Coming to Love Our Children More Than Guns

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by Ernie McCray

I can think of no better sentiment
“Love Our Children
More Than Guns”
and I can think of no better way
to display that love
than by enacting
a few rules and regulations
that protect them from guns.

But there are naysayers
to such a notion,
claiming that laws won’t solve our problems with guns,
to which
I say, “Well, maybe not right away.”
I mean, after all,
we’re talking about the USA,
where there seems to always
be someone with a sick mind
walking around
fantasizing blowing somebody away
with the likes of an AR-15.
But, there has to be a beginning
to bringing such madness to an end
and, as to how to go about this,
there are already suggestions
making the rounds,
ready to gain ground,
ideas around
saying no to high-capacity magazines
and assault weapons
and yes to
raising the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21,
and not letting anyone
with dangerous pasts
or anyone who waves “red flags”
buy one.
Actions such as these
in a land
that has had a fascination with guns
for centuries,
would set a tone
for future generations to clone,
making them the beneficiaries
of a generation
that had already dealt with
who reasonably should, or shouldn’t be,
in possession of guns,
a generation
that had already taken under consideration
and acted upon
the truth that there are some guns
that perhaps shouldn’t
be in the hands of anyone,
save a soldier or a marine
in a combat zone situation.

The hope would be that someday guns
in our nation
will be looked at with more caution
than adoration,
leading to a country once known
for its violence
to one
where it would be very unlikely
that anyone, let alone children,]
would have to fear being randomly
shot down by a gun –

because children will have become
more than guns.

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