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Hey Frank, nice to see you this summer. good to see OB Rag is alive and well. I sure miss OB and it is nice to know it’s just a plane ride away to go back in time for me. love you, Donna


Gary Ghirardi / Nov 3rd, 2008 at 6:57 am

Another RAG in the tradition of the OBRag from Austin that dates back to the mid sixties, has gone on line after many years with an online blog:


and is archiving its old stuff online also:


There should be a “network” of these “spaces” to encourage their survival and renewal nationally. – ML


Judi Curry // Oct 13, 2008

I only stumbled onto your newsletter when a friend sent me an email re: the Octoberfest and there was a great picture of her and her husband in your picture section. Finally – someplace to go and read the views of people that think in the same vein as I do. I am going to spread the word – not just in OB but all over. It is wonderful to know that others feel the same way!


Tanja WInter // Aug 12, 2008

OB Rag is really impressive. My resistance to being swallowed up by my computer has kept me from spending more time on internet reading. I appreciate your articles.

I’ve been searching and demanding coverage of US involvement in Georgia-Russia confrontation. Hardly a peep out of anyone.


Anon92107 // Jul 11, 2008

Letter sent to Congresswoman Susan Davis:

Susan, this quote from Lee Iacocca applies to you: “We didn’t elect you to sit on your asses and do nothing and remain silent while our democracy is being hijacked and our greatness is being replaced with mediocrity.”

Susan, you had one of the best opportunities in American history to make the right things happen to protect the future for our children and grandchildren, and you failed completely.

Worst of all, you failed the tests of Democracy along with the leaderless congress, a judiciary that has overthrown the Rule of Law, and you let our education system crash and burn.

The biggest question today is can American Democracy survive your failures?


Tito Zevallos // Jul 9, 2008

Hey guys,

OBRag.org has received a mention in the “Ocean Beach” section of the San Diego Reader’s community blogs. It was posted by WT_Effman, another OBecian who believes in your mission. You may want to check it out at this URL:


Thanks for all that you do in the name of peace, justice and OB.


Citizens For A Better Veterans Home (founded 1998) // Jul 4, 2008

Mikey Weinstein, who has had his windows shot at and feces thrown in his yard, found a swastika on the front of his house over the weekend. “It’s a horrible feeling of humiliation, embarrassment and rage,” Weinstein said. “This one cuts the deepest. Whether you are Jewish or Christian, you don’t want a swastika on your house.”

Weinstein, a Jewish attorney and former counsel to President Ronald Reagan, made headlines in 2005 when he filed suit against the Air Force, claiming it imposed evangelical Christianity on academy cadets in violation of their constitutional rights. The suit was dismissed because the plaintiffs were no longer cadets. A group founded by Weinstein, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, filed a new suit in March that claimed the entire military is violating the religious liberties of servicemen and women. Weinstein and his two sons are graduates of the Air Force Academy. Weinstein was alerted to the swastika after two of his German shepherds started barking Saturday. He said he saw a dark car backing out of his driveway and found the swastika and a cross on the stucco next to his front door. The symbols were the size of a kitchen plate and looked like they had been written with magic marker.

“These people are cowards,” said Weinstein, whose story has been publicized on national talk shows and in newspapers across the country. It is also featured in a recently released documentary, “Constantine’s Sword,” by Oscar-nominated documentarian Oren Jacoby. The film’s Web site says it “focuses on Christian anti-semitism as the model for all religious hatred, exposing the cross as a symbol of a long history of violence against Jews.” The film is to open in Albuquerque on July 18.

Weinstein said he and his family started noticing unusual behavior at their home on Thursday.

They saw a car pulling out of their driveway one evening. Someone had turned off the fountain to their pond, killing one of their fish.

Sheriff’s officials said they plan to notify the New Mexico Gang and Terrorism Task Force and do periodic checks at Weinstein’s home.

“The swastika escalates things in my mind,” said Rabbi Arthur Flicker of Congregation B’nai Israel. “It symbolizes horrific racism and violence that our fathers and grandfathers fought to destroy.”


Tito Zevallos // Jul 3, 2008 at 6:18 pm

I’ve got an idea that should please everybody. Since we have beaches that are designated for special purposes, such as exercising dogs, why can’t we have a specific beach area that allows regulated consumption of alcohol? Regulations would include the usual and obvious, such as a ban on glass containers, and could contain other regulations to prevent abuse, such as not allowing anything larger than a quarter keg on the beach. This is pretty much how the smoking issue is handled and it seems to work well.

In Ocean Beach, I would suggest that the area on the south side of the pier and going north to the lifeguard station would be perfect. The area in front of that beach is a surfing-only area, so swimming under the influence would be discouraged. The area north of this allows swimming and body boarding, which families would be more inclined to enjoy.

By the way, I’m 49 years old, self-employed, and it’s MY BEACH too. I don’t see why I have to deprive myself of any rights to indulge the narrow-minded prejudices of others. Treating bad behavior by a minority of people with a full ban for everyone is tantamount to treating dandruff by decapitation.


Tito Zevallos // Jul 2, 2008

Hey Guys,

Nice blog! Glad to see the spirit of the OBRag and OBGO is still alive and kicking!

From the “Good News – Finally!” department, it appears Starbucks is reeling from a bad economy and is planning to shut down 600 stores.*

I bet the store in OB is one of them. Can’t wait to see a mom-and-pop Fair Trade Coffee shop replace their corporate rumps.




Doug Porter – June 20, 2008

wow! what a flashback.

as a former member of the red zoomie collective who contributed to some of the OB People’s Rag editions (I actually sold the Liberator for spare change), it’s really great to see that the progressive spirit is alive and kicking in OB.

I remember when Frank was “underground”, we faced daily harassment for our politics, and the times were so heady that we often debated whether or not it was worth it to pay the phone bill because the phone company would be amongst the first to go come the revolution.

I have recently relocated back to the San Diego area after 30+ years of being away. I look forward to becoming re-involved with the local scene as i ease myself back into life here.

Doug Porter.


max black crow // May 21, 2008 at 12:57 pm

I worked with the liberator in the late sixties and I wrote you what I was doing now. Back then we had socialist views. We always questioned the puritan colonialist values of this country. We fought for the right to speak when not spoken too, and always question authority ! I see the paper has changed and wonder why get caught up in the polictical machine. This country is broken, you all will never own homes or even get close to the so called american dream.

This was a Liberal paper? is it still? The issues are the working class issues, the struggle with corporate America. The fucking capitalist greed machine whom I had to work for and they’ve gained great profits off our blood and sweat. I’m 57 years old, I’ve never gave in to their ways. I ‘ve seen my co- workers killed and mamed at work. Then we recieve a mire fraction of the moneies from these companies. You need to get the word out that the working class is the backbone of America. If a corporations exceutives miss work for a month the coporation lives on, BUT! if we the workers stop for a week that corporation will die! The loss of income would cripple that company.

We the people have power. We need to stick together and pull ourselves out of this corporate hole they’ve put us in. Health care, and fuel should be taken out of the stock market. To make millions on health care stock is insane! making money of of people’s suffering is a sick nation. To make movie stars and sports figures our hero’s and pay them millions for entertainment is a travisty!

If the world went to war and the country destroyed, the working class will be hero’s and the sports and movie star will have to count on us to get the nation up and running! What the fuck has happened to our youth. Don’t get caught up in the politics , get to some real issues. no reason we can come to an agreement with companies to share the wealth. How many millions does it take for a family to live the American dream. I work hard and only welcome death to end my pain. I die owing people and have made pipelines for oil companies made shipsto move comodities. Then die poor and broken. I don’t get it? make me understand why you young thinkers can’t see or deal with some real issues? the Liberator did! We fought to be heard. I ended up killing for the united states of America in their Marine corp.

I believe in the United states as a people. I believe in you all. Find the real underlined issues like making the paying feild equal. No reason we all can’t retire and be able to live a good life. It’s peoples values and jealousy and greed that drives this Fucked up nation. Expose it ! write and fight about it. My father died without seeing the great things in this world. Working hard in the local ship yards making just barely enough. No reason this great nation should let that happen to any one parents. The greed in this countey is pheonaminal. We let it go on.

You young people can change this nation, just do it. Find a way to spread the money out in a way that we can all be happy. There so much I have learned and have seen. To much to write about. I grew up in S.D like I said before , my family has been there scince 1896.I’ve seen this place change so much that I actually moved because of it. I see the military with it’s right winged bullshit fuck this town up. Bringing racsim here from all the members they house here from all the racist states like Kentucky, Tenn, West Viginia , Arkansas need I say more. Get to the real struggle, anyone can point fingers at politicians, change the country just focus on our needs! Peace to you all … MAX


Christine / / April 30, 2008

I love OB! I am writing you because this election is critical and the money is pouring in from special interests aka developers that want to make OB look like a wasteland of 4-pack stucco condos like they did in so many other parts of SD. I run a website called developeralert.org . I am doing my best to provide info to the community on developer actions that are happening under the radar. That said, I guess I just wanna urge you and encourage you to get info out to readers about the money and where it is coming from. They want Aguirre out bad!!-The developers, the unions, the city people because of their pensions. They are really pushing Goldsmith and Goldsmith is a schill for special interests. Look what he did to Poway–he destroyed that town. He would be a disaster. Believe me I am totally on your side–you have a great community and this election will be critical in saving it.

Frank Gormlie // Jan 17, 2008 at 9:17 am

Thanks J. Stone; we did post that comment by Huckabeen on Jan. 16th.#

J.Stone // Jan 16, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Wondering why no one is covering the Republican candidates and the nonsense they continue to spew. I think it’s important to keep track of them. For example, I haven’t seen any media coverage of Huckabee’s intensions of actually changing the Constitution to be more “christian”. This is scary shit, and some how the info needs to get out. Obviously the main stream media is choosing not to include this when they gush about Huckabee’s ratings and poll numbers

Here are some idiotic comments he’s made recently;

From NBC/NJ’s Adam Aigner-Treworgy

WARREN, Mich. – Huckabee’s closing argument to voters here this evening featured a few new stories and two prolonged sections on illegal immigration and Christian values.

These two topics usually feature prominently in Huckabee’s stump speech, but last night he got specific, promising to build a border fence within 18 months if elected and elaborating on his belief that the constitution needs to be amended.

“[Some of my opponents] do not want to change the Constitution, but I believe it’s a lot easier to change the constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God, and that’s what we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards,” Huckabee said, referring to the need for a constitutional human life amendment and an amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

Huckabee often refers to the need to amend the constitution on these grounds, but he has never so specifically called for the Constitution to be brought within “God’s standards,” which are themselves debated amongst religious scholars. As a closing statement he asked the room of nearly 500 supporters to “pray and then work hard, and in that order,” to help him secure a victory in Tuesday’s GOP primary.

I also found this, could very well be a mockup/fake but who knows


Lorrie // Jan 5, 2008 at 7:31 pm

This is terrific. Thank you! Hope it grows (in participation, if not in words).

Patrick // Dec 23, 2007 at 7:40 pm

Each time I read the Rag it seems to get better. You must have a lot of spare time on your hands, or you’re a literary genius, or there are a lot of ghost writers in OB. While on a bike ride the other day I spotted a wonderful bumper sticker. U.S. out of OB!

I like the updates on Blackwater, and I think articles on neo-liberalism & fascism are timely. I know those are broad & general, but there are so many instances where the fascists are winning-many instances that go unreported by anyone. Local reports about creeping fascism & militarism would be appreciated. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Winter Solstice Cocktail Evening.


Dave Sparling // Dec 10, 2007 at 2:37 pm

As a new resident of laid back OB I just want to say how happy I am to be here. A native of Phoenix and long time Zonie I only discovered OB a couple of years ago. It seems to be the perfect location for a old hippie liberal like myself. I hope to meet all of those who are involved in this venture.

You can find me at Winstons drunk poet society every Monday night 6 to 8. I always wanted to be a writer, but never had a loft in NYC or a cabin in Key West. OB has been both to me, and I can’t stop writing.

Byron // Nov 28, 2007 at 7:44 am

From Randi Rhodes web site


The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act

Posted November 26, 2007 | 10:06 AM (EST)

There has been a long tradition of fear-mongering legislation in the United States directed against groups and individuals believed to threaten the established order. The first such measures were the Alien and Sedition Acts passed by Congress in 1798 during the administration of the second president of the United States John Adams. The Acts, consisting of four separate laws, made it more difficult to become a citizen, sought to control real or imagined foreign agents operating in the United States, and also gave the government broad powers to control “sedition.” Sedition was defined as “resisting any law of the United States or any act of the President” punishable by a prison sentence of up to two years. It also made illegal “false, scandalous or malicious writing” directed against either the government or government officials. The next President, Thomas Jefferson declared that three out of the four laws were unconstitutional and pardoned everyone who had been convicted under them.

[for more of this article which was originally posted as a “Letter to the Editor”, see the posted article itself.]

OB Joe // Nov 18, 2007 at 10:29 pm

Congrats! I’d like to see more posts on OB however. Like, what is happening on Newport Ave, what is happening with the planned condos for the foot of Saratoga?#

Frank Gormlie // Nov 3, 2007 at 5:24 pm


Right on, Bro! Poor people do have a right to live at the beach, and that’s been one of the principles that OB activists over the years have adhered to, most recently in a group called the Ocean Beach Grassroots Organization (OBGO). 5/7’s of OB’s residents are tenants, yet the threats of gentrification, over-development, and corporate-take-over of our main street businesses remain constant and ever alive. Since the early 70’s there’s been a community resistance to the urban planning designs of the establlishment and power structure; such landmarks as the stopping of the jetty in 1970, the saving of Collier Park, the passage of the 30 foot height limit in 1972. and the establishment of the OB Planning Board in 1976 – the first democratically-elected community planning committee in the history of California – remain in our most recent community history. (See “1st OB Rag” page). More recently, groups such as OBGO, the Coalition to Save OB, and community-minded businesspeople have made efforts to prevent Newport Avenue from becoming a strip of franchise-city. It’s been an on-going battle to ‘save OB’ and it ain’t over yet.

Eric Parish // Nov 3, 2007 at 12:07 pm

I haven’t been able to afford to live in OB for decades. The rent got to be too much back in 1983. Living a block from the beach were very happy years for me. It is nice to see the politics have survived. Never let them turn you into another Leucadia or Encinitas. Poor people should never have to abandon the beach.

Frank // Nov 3, 2007 at 9:39 am


Thank you for your report. There was nothing in today’s Union-Tribune (11/3/07) about any protests in Venezuela. Keep them coming.

Frank Gormlie

G Ghirardi // Nov 2, 2007 at 7:09 pm

I don’t know if you consider this relevant for the Rag but it is hot off the press – G

Venezuela: Two opposition confirmed Killed and eight wounded at the University of Zulia

11-02-07 / 9:30PM

Maracaibo -An incident of gun violence resulted in the confirmed death of one student and one unidentified person on the University of Zulia Campus today and eight wounded on the Eve of an Opposition march on Saturday and a Chavista march on Sunday on the opposite side of the country in the capital of Caracas. There are also unconfirmed reports that an additional two people have died from their wounds.

Many pro government supporters feel that this was manufactured violence to disrupt the socialist constitutional referendum that is pending and put U.S. and International pressure on the Bolivarian movement and the PSUV party (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela) of Hugo Chavez. Student violence occurred throughout the week in staged confrontations by opposition groups in Caracas. Mayor Barreto had given the protesters a wide berth and there have been no serious injuries to government supporters or opposition protesters or retaliation by police against the students but many police, including a police chief negotiating with the protesters, sustained injuries by rioting students. Many images showing up in U.S. media coverage were of the violence of opposition student violence attributed to a response by students to police violence.

Zulia Governor Rosales chose not to intervene on the student violence at the University of Zulia. Venezuelan law does not permit troops or municipal police to enter universities as they are considered autonomist zones that are self policed by university guards.

The opposition political party, Primary Justice, ran as their presidential candidate Zulia Governor Rosales against Chavez in the last election.

Reports on the government news channel in Caracas, Canal Ocho, are claiming that gunfire broke out during student elections at the Engineering School of the university as two rivaling opposition student parties, Un Nuevo Tiempo (A New Time) and University Christian Democracy, skirmished. Reports are sketchy about the death toll but it appears that two people were killed, a woman and a man.. Police officials on the government channel are saying that they have no one in custody and are still investigating the shooting and interviewing witnesses. The police official also interjected that students should not have permitted the entry of non-student outsiders into the voting proceedings. The corporate channels like Venevision and Globovision have been silent on the story.

The student and allied opposition groups hope to instigate a U.S. military intervention poised as a humanitarian mission to restore their freedoms they claim have been denied them under the Chavez Government and as a pretext for removing Chavez from the hemisphere.

Zulia is an area of Venezuela bordering Columbia. The U.S. military maintains the Plan Columbia “drug eradication” operation on the Columbian side. Paramilitary groups wage a campaign of extra judicial executions against those activists working it the mountainous border area to initiate and carryout government reform and social programs. FARC rebel troops also operate in this region and have been one of the primary issues for U.S. Foreign Policy grievances against the Chavez Government. – G. D. Ghirardi#

Frank Gormlie // Oct 31, 2007 at 12:08 pm

Jackie – You’ve struck several themes that our blog has attempted to illuminate: the inspiration and disheartenment that many of us have felt from our region’s responses to the 2007 wildfires – the giving, generosity and solidarity of San Diegans for those evacuated and in need, but at the same time the governments’ failures – such as the lack of sufficient fire fighting aircraft, the reverse 9-1-1 calls only in English, orders for mandatory evacuations while not providing for fire protection, discriminating against immigrants during this crisis….

… Let’s turn our anguish into discussions and actions to change it for the better. – Frank

Jackie McElveny // Oct 31, 2007 at 11:03 am

Okay, now i can’t figure out how to do a new post here. I’m really not technolically challenged, it’s just not readily apparent. Sorry. Here is what I posted to one of my other groups tonight about the fires, Katrina, the present administration base, and how bureaucracy is crippling this country almost beyond redemption. Oh and also, about the good citizens of San Diego and about the role of media in our elections. Yep! All over the landscape……..

Okay, can I just call it like I see it? My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes, rich or poor, and I know and work with some of the rich ones (who lost homes): I work in medicine and they are doctors. I don’t hold rich against them and have a good relationship with most of those I work with. BUT, read on.

I’m not even sure where I’m going with this, I’m finding my way. The people in New Orleans were considered disposable. Let me start there. Rich anybody is not disposable. This is the “Base” that Bush so blatantly refers to.

Okay, next talking point, and I’m still not sure where I’m going: the citizens of this city are the real heroes in terms of aid! And it was like that with Katrina – people from all over the country converging with EXTREMELY necessary aid and BLOCKED by the #*!#-ing bureaucracy, read: federal government. Oh, sorry, you don’t meet the regulations, can’t help, these people are going to have to die…..And die they did, thank you US government. Back to the citizens, ordinary San Diego people: friends of mine sheltered in Valley Center and one of them reports it was working VERY well until the Red Cross got involved. Yet more bureaucracy. I think this country is going to sink into the ocean from the weight of how completely bureaucratic it has become.

As for those front and center with the media. It was heartening to know that Susan Davis and Donna Frye were right there quietly helping – and that was absolutely the best use of their time. But when the elections come around, they are going to be won or lost in the media, which is – well I don’t know WHAT that is, maybe an indictment of where our society is at present. It actuallly WOULD have been good for Susan and Donna to make time for some media exposure. Barbara Boxer? I don’t know where she was. Dianne Feinstein? I know where she was because my 80-year-old mom called me (yes, an elderly progressive in very sense of the word), sputtering, after the Bush press conference which I could not bear to watch. And, yes, there was our own Dianne, right up there at the podium (well, I didn’t watch it, I’m only relating what Mom told me) with all the right-wing establishment.

Sorry for this disjointed, all-over-the-landscape post, but I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m disheartened.

Monty Reed Kroopkin // Oct 26, 2007 at 9:08 pm

Dear Ocean Beach Rag,

Congratulations and applause to Frank Gormlie and Patty Jones on the new OB Rag blog at http://obrag.org/, and on the seed of a new OB Rag publication. And I am very happy to see links to some recent articles on the new Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

Community press organizations like the original Ocean Beach People’s Rag are still needed, and might find a new (and less expensive to sustain) life online (combined with downloadable pdf versions that are ready to print, for decentralized hard copy distribution).

Please contemplate the story of sister publication, The Columbus Free Press. They have a good summary at http://www.freepress.org/about.php and their current online edition is at http://www.freepress.org/index2.php PLUS their hard copy editions can be viewed online at http://www.freepress.org/journal.php . Seems they actually have the “Journal” version done by a printer and distributed the old fashioned way.

I would love to see not only the Rag grow again in this manner, but a number of other San Diego area newspapers presently defunct, or, I prefer to think, dormant. The New Indicator? The Street Journal? The start up costs to print an online edition are comparable to running a blog. The difference is the more involved range of content (and reporters) and the visual presentation. Doing layout is still doing layout, and publishing an online newspaper is more time consuming than producing a blog. The software is rather widely available, and not so expensive, especially for a group.

I also invite readers to check out a press research webpage I’m developing at . It is part of a new website for the Movement for a Democratic Society (which is a community-based project of the new Students for a Democratic Society). The site has links to the main SDS website and to the info page for the New Left Cafe listserv, and to the non-profit foundation which has been formed for fund-raising and other support work for SDS. One subject raised within SDS/MDS is a possible project to organize better communication and cooperation within the progressive press community. I see the potential for an effective global Left as tied greatly to our means of communication. We have a lot of work to do in this field.

Yours for the “Whole Damn Pie Shop” (not just a piece of the pie) !

Monty Reed Kroopkin

San Diego SDS-MDS Chapter contact

cc: many friends of the OB Rag

New Left Cafe (discussion listserv of SDS-MDS)

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Daniel Smiechowski November 5, 2019 at 7:04 am

Todd Gloria’s Scooter Fiasco
A few years ago, scooters were brought to our City presumably to alleviate traffic congestion and for the concomitant effect of supporting environmental quality. It’s now safe to say, City leaders including Mayoral candidate Todd Gloria slipped us a mickey. We have not seen these results, nor will we see these results.
Mr. Gloria and other advocates of these toys for little thirty-year-old boys may be masters at public policy but certainly do not understand human nature. Fundamentally, as a mode of viable transportation crossing all age barriers, all weather conditions, all traffic conditions, all terrain conditions compounded by a uniquely American society and culture wedded to the automobile, scooters are better suited for children seeking a joyride and cheap thrill. Coincidentally, it was Mr. Gloria who drew the comparison of society accepting scooters as we did the automobile over one hundred years ago. When was the last time you saw a seventy year old motorist riding a scooter to Vons?
Just as the Pet Rock had a short shelf life, scooters are headed to the trash heap of history. Fads come and go and as the French say, “The more things change, the more things stay the same.” There is no better substitute to the idiocy of scooters than to walk, ride a bike, run or God forbid take public transportation. I’m a former Ironman competitor and current triathlete and at age 65 if I can ride a bike, walk and run so can these little thirty-year-old boys.
The inherent dangers of riding a scooter also ought to be quite evident. A couple of months ago in just one instant, I witnessed a young woman in her early twenties crash in Balboa Park landing square on her head without a helmet. She lay on the ground in distress until being assisted with aid. These types of incidents are overcrowding local emergency rooms and the patience of nurses and trauma surgeons. It’s time for the City of San Diego to ban scooters.
My sense is that a group of well-heeled investors with political and social power and connections persuaded local elected officials on the merits of their unworthy scheme. In a sense, the average man on the street had no input into allowing these dangerous toys into our City. As a former member of the Clairemont Community Planning Group, I pleaded with my colleagues to not support the arrival of scooters only to be rebuffed as a lunatic and worse.
The intention of both Mayor Faulconer and Todd Gloria may have been honorable but the results of this alternative mode of transportation are counterproductive to a City in motion. I’m Daniel Smiechowski a candidate for Mayor of San Diego.


JOANNE FOUCHE December 11, 2019 at 11:04 am

How can the Ocean Beach Community Development Corporation get away with taking peoples donations of $250 each, for a new Veterans Memorial, 7 years ago, that they now notify us that they cannot afford to build? They now realize it will cost $900,000 that they don’t have and can’t raise!! To make matters worse they send out a letter absolving themselves of responsibility for the debacle and don’t offer to refund any money to any of the donors. As one of the donors I am disgusted. This is piss poor management and arrogance. They could at least offer to include our beloved Veterans names on the current memorial that exists. But they DON’T make any offers to help right their lack of fiscal responsibility to the community.


JOANNE FOUCHE December 19, 2019 at 10:18 am

Update on my previous letter dated December 11th. Today in the mail I received a full refund of my $250 donation. Looks like a voicemail and email to the OBCDC, plus a letter posted in the OB Rag made a difference.


Daniel Smiechowski January 9, 2020 at 1:48 pm

In combating pedestrian and cycling safety Vision Zero and Circulate San Diego give new meaning to tilting at windmills
Pedestrian and cycling deaths by the hands of San Diego motorists are at an all time high. Yet, two prominent City movements continue to treat the epidemic as a sickness rather than disease. The same can be postulated in terms of our homeless fiasco and even scooters.
It remains in large measure a mental health issue. There is something unique in being encapsulated within a barrier of steel that brings out unmitigated aggression and brutality in the motoring public. When a society and culture promote exercise on one hand and show disrespect toward those walking or cycling on the other hand, we have a serious mental health issue.
The sales of new cars continue to soar. Most San Diego residents own at least two automobiles. On a personal note, I just donated 18 pairs of running shoes to a Mexican family. Not coincidentally, I’m a member of the million-mile club being one million miles walking, running and cycling in my lifetime. As the old expression goes, I’m from Missouri. I’ve seen it all on San Diego streets.
My theory is, as motorists we don’t exercise restraint of ego while driving. This is of psychological import. The nonprofit Circulate San Diego builds their policy on outside influence rather than root cause being the self. Until we fully examine our own weakness, our own contradiction and most importantly our own denial in how we drive with personal impunity, we will continue to reinvent the wheel.
The addition of stop signs, streetlights, crosswalks, traffic circles and signage will not solve our crises of spiraling pedestrian and cyclist deaths. It will take a revolution within our inner selves to see the truth of why we drive with unrecognizable barbarity. It will take personal restraint and a setting of ego aside. As the famous character Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” In totality, we are our own worst enemy. These same principles apply to the scooter and homeless issues in our City.
As someone who walks, runs and cycles every day in San Diego, it’s clear that the majority of local drivers have no concern or respect for anyone outside there personal automobile. Vision Zero and Circulate San Diego are no cure for our insidious disease of driving like maniacs.


John Manfrted January 29, 2020 at 11:45 am

Prop 13 is under attack in California. The ballots coming out use a very misleading approach to muddy the waters. I feel that the OBRag should inform it’s readers the ACTUAL desire of the proposition and what it’s effects would be.
If this passes, the average person in SD will pay more for their rent. Period. I will pass on any tax increase in my properties to my tenants, so will every other landlord. If they are working for any company that is impacted by this, their pay may suffer as a result. Less profit means less salaries.
Don’t let your readers blunder into another trap like the gas tax.


Anna Webb February 9, 2020 at 12:33 pm

FYI – San Diego Book Association award-winning Author, Lois Joy Hofmann, will present “The Voyages of Pacific Bliss” at the Point Loma Library in the Marla Haas Community Room on Wednesday February 12, 2020 beginning at 6:30pm. Free to the Public.
Lois will discuss the highs and lows of sailing around the world with her husband on a 43-foot catamaran in their 60’s – the adventure, challenges, beauty and wonder of our planet.
Point Loma/Hervey Library, Marla Haas Community Room
4701 Voltaire St. San Diego, CA 92107


Robert Keck February 10, 2020 at 5:29 pm

I subscribe to the OB RAG to get news about OB, Point Loma Primarily and the county secondarily. I do not want to read about your political views either locally or nationally.


Frank Gormlie February 10, 2020 at 6:53 pm

Robert – sounds like you have a free subscription to the OB Rag. Have you ever sent us a penny to help keep us publishing? I don’t think so. So what makes you think you can simply dictate what we post? I bet you watch/ read plenty of other sources – all of whom have their own (hidden) political views.


DrTom April 15, 2021 at 10:42 pm

Very good reply, Frank.


Anonrey March 13, 2020 at 12:28 pm

MTS needs to open up all the windows on all the buses in all of El Cajon, La Mesa, Alpine, etc so the passengers have fresh air.


John McAuliff May 8, 2020 at 12:58 pm

Great piece on May 1970. We have organized a webinar on the National Student Strike, Kent State, Jackson State and the Chicano Moratorium. It takes place 3 p.m. ET, noon WT, Saturday, May 9. Details and registration here https://tinyurl.com/1970Anniv


Kevin Forrester May 23, 2020 at 9:48 pm

Hey guys. I moved to Mission Beach when I was 12 years old in 1966. I surfed every day rain or shine with an 11’10” balsawood and fiberglass board I got for $15. It weighed 45lbs and had to drag it from there to O.B. then the hetty and back! We lived next door to Thor Svenson and so I met several guys in the club and got to ride Miki Dora’s modified surfboard! I was invited to the contest as a gremmy spectator and the surf was glassy the entire day! Great days!!


Janet Carroll July 21, 2020 at 1:07 pm

I am not sure if this is the best place to ask an opinion and get one as well (well maybe it is) – I may be over thinking and scrutinizing but I feel I must – Each day I drive down Ebers on the way to work, fun, etc… I am so happy to see kids or families on the OB field practicing skills, playing a pick up game – whatever….what GETS me is the people with DOGS that are using this as a dog park… we have enough dog parks in OB/Point Loma – why mess up THIS place where softball leagues are coming back hopefully sooner than later) and kickball, little league, girls softball… I just feel like the Dog owners can’t read or care about the sign that say’s “dogs on LEASH only” – they don’t belong on that field….what to do?????


Geoff Page July 21, 2020 at 3:16 pm

Two questions. What is the OB Field? There are no fields along Ebers that I know of. And what is the problem with the dogs?


Cliff Moore January 7, 2021 at 8:11 am

Who do the people in charge and the bridge people think they are!

I have been crossing over the bridges out of PB for more than 70 years, driving myself over them for more than 60. One of the pleasures of going over the bridges has always been seeing the birds perched on the light stanchions. There are always 2-5 pigeons on most stanchions, I do not think much about pigeons, they give me no pleasure, but they have the right. Most times I see a seagull, a proud beach seagull, not these gulls that go to the city dump each morning returning at dusk, but beach seagulls that live their life working the beaches, jetties, and piers. They do not perch, they stand tall, their muscular chest, the whitest of white, pushed out in pride. It is not uncommon for the seagull to allow the pigeons to share their stanchions. But the pleasure of pleasures happens just on a few crossings … the Osprey, who never shares the perch, San Diego’s own fish hawk, stands with their eyes, their whole body, scanning their bay waters … they seem to be saying enjoy looking at me, enjoy the bays and the ocean, but remember they are mine!

I have been watching the progress of the new bridge, but yesterday, knowing it is about to open, I seemed to be paying more attention, and then I saw it. The light stanchions, quite impressive, have a light and a 4-5ft extension to the pole. The light seems to have a sensor on it, so understandably, there are bird spikes … but now I am so damned pissed … I see the bird spikes on the extension, the perfect perch, the perfect stand to appreciate our sea hawks. Just then I turn back to driving over the old bridge, looking up, for the first time on a crossing I see two magnificent ospreys on a single pole, not focused on the water, but staring down at me and the other drivers … They are screeching down at us, seemingly saying … We have shared our bays and ocean with you since the time you first came to our bays and ocean shores, now you do this?

I think they were also asking; I add myself and all those who love seeing them to the asking, … Who, the hell, do the people in charge and the bridge people think they are!

I call upon Mayor Gloria, the coastal council persons, and all council persons to immediately have the bridge contractor remove the bird spikes from the light stanchion extensions.

Furthermore, should the new bridge not have outlier nesting posts to observe and honor our Osprey?!


Harlie. Goodwin January 8, 2021 at 10:51 pm

A shame ashli babbit died alone………. they should have shot them all


Joseph Crawford March 24, 2021 at 2:45 pm

Have been playing recorded music for beach community. Would like to attend April meeting to get
more info. I am a member of National City PRSCAB. Joseph Crawford is my name.


Gerald Lance Johannsen July 25, 2021 at 10:24 am

I just watched a segment on CBS Sunday Morning about Little Island on the west side of Manhatten, NY, and decided immediately that their creation would be a prime example of what can replace the OB Pier. Maybe it’s time to ask the entired SD/OB community whether there are some wealthy philanthropists (like Diller and VonFurstenberg) to fund a new world-class over-the-water platform, where the defective and old OB pier currently stands. The problem is the OB pier was built on piling piers that are too short and too spindly. Who even knows if the installed OB pier rebar was coated with epoxy before concrete was poured? It is now very common to pre-coat rebar in salt water conditions. PVC, laminates, composite cladding of the piers could give a new OB “pier” platform, a 100 year lifespan.


Dean September 4, 2021 at 9:04 pm

The San Diego County Library has changed their content. They are no longer offering CD content. I requested by email why there is no 2021 Cd’s in the catalog. Their reply:
” Thank you for contacting the San Diego County Library. SDCL is no longer purchasing new music CDs for circulation. Usage has dropped sharply over the past several years as listeners have shifted to digital formats. Current titles will be retained for the present, so we encourage you to continue to explore these as they meet your interests. For new content, we recommend SDCL customers consider one of the free music services available. This article from PC Magazine recommends several that might meet your needs https://www.pcmag.com/picks/the-best-free-online-streaming-music-services.”

The San Diego County Library is now leaving behind the rural, the poor and the elderly.


Jason UVART Feather September 9, 2021 at 8:47 am

Original danny “the walker” photo taken by me. I also talked with him on numerous occasions because I was writing a fictionalized story based on his character, He was really happy about it. It never happened due to his tragic end,but this pic jumped out of an old box,so im bringing him out. FYI there were/are 2 Jason Feathers outta OB, were both artist/djs.funny i now live in vegas .I want to post the famous Danny pic (giving the piece sign) im holding it. It was taken in the alley behind 4920 capemay.hit me up if u want a copy if i cant post here


Scott Zagoria November 23, 2021 at 1:39 pm

If anyone’s dog gets sick after walking at Robb Field, then be aware that the ‘squirrel genocide’ project is proceeding unabated as pickup truck from PEST service rides about pouring quantities of seriously toxic powder into holes. It’s been a ‘change in policy’ apparently and whoever is responsible should be incarcerated. Anyway, watch your dogs: poison kills. It seems something the Humane Society could attend to instead of their assumed law enforcement activities…if they actually cared about animal welfare.


Frank Gormlie November 23, 2021 at 2:08 pm

Scott, a lot of people would be very concerned about this. Have you contacted the city? Park & Rec? City council? Mayor? How about all those environmental groups who’ve signed up on the Mayor’s Green Train?


Scott Zagoria November 23, 2021 at 2:24 pm

Thanks, Frank. When they institute direct democracy, I’ll be sure to mention it to the Assembly. In this neck of the woods it’s only a matter of risk avoidance. Maybe someone will deal with it since there are plenty of kids on that field who might be sensitive. I live in a car, own no property and pay no tax — so this is my only voice. Peace.


Frank Gormlie November 23, 2021 at 2:38 pm

Thanks then for the heads-up. This has been an ongoing problem: how to deal with the gophers. Should the city use toxic poisons?


Scott Zagoria November 23, 2021 at 2:50 pm

Gophers are rarely seen. The far more visible squirrel population has been thoroughly decimated. The formerly semi-wild park grounds now resemble someone’s idea of Kew Gardens so there is no habitat for them anyway. The Parks workers are great and always have been. Whoever called in the PEST folks likely made a mistake. There is no signage by the way and the entire perimeter is being toxified. Oh, well. Just another raving psycho; let’s just write off the whole thing. Unless the City lawyers and insurance folks are awakened…


Robert December 15, 2021 at 11:53 am

It looks like you have a couple spelling errors on your website such as the word “scince”. Check out a service like SpellAce.com to help. We’ve used it in the past and liked it.


Scott Zagoria December 15, 2021 at 3:38 pm

gee, bob. at least the website author is likely bright enough to follow a link correctly. duh. i only wrote in once about a month ago to tell everyone about the poison being poured in holes at the playing fields in ob. and as for me, i could spell you under the table on any day of the week, dudelette. try not to be so contumacious and vituperous for once in your life.

‘Robert December 15, 2021 at 11:53 am on Letters
It looks like you have a couple spelling errors on your website such as the word “scince”. Check out a service like SpellAce.com to help….’


Peaceful Career Alternatives February 11, 2022 at 12:47 pm

Heard to day that the ?Ocean Beach Green Center for Environment, Peace and Social Justice has lost their lease. Is this true and is there any place for them to relocate?


barry February 11, 2022 at 2:57 pm

does anyone know where I can get a cane (that lights up) that was used in the O B Christmas parade by a group called the Gentleman’s Club of OB? Thank you.


Shell September 5, 2022 at 12:55 pm

Just wondering if anyone can look into/share what happened to Tiki Port regarding its apparent sudden closure – thank you!


Brad September 14, 2022 at 8:02 pm

A parting note for those who knew Cliff Gulifford.

Cliff passed on August 22, 2022. He was a kind man that could keep a conversation going. He spent many years running businesses and ventures in the PB, Point Loma and OB communities. He forged friendships with many and shared laughs and drinks with those that found themselves sitting next to him at his watering holes.

Farewell good friend. See you on the other side.


Charmaine DeTeves February 27, 2023 at 10:29 pm

Greetings! Just got back from a vaycay at Dog Beach, Feb 24th 2023. My poor little Yorkie came home with ecoli. Have there been any further reports or comments of anyone else having this same issue?
Kind regards,
Charmaine from Canada


Daria Flores March 23, 2023 at 10:13 am

Thank your article on the 3/21 Banking on Our Future event at the downtown Chase bank.

As San Diego deals with weeks of unusual weather, some residents braved the storm on Tuesday for this rally which was one of 100 rallies held in 29 states to put pressure four banks—Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America—the major funders of all new oil and gas projects. The message was to stop using customers’ deposits, credit card fees, etc. to fund new oil and gas investments or their customers will take their business elsewhere.

It is interesting that almost all other local media, while jumping to cover the local flooding occurrences of the day, did not find it important to cover a rally that was pointing out a major cause of increasing unusual extreme weather and actions local citizens can take to stop this practice.


Progressive guru May 6, 2023 at 6:01 am

Interesting recent article here from the SD Reader, “Sneaking kiosks with ads into downtown San Diego”: https://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2023/may/02/stringers-sneaking-ads-kiosks-downtown-san-diego/

It starts downtown, and then could spread to areas such as Hillcrest, North Park, Normal Heights, Pacific Beach and even Ocean beach if not kept in check. Who bases their purchase decisions based upon this type of media anyway? Not me.


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