire St. They will be having their grand opening, 30th year anniversary party, spring fundraiser in May at the new location. Until then someone will be there on Saturdays from noon to 6 pm if you want to stop by and check in with them.

Screwball Whiskey Making Began in OB

The creators of Skrewball Whiskey announced their peanut butter whiskey will soon be available nationwide.

Slightly Stoopid Trombonist Andy Gelb

There’s a local school of funk. From their web page: “The Ambassadors of Soul are a collection of some of the finest high school musicians in San Diego, directed by Slightly Stoopid trombonist Andy Andy Geib.

OB Band Gowing By Leaps and Bounds

One band currently making major inroads into the national scene via touring is Ocean Beach-based indie rock quartet, Brothers Gow

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A Friend Makes Me Feel Like I’ve Lived in a Dream

February 6, 2019 by Ernie McCray

by Ernie McCray

I just finished “Platitudes and Attitudes,” a little book that was written by a dear lifelong friend, Shirley Robinson Sprinkles, “Shirlgirl.”

Shirley and I grew up in Tucson, Arizona in the 40’s and 50’s and as I read the “random thoughts and memories” that she had collected over the years, I was transported back in time, like in a dream.

She’d mention a street and I could see myself riding my bicycle down that street, popping a wheelie, with my levi’s ripped at the knees (light years before that was cool).

She’d describe an event, and I was there (trying to be cool).

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Kindness Can Turn This Troubled World Around

December 21, 2018 by Ernie McCray

by Ernie McCray

Not too long ago I had an encounter with an act of random kindness.

It went like this: I was enjoying an interesting tale in San Diego born Nafissa Thompson-Spires’ wonderful collection of short stories, “Heads of the Colored People” and a meal of scrambled eggs and ham with a buttered biscuit and jam and a Bloody Mary when I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up and into the beautiful face of a black woman, close to my age, a woman whom I had acknowledged with a slight nod of my head as she left the café.

We black people of a certain age do that when we catch each other’s eye, say, walking down the street or exiting a restaurant, sometimes adding a word or two: “How you doing?” or a “Hey, now” – essentially saying: “I don’t know you, but I can guess what you might have been through.”

With the way the woman was looking at me, as she stood over me, I thought maybe she was about to say something like “Don’t you remember me?” and then I was sure she was going to say “Did you drop this?” because she was handing me something.

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Bob Dorn: Rest in Power!

December 3, 2018 by Anna Daniels

Last week, on November 28, Bob Dorn’s wife Deborah sent a brief email to the San Diego Free Press editors:

Very sad news….Bob had severe heart attack… basically cardiac arrest after a wonderful evening at a jam where he played with friends…..he passed today in a place he loved .Didn’t suffer at all….so sorry to tell you guys this way.

The news blindsided the SDFP editors who have been winding down our beloved publication, with all the emotions that engenders in each one of us. Bob’s death feels like a particularly incomprehensible blow, yet another grievous loss. We had imagined that our community would remain vital and connected after we ceased publishing, and then Deborah’s email informed us that our community had been diminished. Just like that.

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OB Town Council Parties Like It’s 1968 – As It Celebrates 50 Years

August 27, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

On Saturday, Aug. 25, the Ocean Beach Town Council partied. It was their 50th anniversary – and the celebration rocked the patio of Newbreak Church.

Local bands played, pizzas from Pizza Port and SurfRider were the menu, draft beer from the OB Brewery was on tap – and raffle prizes were handed out.

President Marcus Turner got the ball rolling with welcomes and intros; past presidents Dave Martin and Gretchen Newsom were on hand, and Councilwoman Lorie Zapf joined the fun – and stayed quite a while.

The infamous Mike James gave an inspiring speech. Happy Birthday was sung and a delicious birthday cake was carved up and dished out.

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The Colorful History of the Rowdies, Radicals and Ruffians of Ocean Beach

August 15, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

OB Longbranch-riot-LaborDay68

Downtown Ocean Beach during these times on any summer day or night is extraordinarily packed with people, as locals and visitors mingle on the beach, on the Greens, and in the numerous noisy restaurants and pubs that line the commercial streets.

OB’s reputation as being San Diego’s “laid-back” beach community precedes it as tourists flock to our liberal seaside village of tolerance, peace and hipness all in search of being part of it – even for just a moment – in their search for happiness. Little do they know there actually is a rough and sordid underbelly to OB’s traditions and history.

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Summer Chronicles 2018 #2: Learning to Be No One

June 25, 2018 by Jim Miller

Alone on the plane, I had the same thought that I always do: “we could crash and my life might end at any time.” As always, images of the moments before death subsumed me. I imagined the faces of my fellow passengers contorted in horror. I heard the weeping, the screaming, the voices futilely attempting to leave last messages for their loved ones on their cellphones, all to no avail.

My fantasy was real enough that amidst a banal announcement about expected turbulence, I came close to tears as I thought of never seeing my wife or son again and went on to consider the weight of the collective losses of all the souls on the plane.

But, in this case, what used to be a source of physical anxiety gave way to a feeling of absolute groundlessness.

There is something liberating about anonymity and the small pleasure of being unrecognized in the odd womblike environment of a passenger jet.

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Interview With Brad – the Guy Who Has Been Organizing Human Banners for 10 Years

April 19, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

Editor’s Note: Hundreds of people will congregate at Dog Beach in OB this Saturday, April 21st to spell out “VOTE!” with their bodies. Here’s the OB Rag interview – via email – with Brad, the guy who has been organizing human banners for ten years.

Question: Brad, we understand you’ve been doing what’s called “human bannering” for some 10 years now. And you’re part of a group who will be doing human bannering at Ocean Beach in San Francisco on Saturday, April 21st – the same time people in Ocean Beach, San Diego are doing it. Both towns spelling out “Vote” … and maybe more.

First, for the uninitiated, what is human bannering?

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San Diego Progressive Activist Calendar April 13-23, 2018

April 13, 2018 by Doug Porter

Morality Guide

Check out this week’s Progressive Calendar listings below. Following those listings are upcoming events of national importance, along with opportunities for organizational involvement.

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Fifteen Years Later: Remembering the Invasion Of Baghdad

April 10, 2018 by Source

By Kilian Colin

On April 9, 2003, I woke up to the sounds of bombs.

My bed was shaking and my sister, who was sleeping in the bed next to me, was awake crying and shaking in her bed. It was like an earthquake with very scary sounds. Shards of glass from the windows covered my bed. My parents ran into the room. My father said let’s go downstairs.

We lived in a 1-bedroom apartment on the second floor. We went downstairs and knocked on our neighbor’s door. The neighbor opened the door and let us inside his apartment without saying a word. He was clad only in underwear and held a copy of Quran in his hand. His name was Abo-Allaa.

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Back to the Spring Rituals of Baseball

April 2, 2018 by Jim Miller

Baseball is back, and, as I do every year—no matter how bad the Padres are—I enjoy re-immersing myself in the game. And, as opposed to our president who argues in this ridiculous interview that talent comes strictly from innate ability and is made manifest on the Social Darwinist proving ground of sport, I know that it’s all about focus and work. Perhaps the most important thing of all is failure that leads to more focus and work and honing one’s craft.

You alone with the thing itself.

On the diamond this cliché holds true: even the best players fail most of the time, sometimes quite badly. .

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Under the Gun in Ireland: A Report From the North – August, 1983

March 17, 2018 by Michael Steinberg

Editordude: In honor of St Patrick’s Day, we publish the following piece just sent to us by Michael Steinberg, who went to Ireland a number of times during the 1980s. Happy Paddy’s Day!

By Michael Steinberg

In 1983, I was among a contingent of 82 Americans, including 7 San Diegans, who went on a fact finding tour of Northern Ireland.

What we found there was a vicious colonialism that rules through murder, lies and a concerted attempt at total social control. And a native people who exist under this everyday terror and resist it with extraordinary courage and grace.

I arrive a few days before the tour begins to explore the southern Republic a bit. I first visit the city of Limerick at the mouth of the River Shannon on the west coast. It was from here that my great-grandfather Cornelius Donahue emigrated sometime in the mid 19th century.

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Survey: Flipping the 49th Congressional District Won’t Be Easy

February 22, 2018 by Doug Porter

By Doug Porter

A just-released poll, conducted February 12-15 by FM3 Research for Flip the 49th! Neighbors in Action has a cautionary tale for Democrats seeking to replace retiring Congressman Darrell Issa in the 49th Congressional District.

The good news is the Republicans’ brand is so tarnished that a generic Democrat could win over a generic Republican by 7 points or more.

The bad news is that the current line-up of Democratic candidates is likely to split primary voters in such a way that two Republicans will face each other in the general election.

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Man Arrested in Stabbing Death of Walter ‘Ras’ Riley Last June in Ocean Beach

February 21, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

A young man has been arrested in the stabbing death of Walter “Ras” Riley last June 22nd in Ocean Beach.

Noah Mitchell Jackson, 19, is being held in the San Diego Central Jail after his arrest in Hunting Beach in Orange County on Tuesday, Feb. 20, on suspicion of first-degree murder. With his bail currently set at $2 million, he is scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

Jackson was arrested by San Diego Police detectives along with local police and the U.S. Marshals Service. So far, no motive for the deadly attack has been publicly released, and police declined to report what evidence led them to the suspect. San Diego police obtained an arrest warrant for Jackson after identifying him as the lone suspect.

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Aboard the Magic Bus: From OB To a Marijuana Superstore

February 9, 2018 by Source

by Joaquin Antique

I have seen the ganja future and its name is urbn leaf. Whether it’s a dystopian future or paradise, I’ll let you decide.

You may have seen the bus driving around OB: a newish big black air conditioned rig with a giant marijuana leaf logo and the words “urbn leaf” and “CannaBus” painted on its front and sides.

At first I wasn’t sure exactly what the bus was all about. Was it like a Wine County or Craft Beer tour? An ad for a new band or reggae club? A party bus taking folks to concerts or other events? Turns out urbn leaf is a dispensary and the bus is a service provided for potential customers.

It services Ocean Beach on the hour, from noon until 8 PM daily. The bus picks up patrons at the OB Pier parking lot

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