The Chaos of San Diego’s Scooter World

September 19, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

It seems like everyday there’s news in the chaotic world of scooters in San Diego. There was a major piece in the New York Times warning tourists of San Diego’s scooters. And just this week, the Los Angeles Times examined the new technology of “geo-fencing” which scooter companies employ in order to comply with the demands of cities wanting to limit their range and speeds .

Meanwhile in San Diego, Uber announced earlier this month that it’s pulling almost all of its Jump branded e-bikes and scooters out of the city boundaries – except naval bases San Diego and Point Loma – because of an on-going dispute the company is having with San Diego’s new regulations governing dockless scooters and bikes. La Jolla Light

One month ago, the city of San Diego stated the parent company of Lime electric scooters violated the city’s new “geofencing” speed limits in certain areas at least three times and began the process of revoking the company’s permit to operate in the city. Lime officials deny these violations and claim the city is mistaken. Some time this month a code enforcement hearing will determine if Lime scooters stay or go. If Lime loses the gamble, it will have to wait at least six months before applying for another permit. KPBS

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News and Notices for Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Mid-September 2019

September 17, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

People’s Cafe Has Closed

OB People’s organic cafe on Voltaire Street has closed. The O.B. Garden Café, at 4741 Voltaire, just opened their doors in mid-December 2017. ….

San Diego Second Most Popular City, Says Airbnb – OB 5th Most Popular in SD

San Diego was the second most popular California destination for Airbnb hosts. … Once in town, the most popular neighborhoods Airbnb guests visited were … Ocean Beach was fifth …

Port Hears More from Point Lomans on Master Plan; List of Changes Made

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OB Town Council President Winkie and Other Residents Rip City for Lack of Progress at Point Loma ‘Natural Park’

September 16, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park was ripped apart three years ago as part of what the city called the Sunset Cliffs Improvement Project.

On Friday, September 13th, OB Town Council president Mark Winkie and other local residents ripped apart the City of San Diego’s efforts to complete the so-call Point Loma “Natural Park”.

KUSI reporter Dan Plante interviewed Winkie, Dan Dennison – a member of the OB Planning Board and retired drainage engineer – , as well as Anne Jackson Hefti – who has been active in opposing the use of RoundUp in the park.

Reporter Plante – who is a local – gave a rather impassioned report on the current state of the park,

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Dr. Seuss Knew a Thing or Two About Lindbergh

September 13, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Dr. Seuss was of course Theodor Seuss Geisel. Before he became famous drawing Dr. Seuss books, he drew political cartoons.

Dr. Seuss Knew Who Lindbergh Was

Here’s a few of his cartoons:

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Can’t We All Just – Stop Calling the San Diego Airport After an Anti-Semite and Nazi-Lover?

September 13, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

There it was – the “L” word on the agenda of a local Ocean Beach community organization announcing a presentation about Terminal One by Airport Authority representatives. Ugh! “Lindbergh” as in Charles Lindbergh and as in “Lindbergh Field,” the San Diego Airport’s former name.

But ol’ Charles Lindbergh was an anti-Semite and Nazi-lover. So, can we all just stop calling the San Diego Airport after him? After someone who gushed antisemitism in his speeches and who was a big fan of Adolf Hitler and of Nazi Germany.

It’s not easy, I admit, to stop using titles that everyone’s used for decades. I slip up myself once in a while – but lately have been catching myself. A well-known writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune used the “L-word” about a year ago in an article about the airport. When I saw it, I was repulsed.

Then there’s the blinders of those who write about Lindbergh and never mention his dark side.

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The OB Pier Pancake Breakfast Is One of the Great Social Events of the Year in Ocean Beach

September 13, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

One of the greatest social events of the year in Ocean Beach is coming right up next Saturday, September 21st. It’s the annual OB Pier Pancake Breakfast hosted by your OB Town Council. It’s actually the 21st Annual gig.

For the price of a ticket, you get a wonderful breakfast and nosh it down right over the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Plus it’s an event that mainly locals attend and you’ll get to chat with people who love this town. Not only that – but given that this is an election season – there will probably be a number of politicians showing up to show their shiny faces as they know this an important social get-together.

And there’s more! The proceeds from this breakfast go to benefit the OB Food and Toy Drive,

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Full Moon on Friday the 13th – Gee, What Crazy Thing Could Happen?

September 12, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Today is Friday the 13th – and hey, there’s also a full moon. So, a full moon on Friday the 13th – what crazy thing could happen?

Let’s take a look – first at the moon. For us on the West Coast, the full moon will be around 9:30 p.m. (okay – 09:33 pm (PDT)) on Friday. According to moon gazers:

September’s Full Moon was called the Harvest Moon by the early North American Farmers.

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Teenager Pulled From Ocean at Sunset Cliffs Dies

September 12, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Flowers have been left near the site where a young, 15-year old boy from Sweetwater High School died Wednesday, September 11 at Sunset Cliffs. The teenager was pulled from the ocean after he had reportedly been underwater for nearly an hour.

Anthony Womack had been jumping with friends at the cliffs between Adair and Osprey streets, a favorite jumping spot, popularized on social media. The jump is at least twenty feet.

Rescuers responded after being called at 10 a.m. with a report of a teenager struggling in the water. Womack was finally found in the water after lifeguards searched on a boat and watercrafts for almost an hour.

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News and Notices for Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Early September 2019

September 6, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Contractor Found in Violations at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park for Pesticides.

The County of San Diego has found contractor Habitat West in violations for pesticides at Sunset Cliffs “Natural Park”. Their investigation started Jan 2019. The folks behind Campaign Non-Toxic San Diego also an investigation in progress. The County published a report on the violations; it’s 86 pages long and to request the entire report email

Lifeguards Rescue 2 on Catamaran Stuck in Point Loma Cave

Crews rescued two people stuck on a 26-foot catamaran that had floated into a Point Loma cave early Friday morning

OB Kid Raising Money from Lemonade Stand for Diseased Buddy

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Ocean Beach Town Council Needs Volunteers for the OB Pier Pancake Breakfast on Sat., Sept. 21

September 6, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

If you’ve ever been to one of the breakfasts that the OB Town Council puts on at their annual OB Pier Pancake Breakfast event, you know how wonderful the food is and what a social scene it is. It’s definitely one of OB’s great social events of the year. Plus – you’re having your food while sitting over the ocean.
This year’s event on September 21 – actually the “21st Annual Pancake Breakfast” – is on schedule. But you know what – the folks who are organizing this gig, your town council board members – need help. They need volunteers.

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Ocean Beach Planners Approve Proposed Sidewalk Vendor Ordinance

September 5, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

At their Wednesday night meeting, the Ocean Beach Planning Board voted by 8 to 4 to approve the proposed Sidewalk Vendor ordinance. It’s supposed to go before the full City Council in October.

Here is the proposal ordnance verbatim (it’s a long 22 page document) in its entirety:

Chapter J
Business Regulations, Business 1 axes,
Bermits and Licenses Article 6:
Division 1: Sidewalk Vendor

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Applicants Victimized by City’s Refusal to Abide by Ocean Beach Community Plan

September 5, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

When it came time for the applicants of a Coastal Development Permit to construct a new 3-story residence with decks and a new detached 2-story guest quarters on an empty lot at 4744 Cape May Avenue to appear before the OB Planning Board at Wednesday night’s meeting – planners had a case of deja vue.

The applicants – Alan and Nancy – had appeared before the Board earlier – they were in front of the Project Review Committee (a sub-committee of the entire board, which usually makes recommendations on projects), back on December 19, 2018. Here is our report from the Project Review Committee’s review of that project:

Owners of 4744 Cape May Ave Requested to Return to the Drawing Board

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Author G.M. Ford to Discuss Latest Book Set in Ocean Beach – Sat., Sept. 7 at OB Library

September 5, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Author G.M. Ford is all set to give a talk on his latest mystery novel, “Heavy on The Dead” which is set in Ocean Beach, of all places.

Ford will lead the discussion of his Leo Waterman mystery at the OB Library, this Saturday, September 7. The OB Library is at 4801 Santa Monica Ave. It’s at 2pm.

Back in July, our Bob Edwards wrote a review of the book and here is part of what he said then:

An award winning mystery and thriller novelist, G.M. Ford has just published a new book, Heavy On The Dead (Thomas and Mercer, Seattle, 2019) that is set largely in Ocean Beach.

From the first pages of the book when a body is discovered next to the Santa Cruz Avenue stairs during a beach cleanup to an episode searching for a homeless man along the San Diego River, to the protagonists battling traffic on Sea World Drive at rush hour, Heavy On The Dead has numerous local references that most OBceans will recognize.

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‘Thank You Ocean Beach and Point Loma’ – OB Rag Makes Its Fundraising Goal

September 4, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Thank you Ocean Beach and Point Loma! We made our fundraising goal of $2,000 – thanks to all the donations. The OB Rag is assured to be able to operate for another year.

We had 35 donations come in since last week – 25 of them from Ocean Beach and Point Loma residents.

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OB Planning Board Has 4 Projects to Review, Plus Street Vendor Ordinance – Wed., Sept. 4th

September 4, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

The Ocean Beach Planning Board has 4 projects before it when it meets this Wednesday, Sept. 4th. It will also take up the possible appointment of a new board member to District 3 OB Planning Area and review the Street Vendor Ordinance that goes before the City Council in October. The Board meets at 6pm sharp at the OB Rec Center, 4726 Santa Monica Avenue.

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Ah …. It’s that Time of Year When OB Gets Back to ‘Normal’

September 3, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Early September – after Labor Day is when Ocean Beach gets back to “normal” and locals breathe a sigh of relief; the tourists and visitors are gone and the community returns to some kind of normalcy.

And it has returned – the Seasonal “ahhhh”.

This morning, the parks and fields were empty. The streets were mellow – no long lines of cars at the stop signs. Less pedestrians with cameras around their necks, less people packing up their vehicles from their short-term vacation rental stay. I saw only 3 plates from out-of-state and one of the cars had an OB sticker on the back windshield.

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Plastic Utensils Now Among Top 5 Beach Polluters, Ocean Conservancy Says

September 3, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

We’re all familiar with “the usual suspects of ocean and beach pollution”; years ago it was the plastic six-pack rings; more recently, plastic bags and plastic straws became enemies of the environment with massive movements to ban them around the globe.

Now – however – “the Ocean Conservancy is urging the public to focus on another type of plastic waste that’s an increasingly a significant concern: plastic cutlery.”

The nonprofit environmental advocacy group Ocean Conservancy has just released the results of its 2018 International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), and for the first time since being added as its own category in 2013, plastic cutlery ranked as one of the top ten most common items during the annual trash collection event. As a result, after encouraging people to “Skip the Straw” since 2014, the organization is adding a new initiative to its repertoire: “Quit the Cutlery.”

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The OB Rag Annual Summer Fundraising Campaign Is Here

September 1, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

10 Reasons to Support the OB Rag

It’s that time again – time for the annual OB Rag fundraising campaign to begin.

Now in our 12th year as an online newspaper for the Ocean Beach and Point Loma communities, we’ve largely been able to continue publishing because of donations from readers and supporters.

So …. we’re asking readers to go to the top of the home page and click on the PayPal logo and make a donation. We’re aiming to raise $2,000 over this next week. If achieved, that will enable us to continue to be “the conscience of OB” as that TV muckraker Michal Tucko once said for another year.

O you can donate to us the traditional way, by mailing it to us at our post office box (OB Rag, PO Box 7012, Ocean Beach, CA 92167).

Here’s Ten Reasons to Support the OB Rag:

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Here’s Three Reports on Peninsula Meetings Made Possible Because of Readers’ Support for OB Rag

September 1, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Last Wednesday, August 28 – there were three important meetings held in the Peninsula.

One in Ocean Beach at the Masonic Center with the OB Town Council, a second at the Point Loma Library for a Special Meeting on Famosa Canyon by the Peninsula Community Planning Board and a third at the Portuguese Hall for a community presentation of the Port’s Master Plan.

And the OB Rag covered them all. Come inside for reports on each one. It’s all possible because our readers and supporters keep us going with donations.

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Red Flags at Ebers-Greene ‘Rehab’

August 30, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Red flags are being raised by neighbors about what is going on at the “rehab” of the Ebers – Greene project.

The most noticeable thing there is the three-layered monstrosity is gone and all that’s left is a concrete slab and part of a section of the wall – and the old house on the lot, of course.

Neighbors could not help but notice workers in the old house – which has asbestos according to long-time observers of the saga of this project. The workers were without masks or other protective gear. Why should they wear anything? Reportedly, the asbestos expert the contractor hired says there’s no asbestos inside the old building.

The plans are to tear into the old place and convert it into a garage off the alley. The other red flag is

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OB Town Council Hears Impact of Census Under-Count in Ocean Beach

August 29, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

At the Ocean Beach Town Council monthly public meeting Wed., Aug. 28, a presentation was made about the impacts to OB when there’s a Census under-count in the community.

The lightly-attended meeting also heard from community residents and political representatives about a myriad of upcoming events and then of issues that confound the neighborhood.

A US Census Dept expert, Alejandro Aguilar, gave a presentation on “The Road to 2020” with details about some history, the importance and Constitutional mandate of the Census.

The most interesting aspect of the presentation was on the “Impact to Ocean Beach”. Apparently, the OB Census “Mail Participation” rate in 2010 was only 78%. Not too good. And an estimated 2,000 OBceans required a follow-up by a Census enumerator that year.

Also troubling was the estimated net undercount of OB people

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OB Rag Fund Raising Closing in on Half-Way to Goal: A Renewed Call for OBceans and Point Lomans to Support ‘the Conscience of OB’

August 28, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

We’re now in our third day of our annual summer fund-raising campaign and we’ve raised $885 – which is just a smidgen from the half-way point of our goal of $2,000. We do this every year because we do have bills to pay – and obviously we’re not part of the mainstream media.

But we have been the online newspaper for Ocean Beach and Point Loma and now we’re in our 12th year. And we’re funded by our readers and supporters, primarily.

So, dear Reader, we’re asking you to go to the top of the home page and click on the PayPal logo and make a donation. Or you can donate to us the traditional way, by mailing it to us at our post office box (OB Rag, PO Box 7012, Ocean Beach, CA 92167). Besides the 10 Reasons to donate to the OB Rag we posted on Monday, if you still a reason, consider these:

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There’s Lots of Affordable Housing Near Famosa Canyon

August 28, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

The San Diego Housing Commission is ready to build 78 units of affordable housing units called “workforce housing” on the piece of property at Nimitz and Famosa, called Famosa Canyon by locals.

Yet the same piece of land has been a playground of sorts for generations of local youth – and many neighbors have opposed the idea of developing what appears to be one of the very last portions of open space on the Peninsula.

But who can argue with the need for more affordable housing? Everybody wants more affordable housing. So, what’s the deal?

The deal is the Housing Commission currently controls the land; their goal is to build units on it – and anybody who is against their plan are NIMBYs. Those who oppose that proposition do come from a myriad of stances

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OB Town Council to Meet Wed., Aug. 28 – All About the 2020 Census

August 28, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

The 2020 Census is right around the corner. Our community has to be ready to be counted in order for us to receive our fair share of federal funding and representation.

Join the OB Town Council at their Public meeting on Wednesday, August 28th at 7:00pm and come ready to learn, ask questions, and interact with Alex Aguilar, a Partnerships Specialist from the U.S. Census Bureau.The Ocean Beach Town Council holds it monthly public meeting from 7:00 – 8:30pm. The meeting is held at the Masonic Lodge at 1711 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Regular speakers include representatives of local, County and State politicians, reps from fire fighters and life guards and law enforcement.

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OB’s Tilted Stick Patron Throws Up Billboard as Surprise to Wife on 10th Anniversary

August 28, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

The Tilted Stick bar at 4970 Voltaire in north Ocean Beach is patronized by Vic Tulsie and Laura Lynn Tulsie.

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Ocean Beach Locals Mobilize to Push City to Repair Bermuda Beach Stairs

August 27, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

A brand new network of local OBceans called the Save Bermuda Beach group held their “kick-off” event this past Sunday, August 25 – down at – of all places – the foot of Bermuda Street, where the stairs have been damaged.

The goal of the group is to mobilize neighbors and other locals to pressure the City of San Diego to repair the stairs that lead to a small, popular beach.

The access stairs to the beach were damaged by a winter storm in early 2016 and the public access has been closed since then.

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The Scooter Rebellion Is Fueled By Serious Injuries

August 26, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

No doubt there is a scooter rebellion going on in San Diego’s coastal enclaves. District 1 Councilwoman Barbara Bry – who is also running for mayor – called for a moratorium on the vehicles. A Pacific Beach resident has begun an online petition for banning them, the City of San Diego is sparring with one scooter company over non-compliance issues after new regs went into effect, while citizen complaints about them mount at the Mayor’s office … but one thing is clear.

There are serious consequences to the fairly loose, free-wheeling atmosphere government has allowed the scooters to create; people – riders – are suffering serious injuries; so much so that one recent week in San Diego, there were three skull fractures from scooter accidents.

One of those victims, Karen Riggot, continues to fight for her life

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Special Meeting on Future of Property at Famosa and Nimitz Called by Peninsula Planners for Wed., Aug. 28

August 26, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

A special meeting has been called by the Peninsula Community Planning Board to review the future of the property at Famosa and Nimitz Boulevards and to allow a community discussion. The meeting is Wednesday, Aug. 28 at the Point Loma Library / Hervey Branch Library located at 3701 Voltaire Street. The meeting will be from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

Background from the PCPB:

Famosa and Nimitz Boulevards Property (Site 428)

The San Diego Housing Commission released a memorandum on July 2, 2019 regarding the Feasibility study completed for the property and furthermore stated they will release an RFP (Request for Proposals) within 60 days to obtain proposals from developers for a potential affordable rental housing development at the site.

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Who Remembers This? Last August Ocean Water Temperatures Set Record Highs

August 23, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Do you remember last August? So long ago, but last August 2018 saw the ocean water temperatures reach record highs.

On August 1, 2018, Scripps Pier recorded the highest ocean surface water temperature in its 102 history of taking measurements.

The water temperature was 78.6 degrees. Usually it’s around 68 that time of year.

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If You Were at This Point Loma Bakery from August 15 to August 18, You May Have Been Exposed to Measles

August 22, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

The County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency announced on August 21 that people who had recently visited the Point Loma bakery, 85° Bakery Café on Rosecrans on August 15, 16, 17 and 18 from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. may have been exposed to measles.

In a very recent local case of measles, the person was fully immunized but had exposure to an 11-month-old San Diego resident who contracted measles after a recent trip to the Philippines.

The bakery is located at 3361 Rosecrans. There were two other locations where the public may been been exposed: Min Sok Chon Korean Restaurant, 4620 Convoy St., on Aug. 15 from 6:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. and Ralph’s, 3011 Alta View Drive, on Aug. 16 from approximately 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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