News and Notices for Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Mid-October 2019

October 11, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Liberty Station’s Golf Course Future Could Be in the Hole

Liberty Station’s Loma Club is considered a great golf course in its own unique way. …More than a century of history sits in the club’s soil. At one time, a young Phil Mickelson played tournament at what was then called Sail Ho. Which is why players and locals were shocked to learn the Loma Club put out a notice that it will close in late December.

Point Loma Home Target of Passing Cars – Hit Twice Within a Year

San Diego Music Hall of Fame in OB at Newbreak Church – Oct. 18

Two Roots Brewing Wins Gold Medal for Non-Alcohol Beer

Point Loma Office Building Is Awarded “Orchid” in Annual Judging

Santa Barbara Coastline Study Has Lessons for Us: More Hot Days, Longer Dry Spells and Higher Sea Levels

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City Council Committee Gives Go-Ahead to ‘Tiny Houses’ on Wheels for San Diego Backyards

October 11, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

A key San Diego City Council committee has given the go-ahead to allow property owners to have movable “tiny houses” on wheels which they hope will help alleviate the city’s affordable housing crisis and steep homelessness. The small units can be moved into backyards and have their wheels removed.

The council’s Land Use and Housing committee voted voted unanimously Wednesday, October 9, to have the City Attorney’s Office come up with language for an amendment to San Diego’s municipal code which would permit the movable tiny houses.

Councilwoman Dr. Jennifer Campbell, a member of the committee said: “I think it’s a good idea. Let’s do it.”

Here’s some of the proposed restrictions and requirements property owners would need to comply with:

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Last 2 ‘Classic’ OB Rag T-Shirts Up for Auction

October 10, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

It’s true! The very last two Classic OB Rag T’s are up for auction.

For years, we offered OB Rag T-shirts as part of our fund-raising efforts – all printed at James Gang in OB, all 100% cotton and all with our logos. But over time, the swag gig was time-consuming and didn’t generate all that much at any one time. We did sell dozens and dozens of our shirts, including various styles and logos.

Now here we are today. We have the very last two OB Rag T’s in the classic variety. And they are up for auction.

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New Recycling Center Opens Next to Pat’s Liquor in Ocean Beach

October 9, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Here’s some good news. Ocean Beach has a brand new recycling center.

Prince’s Recycling Center just opened earlier this week next to well-known Pat’s Liquor at 5096 Voltaire at the intersection with Abbott Street. James Prince and Allison and Laura are making the bold venture.

Their center will be open Mondays through Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and closed on Sundays.

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OBceans Sue Each Other Over Peanut Butter Whiskey

October 8, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Usually when there’s an article about Ocean Beach on the front page of the San Diego Union-Tribune‘s Sunday paper, it’s a fluff piece about how the bohemian enclave does or doesn’t live up to its name. This has happened so often that we even keep a file on all those articles.

But that wasn’t the case this last Sunday, October 6. This time the front page article was headlined: “Lawsuits Erupt Over Ocean Beach’s Famed Skrewball Whiskey” and it was all about the three suits – two of them by well-known OBceans – against the makers of Screwball Whiskey – that new combo of whiskey and peanut butter invented in OB and now being marketed across the country.

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Ocean Beach Ten Years Ago: October 2009

October 7, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

It’s amazing to discover what was going on in Ocean Beach a decade ago – in October 2009. Because the OB Rag keeps archives which can be pulled out at any time (and available to our readers), we looked at the articles we posted 10 years ago and found many parallels with today in OB. So get on the OB Time Machine and travel back with us ten years … to another era ….

  • Poverty Rate at 50-Year High in San Diego County

Poverty in San Diego County shot up in 2008, rising at a much faster pace than in California or the nation … Poverty rate at 50-year high in San Diego County

Here’s some local news from ten years ago:

  • Peaceniks Leaflet Point Loma High School – …
  • North OB Restrooms to have Temporary and Mobile Replacements –
  • A man hit a woman on the head with a bongo drum
  • Diver who died off Sunset Cliffs identified –
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News On Newport Avenue Ten Years Ago in October 2009

October 7, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Newport News 007-cow-smOriginally posted on October 17, 2009

Cow is moving out of OB

We spoke to Greg last week, the owner of Cow, Newport’s only music store. And unfortunately for the community, his business will be moving out of Ocean Beach by the new year. He is on a month-to-month lease. The reason for the move from the beach? Well, there are two reasons:

First, the owner of the BBQ House is expanding and developing a new restaurant next door to its current and apparently successful enterprise. Abdul is opening up – probably – a pizza and beer place – the space that Cow now rents. So, Cow has to move.

But Greg wanted to buy a building up the street – in the 4900 block of Newport – and had offered the owner over half a mil.

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Scooters: It’s Not About the Technology – It’s About How They Were Rolled Out

October 2, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Last week, our good friend Brett Warnke gave a “full-throated defense” for those scooters scattered around about town. He adores them and thinks “they’re the best idea to come to San Diego in a hell of a long time,” and wants to “subsidize thousands more of the damn things in low-income neighborhoods, in addition to more bicycles.”

His rant is all about the technology and eco-friendly advance that will save us from ourselves (rising sea levels, polluted air, etc), but fears we’re about to regulate them and ourselves “backward into a political logjam,” due to our “reactionary debates disguised as ‘progressive’ or ‘safety-concerns’.

Brett does usher in some good ideas – but he misses the main point about scooters

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OB Planning Board to Review Demolition of One House and the Building of Three on Same Lot.

October 1, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

The Ocean Beach Planning Board meets this Wednesday, October 2, at 6pm at the OB Recreation Center, 4726 Santa Monica Ave.

The board has one new project to review, plus a review of emergency repairs made over a year ago, and will receive an update on the Dog Beach Access Ramp improvements.

4811 Pescadero Ave.

This is a project where the applicant is seeking a Coastal Development Permit to demolish an existing single family residence and detached garage, and construct a new single dwelling unit and new duplex units.

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News and Notices for Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Early October 2019

October 1, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Newport Pizza to Close Sadly, we hear that the 35-year-old business on Newport Avenue is set to close. .

Dirty Birds Has Opened The grill and sports bar at the corner of Cable and Santa Monica

People’s Restaurant Space for Lease The former space of the OB Garden Cafe is now up for lease,

12 Years for Causing Fatal Crash on OB Freeway

OB’s Oktoberfest Coming Oct. 11-12 The 15th annual OB Oktoberfest with beer garden, live music and contests is approaching
Arson Team Looking at Video for Arsonist Who Set OB and PL Fires

Friends of OB Library Report Success at Recent Book Sale

Young Man Stabbed in the Midway, Mother Has Panic Attack – Both Hospitalized

Liberty Station Art District Programs

Local Businesses in da “Newz”

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A Wrinkle Between Apple Tree and Farmers Market Over a Parking Lot

September 30, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

There’s been a wrinkle in the normal running of Ocean Beach’s Farmers Market held every Wednesday on Newport Avenue. One of the parking lots the Farmers Market utilized was withdrawn from the event. The owner of OB’s renown Apple Tree market was allowing the folks who operate the street market to use half of his parking lot for their vendors. They were renting the space for $100 a week.

But back in May of this year, Apple Tree requested the OB Mainstreet Association, which manages Farmers Market, to withdraw vendors from the concrete space normally used by Apple Tree for their parking lot. And now, Saad Hirmez, the owner of Apple Tree, is running his own mini-Farmers Market

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Recent Arson Fires in OB and Point Loma Is Third Series of Intentional Blazes in Less Than Two Years in Area

September 30, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

The big news from the Peninsula this past weekend is the rash of fires in OB and Point Loma set intentionally, beginning early Saturday morning, September 28.

At least five fires set are being investigated as arson, the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department said. Plus, firefighters point out all of the fires were within 10 miles of each other and were mainly rubbish fires set in backyards. This series of arson fires is actually the third such series

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The Cohns Take Over Surf Rider Pizza in Ocean Beach Due to SEC Fraud Charges Against Owner

September 27, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

San Diego’s Cohn Restaurant Group will, at least for now, be running Surf Rider Pizza in Ocean Beach (and La Mesa) as it was part of a group of restaurants run by Gina Champion-Cain, who is now accused of federal fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Cohns – David and Lesley Cohn of the Cohn Restaurant Group (CRG) – will also be running The Patio on Lamont in Pacific Beach, Saska’s in Mission Beach and the Surf Riders as those eateries will placed “under the operational guidance” of the Cohns beginning September 30.

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The Ocean Beach Town Council Is Where It’s At

September 26, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

It’s at the monthly Ocean Beach Town Council meetings where one learns a lot of what’s going on in the community. From reports on the OB Library’s programs and updates on other community groups to announcements from political representatives of various office-holders, to shift changes with police and lifeguards, to what’s going on at OB’s Elementary School – these meetings are where’s it at.

And it’s during the public comment portion of the meeting where details of the many goings-on occur.

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San Diego Congresswoman Susan Davis Joins the List of House Democrats for Impeachment – Finally!

September 25, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

It’s true. Congresswoman Susan Davis has finally moved into the pro-impeachment side of the House Democrats. Davis became the 169th Democrat to do so and was part of the impeach wave on Tuesday created by the UkraineGate scandal. (As of this writing, there are 209 House Democrats on the list.)

She tweeted out her new position on Tuesday, September 24, minute after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House was launching an impeachment inquiry.

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Riding On Their Laurels After Successful OB Pier Pancake Breakfast – Town Council Holds Monthly Meeting – Wed., Sept. 25

September 25, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Definitely resting on their laurels after a totally successful pancake breakfast on the OB Pier last Saturday, the Ocean Beach Town Council is pivoting to hold their public monthly meeting this upcoming Wednesday, September 25. The OBTC meets at the Masonic Lodge, 1711 Sunset Cliffs, at 7:00pm.

Over 1200 guests attended the Town Council annual chow-down on the pier, the 21st annual breakfast – and the Town Council is calling it a “record-breaking turnout,” which translates to more funds for their Holiday events and the Food and Toy Drive.

Besides the crowd of locals, a number of politicians dropped by

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‘It’s About Time!’ – House of Representatives Begins Impeachment Inquiry

September 24, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

In a five minute address to the nation at 2 PST, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives will begin a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump because of his very recent violations of law and the Constitution in his interactions with the head of Ukraine.

“The President must be held accountable. No one is above the law,” she said.

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Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump Due to ‘Ukraine-Gate’ Could Begin This Week

September 24, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

This whole “Ukraine-Gate” scandal is big. Real big. So big that impeachment proceedings against Trump because of it could begin this week.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is set to make a public announcement today – Tuesday – at 2:00 pm California time. She is meeting with the entire Democratic Caucus an hour before.

What it’s all about and what we know so far:

Trump pressured newly-elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky up to at least eight times in a call to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Trump admitted this on Sunday, Sept. 22.

Meanwhile military aid to Ukraine – already approved by Congress – was held up until after the phone call; Trump had asked his acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to put a hold on 400 millions in military aid to Ukraine roughly one week before the call. A whistleblower within the intelligence community made a formal complaint weeks ago about Trump’s “promises” to Zelensky.

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The Chaos of San Diego’s Scooter World

September 19, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

It seems like everyday there’s news in the chaotic world of scooters in San Diego. There was a major piece in the New York Times warning tourists of San Diego’s scooters. And just this week, the Los Angeles Times examined the new technology of “geo-fencing” which scooter companies employ in order to comply with the demands of cities wanting to limit their range and speeds .

Meanwhile in San Diego, Uber announced earlier this month that it’s pulling almost all of its Jump branded e-bikes and scooters out of the city boundaries – except naval bases San Diego and Point Loma – because of an on-going dispute the company is having with San Diego’s new regulations governing dockless scooters and bikes. La Jolla Light

One month ago, the city of San Diego reported the parent company of Lime electric scooters violated the city’s new “geofencing” speed limits in certain areas

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News and Notices for Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Mid-September 2019

September 17, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

People’s Cafe Has Closed

OB People’s organic cafe on Voltaire Street has closed. The O.B. Garden Café, at 4741 Voltaire, just opened their doors in mid-December 2017. ….

San Diego Second Most Popular City, Says Airbnb – OB 5th Most Popular in SD

San Diego was the second most popular California destination for Airbnb hosts. … Once in town, the most popular neighborhoods Airbnb guests visited were … Ocean Beach was fifth …

Port Hears More from Point Lomans on Master Plan; List of Changes Made

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OB Town Council President Winkie and Other Residents Rip City for Lack of Progress at Point Loma ‘Natural Park’

September 16, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park was ripped apart three years ago as part of what the city called the Sunset Cliffs Improvement Project.

On Friday, September 13th, OB Town Council president Mark Winkie and other local residents ripped apart the City of San Diego’s efforts to complete the so-call Point Loma “Natural Park”.

KUSI reporter Dan Plante interviewed Winkie, Dan Dennison – a member of the OB Planning Board and retired drainage engineer – , as well as Anne Jackson Hefti – who has been active in opposing the use of RoundUp in the park.

Reporter Plante – who is a local – gave a rather impassioned report on the current state of the park,

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Dr. Seuss Knew a Thing or Two About Lindbergh

September 13, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Dr. Seuss was of course Theodor Seuss Geisel. Before he became famous drawing Dr. Seuss books, he drew political cartoons.

Dr. Seuss Knew Who Lindbergh Was

Here’s a few of his cartoons:

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Can’t We All Just – Stop Calling the San Diego Airport After an Anti-Semite and Nazi-Lover?

September 13, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

There it was – the “L” word on the agenda of a local Ocean Beach community organization announcing a presentation about Terminal One by Airport Authority representatives. Ugh! “Lindbergh” as in Charles Lindbergh and as in “Lindbergh Field,” the San Diego Airport’s former name.

But ol’ Charles Lindbergh was an anti-Semite and Nazi-lover. So, can we all just stop calling the San Diego Airport after him? After someone who gushed antisemitism in his speeches and who was a big fan of Adolf Hitler and of Nazi Germany.

It’s not easy, I admit, to stop using titles that everyone’s used for decades. I slip up myself once in a while – but lately have been catching myself. A well-known writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune used the “L-word” about a year ago in an article about the airport. When I saw it, I was repulsed.

Then there’s the blinders of those who write about Lindbergh and never mention his dark side.

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The OB Pier Pancake Breakfast Is One of the Great Social Events of the Year in Ocean Beach

September 13, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

One of the greatest social events of the year in Ocean Beach is coming right up next Saturday, September 21st. It’s the annual OB Pier Pancake Breakfast hosted by your OB Town Council. It’s actually the 21st Annual gig.

For the price of a ticket, you get a wonderful breakfast and nosh it down right over the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Plus it’s an event that mainly locals attend and you’ll get to chat with people who love this town. Not only that – but given that this is an election season – there will probably be a number of politicians showing up to show their shiny faces as they know this an important social get-together.

And there’s more! The proceeds from this breakfast go to benefit the OB Food and Toy Drive,

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Full Moon on Friday the 13th – Gee, What Crazy Thing Could Happen?

September 12, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Today is Friday the 13th – and hey, there’s also a full moon. So, a full moon on Friday the 13th – what crazy thing could happen?

Let’s take a look – first at the moon. For us on the West Coast, the full moon will be around 9:30 p.m. (okay – 09:33 pm (PDT)) on Friday. According to moon gazers:

September’s Full Moon was called the Harvest Moon by the early North American Farmers.

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Teenager Pulled From Ocean at Sunset Cliffs Dies

September 12, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Flowers have been left near the site where a young, 15-year old boy from Sweetwater High School died Wednesday, September 11 at Sunset Cliffs. The teenager was pulled from the ocean after he had reportedly been underwater for nearly an hour.

Anthony Womack had been jumping with friends at the cliffs between Adair and Osprey streets, a favorite jumping spot, popularized on social media. The jump is at least twenty feet.

Rescuers responded after being called at 10 a.m. with a report of a teenager struggling in the water. Womack was finally found in the water after lifeguards searched on a boat and watercrafts for almost an hour.

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News and Notices for Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Early September 2019

September 6, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Contractor Found in Violations at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park for Pesticides.

The County of San Diego has found contractor Habitat West in violations for pesticides at Sunset Cliffs “Natural Park”. Their investigation started Jan 2019. The folks behind Campaign Non-Toxic San Diego also an investigation in progress. The County published a report on the violations; it’s 86 pages long and to request the entire report email

Lifeguards Rescue 2 on Catamaran Stuck in Point Loma Cave

Crews rescued two people stuck on a 26-foot catamaran that had floated into a Point Loma cave early Friday morning

OB Kid Raising Money from Lemonade Stand for Diseased Buddy

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Ocean Beach Town Council Needs Volunteers for the OB Pier Pancake Breakfast on Sat., Sept. 21

September 6, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

If you’ve ever been to one of the breakfasts that the OB Town Council puts on at their annual OB Pier Pancake Breakfast event, you know how wonderful the food is and what a social scene it is. It’s definitely one of OB’s great social events of the year. Plus – you’re having your food while sitting over the ocean.
This year’s event on September 21 – actually the “21st Annual Pancake Breakfast” – is on schedule. But you know what – the folks who are organizing this gig, your town council board members – need help. They need volunteers.

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Ocean Beach Planners Approve Proposed Sidewalk Vendor Ordinance

September 5, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

At their Wednesday night meeting, the Ocean Beach Planning Board voted by 8 to 4 to approve the proposed Sidewalk Vendor ordinance. It’s supposed to go before the full City Council in October.

Here is the proposal ordnance verbatim (it’s a long 22 page document) in its entirety:

Chapter J
Business Regulations, Business 1 axes,
Bermits and Licenses Article 6:
Division 1: Sidewalk Vendor

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Applicants Victimized by City’s Refusal to Abide by Ocean Beach Community Plan

September 5, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

When it came time for the applicants of a Coastal Development Permit to construct a new 3-story residence with decks and a new detached 2-story guest quarters on an empty lot at 4744 Cape May Avenue to appear before the OB Planning Board at Wednesday night’s meeting – planners had a case of deja vue.

The applicants – Alan and Nancy – had appeared before the Board earlier – they were in front of the Project Review Committee (a sub-committee of the entire board, which usually makes recommendations on projects), back on December 19, 2018. Here is our report from the Project Review Committee’s review of that project:

Owners of 4744 Cape May Ave Requested to Return to the Drawing Board

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