‘What Costs $72,000 an Hour Just to Entertain Some San Diegans?’

September 18, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry and Gil Field

What does cost $72,000 an hour just to entertain your fellow San Diegoans?

What “glorifies” with exciting and colorful shows of speed, power and noise?

What celebrates the skills and machinery that were developed with the prime purpose of kill, maim and destroy?

How many “performers” have been killed in accidents during their performances?

What spews exhaust into the environment, and costs millions of dollars to fuel for the show

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Restaurant Review: Casa Castillo – New to Point Loma

August 30, 2019 by Judi Curry

Restaurant Review

Casa Castillo
Mexican and Guatemalan Cuisine
3334 Rosecrans St.
San Diego, CA 92110

By Judi Curry

Sometimes you luck out and are in the right place at the right time. This particular night Hugh and I had excellent luck and happened into a new restaurant that has only been opened for a month. Casa Castillo is the name of the restaurant, and it is just opposite Loma Square shopping center, near the car wash.

And – what’s more, the three managers/ owners – Juan, Carlos and Jesus – were there planning their grand opening this Labor Day Weekend. They will be offering 15% off the entire tab; there will be FREE APPETIZERS! And there will be music. The “ribbon cutting ceremony” will take place at 11:00am, and it will be fun for the entire three days. They are open from 8:00am to 9:00pm Sunday-Thursday, and open until 10:00pm on Friday and Saturday evenings!

So what’s on the menu? I had never had “Guatemalan” food so I wanted to sample what was available.

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Restaurant Review : Fairouz Café & Gallery in the Midway

August 27, 2019 by Judi Curry

Restaurant Review

Fairouz Café & Gallery
3166 Midway Dr. #102
San Diego, CA 92110

By Judi Curry

There are not many restaurants left in the Ocean Beach – Point Loma area that were here when I moved to San Diego in 1966. Most of the old favorites are gone and as new restaurants open and close, I seem to miss the older ones the most.

What is it that allows a restaurant to stay in business for a long time, still attracting diners – new and old? The Fairouz has an interesting draw – modern and fine art line the walls, all painted by the owner, Ibrahim Al Nashashibi. Under each glass enclosed table are poems written by Mr. Al Nashashibi. The poems are absolutely beautiful, depicting thoughts that he has had about life over the years.

The food is eclectic from Mid-eastern countries and there is an extensive menu.

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Widder Rants #39: Bike Lanes Without Bicycles and trump Without Humanity

August 12, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

Although I haven’t stayed out of the fray completely, I have been reasonably quiet about things that are really bothering me lately. I realize that there are many that will disagree with me, and, quite frankly, I have tried to see it your way but have not been able to do so. The first thing are these damn bike lanes.

Today, while driving down West Point Loma Avenue towards Ocean Beach, I saw three near misses of cars almost being hit by other cars and they came out of the parking lane into the flow of traffic. If there had been a car to the left of any of those cars there would have been a head on collision, because all of those cars swerved into oncoming traffic lanes. And the ironic thing about the episodes was that there were NO bike riders in the bike lanes!

Two days ago, while attempting to get to an appointment in Old Town, I was stuck in traffic for almost 45 minutes while lanes changed from 2 lanes to 1 lane. Again, there were no bike riders in the bike lanes.

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Widder’s Rant #40: California Wines Show Glyphosate Residue – You Know, That Stuff in RoundUp

August 2, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

Last Thanksgiving one of my daughter’s was hospitalized for an unknown stomach problem. As we tried to trace what caused the problem a very interesting development came to the forefront. But more about that in a moment.

A few nights ago that same daughter began experiencing the same stomach symptoms and that is where answers began to form. Because – in November and that eventful night last week it was determined that she had had a California wine both times.

Now that doesn’t sound so bad; California wines are well known throughout the world. But what isn’t known – and I didn’t know it until I did some research – that EVERY California wine that was tested – and some beers also, showed glyphosate residues. Granted, not EVERY wine made in California was tested, but enough were tested to find this startling information.

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Restaurant Review: Fiddler’s Green on Shelter Island in Point Loma

July 29, 2019 by Judi Curry

Fiddler’s Green
2760 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92106

By Judi Curry

I have been to Fiddler’s Green many times. Their Monday night steak special brings many locals to their restaurant when other restaurants have sluggish sales.

But I had heard about their breakfast, served only on Saturday 8-12 pm and 8-1:00 pm on Sundays and decided to try it with Hugh and Hitomi. We were VERY glad that we did.

The menu was extensive, including over 20 items including Burrito’s, Biscuit and Gravy, Eggs Benedict, etc. and many different bar drinks including Bottomless Mimosas ($11); Screwdrivers, Bloody Mary’s, etc.

But what made the decision so difficult was besides having a nice menu, there were 5 additional “specials.” There was a Chorizo Omelet, a Denver Omelet, a Machaca Omelet, Pork Chops and Eggs, and Banana Pancakes. It took the three of us some time to finally decide what to order.

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The Widder Curry: ‘Here We Go Again’ With More SeaWorld Fireworks

July 16, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

For some unknown reason, SeaWorld has announced that they are going to resume fireworks every Saturday evening at 9:50 pm until the end of August. They are also talking about a September 1st display.

Several years ago a petition was circulated that garnered over 11,000 signatures asking SeaWorld to stop the fireworks. Cited was the noise pollution that was detrimental to the environment, humans, and animals. The Humane Society talked about how many stray animals were rescued during the displays; about how many animals suffered severe angst from the noise; about how fireworks were not a necessary part of the SeaWorld Shows. And, thankfully, SeaWorld stopped the daily shows.

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Restaurant Review: Cesarina Ristorante in Point Loma

July 11, 2019 by Judi Curry

Restaurant Review

Cesarina Ristorante
4161 Voltaire St.
Point Loma, CA 92107

By Judi Curry

I don’t usually go back to a restaurant with a two month period of time, but I had to make an exception for Cesarina. The first time that I ate there they had only been in business a month or so. That experience was delightful, from the china flown in from Italy, to the foods offered on the menu.

The second time I went back there I went with different people and our experience was the same. The service was impeccable; the food was tasty and authentic.

The pasta was made there – you can watch it being made – and the tiramisu was to die for. It was made for us right at our table.

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The Widder Curry Warns: Poisonous Round-Up Used in Coastal Habitat at Dog Beach Where Restoration Event Planned

July 10, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

I say, Ocean Beach and Point Loma – you have choices: either start complaining – or die because you didn’t.

Harsh? Yes. But do you know that as you sit and admire the green grass, the disappearing birds and bees, the city is slowly killing off every living thing near you? And it isn’t just the “birds and bees,” – it’s people. It is you too!

“Round-Up” is being spread everywhere in San Diego even as these words come out of my computer. Round-Up that is prohibited in almost every other country but sprayed here regularly. Here is a note I received today from Ann Jackson just minutes ago:

San Diego City has been using Round Up, a known carcinogenic, Dabbers in this very area all month. In fact they are using them there again today, July 9, 2019.

San Diego is inviting the community to come on down and help save the very area they are poisoning.

Yes! Come on down and walk through the area we spent the last month covering with Round Up. Bring the family, bring the dog, help San Diego save it.

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Goodbye to the Village Kitchen in Ocean Beach

July 9, 2019 by Judi Curry

Farewell to a Staple

Editordude: On Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 Judi Curry visited OB’s Village Kitchen, probably for her last time – under the current management – as it is up for lease.

By Judi Curry

Thirty-two years ago my husband Bob and my three daughters and I had our first meal at the Village Kitchen. Lopez was the owner cook; Esther was the cashier – she later became my beautician – and Liz and Eleana were waiting tables. It turned out that they were the children of Lopez and Esther.

We had so many delightful times there. We had our first taste of “menudo”; our first taste of “albondigas”; some of the best Machaca we have ever had. Bob loved their breakfasts – so much for so little money. The recipes were extraordinary and I even asked Lopez for several of them.

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Man – and Woman’s – Inhumanity to Men, Women and Children

June 26, 2019 by Judi Curry

The Widder Curry Asks – “What has happened to my fellow American?”

For weeks I have sat back and not voiced on this site my horrific feelings about the migrant children that are being housed in sub-standard facilities.

For weeks I have watched supporters of the man in the White House cry because “they are treating the President so badly.” For weeks I have been waiting for the public outcry deploring this concentration camp atmosphere. For weeks I have been waiting for the Republican party to say “enough is enough.”

For weeks I have been listening to Republicans in office indirectly support the separation of children from their parents. For weeks I have been shaking my head when I hear things from representatives say, “There’s not a lock on the door. Any child is free to leave at any time. But they don’t and you know why? Because they’re well taken care of.” (Rep. Michael Burgess, Texas) I do not think that I have to elaborate on Burgess’ comment. If you believe him, shame on you.

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Restaurant Review : Blue Water Seafood in Ocean Beach

June 18, 2019 by Judi Curry

Restaurant Review

Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill
5083 Santa Monica Ave., Suite 1B
Ocean Beach, CA 92107

By Judi Curry

I bet that I have received over 15 calls from neighbors in the past four weeks asking me if I had done a review of the “Blue Water” restaurant yet. Even though they have been established in another area, I still wanted to wait before trying it out. Today was the day! I called Candy and Irene and asked them if they wanted to join me and we were there shortly after they opened the doors at 11:00 am.

I have to start this review by saying that the food was very good; that the service was excellent; and even though there was a big “screw up” we enjoyed everything we had to eat and can’t wait until we go again to try the other things on the menu.

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Thinking of Taking a Train or an Uber to Orange County?

June 14, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

So … my Great Grandson was going to celebrate his first birthday last week. Of my three daughters, two live in San Diego and one lives in Orange County, along with her family of ten. The party for “Wiley” was going to be in a restaurant in Huntington Beach at 6:30 pm on a Sunday evening.

My two daughters that live here and I discussed driving to HB, but there were a lot of factors against that drive: We would have to leave here by 4:00pm to make sure that we arrived in time; we would probably hit a lot of traffic going up – and back -; none of us really wanted to buck that traffic; dinner would probably take1 1/2 hours and we’d be on the road again, etc.

“Why don’t we take a train?” the wise mother asked.

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The Old Broad Asks: ‘Are You Having Head-Aches Too?’

May 31, 2019 by Judi Curry

by Judi Curry

A coincidence? Or a mistake?

I don’t profess to know everyone in San Diego. In fact, I don’t profess to know one half of one percent of the residents of San Diego, but I do know that an inordinate amount of the people I know, male and/or female, have expressed to me the same problem in the past 3 weeks.

It didn’t matter if it was Don in Imperial Beach; Irene in Santee; Hitomi in the Convoy area; Michele on Shelter Island; Lucy in La Jolla; Jackie in Encinitas; Mary on Sunset Cliffs, Larry in El Cajon, Stephanie in Sierra Mesa, or myself in Pt. Loma – we are all suffering from almost debilitating headaches. Some of the people I spoke to said that they have headaches frequently but never like this.

Others, like me, seldom ever get headaches, but these are severe.

Because mine have been so bad in the past month, I have been to my Primary Care Physician; Urgent Care; the Emergency Room; the Ophthalmologist and just last week saw the Ear Nose and Throat specialist.

What did he say?

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The Mind Is Such a Creative Creature

May 14, 2019 by Judi Curry

The Old Broad Is Left to Ponder After Hitting Her Head on the Garage Door – Twice

By Judi Curry

The mind is so creative. It can imagine all sorts of things, some that are based on fact, and many that are based on fiction. The old adage that “if you say it enough times it will be believed” is certainly true, if one looks at the political situation today.

But this is not about the politics facing the nation today. No, rather this is about me and my mind, and the scare that I caused just by thinking.

I frequently blame my decisions – whether right or wrong ones – on being blond. I actually have always been a blond – even a “towhead” until the age of 15. I figure that I am allowed to make one wrong decision a year, and if you total up my number of years you will see that I made my fair share of bad ones. Of course, I made a whole lot of good ones to offset the others.

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Restaurant Review: Euphoria XIX Grill in Midway District

May 9, 2019 by Judi Curry

Restaurant Review

Euphoria XIX Grill
3944 W. Point Loma Ave
San Diego, CA 92110

By Judi Curry

I try to wait until a restaurant has been opened for 6 months or so before I do a review. I have been to “Euphoria XIX” three times now, and each time with a different person. I have combined our experiences into this one review.

The restaurant is light and airy. Around the windows are individual couches on the side against the windows and chairs in the front. There are a few high tables along the north side of the restaurant, some seating outdoors; and a few tables to the south of the entry door.

I usually don’t go into this much detail about the seating, but feel it is necessary here, because although the couches are comfortable and pretty, there is no way that I can sit in one and be comfortable.

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Restaurant Review: ParAgon Deli Café on Shelter Island in Point Loma

May 3, 2019 by Judi Curry

Restaurant Review

ParAgon Deli Café
2724 Shelter Island Dr.
San Diego, CA 92106

By Judi Curry

Just recently I was told about a new restaurant that had opened up about five months ago in Point Loma that had some of the best soup on the Point.

When I asked where it was I was told it was “in the same parking lot as ‘Fiddler Green’.” I was not told that it was a deli; only that they were touting “Cinco de Mayo” and tortilla soup.

I decided that when my newly married grandson came over today that he, my daughter Stephanie and I would go try it out. The day was cool and soup sounded warm and inviting. Little did I know that we would be walking into Point Loma’s newest gem.

The first thing that we saw was a sign that listed the “specials of the day” with the admonition – “and tomorrow too”. Tortilla soup was listed. (I later found out that they fluctuate between their soups of the day with Clam Chowder).

The facility in itself is small; only 5 tables inside and 3 outside.

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The Old Broad Questions Why the City Is Using ‘Round-Up’ on Ocean Beach and Point Loma Beaches, Parks and Playgrounds

May 2, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

Are you safe in the park? At Sunset Cliffs Natural Park? Robb Field; Dusty Rhodes? Dog Beach? Dog Park? Neighborhood playgrounds?

Have you seen many bees this spring? Have you seen as many birds this spring? Do people you know have cancer? Do you know dogs and cats that are being diagnosed with cancer? Do you have any idea what might be the cause?

Do you know what the ingredients are to kill weeds? Do you know what a “carcinogen” is? Do you know what “Glyphosate” is and what products contain it?

Did you know that here in our own “backyard” that glyphosate is being sprayed and there are no signs

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A Used Car Lot Where the Salespeople Have Not Changed their Ways

April 30, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

I had one of the worst experiences that I remember having in years today when I went with my student – Hitomi – to buy a used car.

Let me give you some background:

Hitomi was a student learning English with me for almost three years. She was a flight attendant in Japan and wanted to be able to fly international flights and needed to improve her English. When she went back to Japan she was not hired in that capacity, and after looking for jobs decided to work as a travel agent. Surprisingly enough, they sent her to San Diego for her internship for a year and she will be working on Convoy Street in a travel agency.

While she was here before she had rented a car; this time she decided to purchase one instead. We did a lot of “on-line” looking and finally she narrowed it down to three cars – one of which was an Fiat 500.

When I saw the car I tried everything in my power to dissuade her from this purchase.

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Losing a Loved One

April 24, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

With every holiday that passes; with every special occasion that comes up, I am reminded how much I miss my husband. It is always traumatic when you lose someone that you love, but I think it is more traumatic when you lose your best friend, your lover, your confidante, your weekly date, your protagonist, your companion, etc. all at the same time.

The heart heals, but the scab always remains. Just scratch the surface a little bit and all the angst returns.

I got so tired of people saying to me, “I know how you feel”. Unless they lost a spouse they have no idea how I felt. Yes, losing a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a child, etc. is horrible but it is nowhere near the same thing as losing a spouse.

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A Scam About Warrants that Sounded Real

April 22, 2019 by Judi Curry

by Judi Curry

About a week ago my friend Mary called me in a panic. I could hear the heavy breathing; the fear in her voice. She told me that she was calling me, the only one that she could talk to, because she thought that I might have an answer to her problem.

During almost our entire conversation, she hovered between fear and disbelief. It was an electrifying experience from my side of our talk. This is what happened:

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The Airplanes Are Off Course Over Point Loma and OB, Again

April 10, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

San Diego Airport is One of Most Dangerous in Nation; Airplanes Drop Black Soot On Those Below

As I write this, it’s Sunday, April 7, 2019. Between the minutes of 6:31am and 6:52am I reported planes off course 6 times. They were flying quite a bit south of the OB Pier and very close to Pt. Loma Avenue.

This is not the first time this has happened, and as we get closer to summer and more and more tourists coming to San Diego this is going to get worse. For those of you that tell me that the airport was here before me, let me reiterate that we purposely bought our house where we did because it was NOT in the flight pattern.

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The Old Broad Ponders: ‘Is Amazon Watching Me Age?’

April 8, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

The aging process really sucks. It doesn’t matter if it is the house you bought 50 years ago; or the car you bought 10 years ago; or the body that you were gifted with so many years ago. As each year passes more and more things seem to go wrong.

For example, my husband and I bought a large sectional couch 20 years ago. We placed in front of the three large windows in the living room. Behind the couch we had floor to ceiling drapes. Also 20 years ago. About 6 months ago, in preparation for a Bunco party at my house, I decided to have the carpets cleaned.

When the cleaner pulled the couch away from the wall I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

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Pizza To Go From Leucadia Pizzeria in Point Loma

March 19, 2019 by Judi Curry

Leucadia Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant
4161 Voltaire St.
San Diego, CA 92107

By Judi Curry

A friend of mine gave me a gift card for Leucadia Pizzeria for my birthday and I thought it would be fun to use it with a good friend from Leucadia. He was going to meet me there and so we had two cars. When we pulled into the parking lot we found there were no parking places, but three spaces were taken up with Leucadia Pizzeria delivery vans. There was no available parking on the street so we went somewhere else.

They have over 20 pizzas listed on their menu,

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‘My 15 Minutes of Fame’ : The Old Broad’s On TV Today, Mon. March 18

March 18, 2019 by Judi Curry

As a teacher, I have always hoped that things I have said or written would have a positive influence on my students. As a journalist I know that some of the things I say will anger some; align myself with others; and not make any difference to still others.

Last week I wrote a story for the OB Rag re: the potential scam that I was involved in, namely a “Secret Shopping” experience that seemed that it could be legitimate, but deep down I knew wasn’t.

Our local NBC channel read the story and asked if they could do an interview with me re: the article. They came out today, Monday, March 18th, and the interview will be broadcast today at 4:30 pm and again at 6:00 pm.

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Ketch on Shelter Island in Point Loma – Restaurant Review – Again

March 15, 2019 by Judi Curry

2614 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92106

By Judi Curry

This is my 5th time having a meal at the “Ketch”. I’ve written two other reviews on it – one for the OB Rag in October 2018 which is available if you are interested in reading it.

This time members of my widow group got together to welcome one of our members back to San Diego, and it was up to me to decide where to go. I knew it was a cold and rainy day and we would eat inside, but decided to give the restaurant another try. I am happy to say that it was a nice experience.

We arrived on a Saturday at 11:45am. This presented a problem because we could only order off of the breakfast menu for the next 15 minutes. If any of us wanted lunch, we would have to wait until 12:00pm to place the order because the kitchen was not prepared to make both breakfast and lunch items. By the time we decided what we wanted to do it was lunch time and the decision was made for us.

Once again the menu has changed since I was there last. Things I would have liked to try were gone and new items were in their place.

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‘A Scam or Not a Scam? That Is the Question’

March 8, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

On March 1st, 2019, I received an EMAIL from “Kroger Shop” welcoming me to the Kroger family of secret shoppers. I was given the title of “Market Researcher” and am going to be paid $300 for each assignment I complete. (At one time in my life I worked for a secret shopper company out of El Cajon, and made many purchases looking for dishonest employees as well as extraordinary ones. )


Further to your interest to participate in our research project at Kroger, we are pleased to welcome you on board, setting out the details of your job. You are being appointed to the position of a market researcher.

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Don’t Turn On Your Lights – New SDG&E ‘Tier’ Billing Begins

March 1, 2019 by Judi Curry

The Old Broad Cautions Her Readers

So today begins the new “gouging” by SDG&E. Their “tier” structure for billing begins and if you are not careful it is going to cost you more than keeping the old light bulbs.

This new plan, called “Time of Use” will work this way:

There will be “off peak” and “on peak” hours. And even though it is “optional” – you will automatically be placed in one of the two plans. You CAN opt out if you want to do so. The “on peak” hours – the most expensive, will be from 4:00pm to 9:00pm. Now let me get this straight. That is the time that most of us are coming home from work. That is the time that most of us are cooking our dinner –

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The Old Broad Asks – ‘When is a Gospel Brunch NOT a Gospel Brunch?’

February 22, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

If you read my article on the trouble I had with redeeming the tickets I purchased on-line at the AMC in Fashion Valley, you are aware that I had a BIG birthday coming up this week. In fact, when this is published it will have already happened.

I have never liked to celebrate my birthday. I do not like to be the center of attention and had told my children that I would just as soon not have any celebration this year. I thought I was going to luck out, because I have two children visiting India, and I knew that they would not be able to be with me.

However, I should have realized that my daughter – Michele – did not go with the other two,

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The Adrenaline Was Flowing Over Movie Tickets

February 18, 2019 by Judi Curry

The Old Broad Loses Her Cool

I have a birthday coming up in a few days. This is a BIG birthday and I have been trying to not think of it; just want the day to pass quietly without any attention being given to the day. Unfortunately that is not going to happen, in spite of two of my daughters on a trip to India and not being here to “commiserate” the day with me.

The remaining daughter has already asked me a dozen times where I want to go to celebrate; has asked me if there is anyone I would like to have join us, etc. And not only that, she was planning a party for me – more about that in another column – and she inadvertently sent me the guest list.

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