Point Loma Nazarene University Added to Previous Lawsuit Involving Former Student and Professor

July 13, 2018 by Source

by Andrew Eakes / LomaBeat / July 9, 2018

Amy McClanahan, the woman suing former Point Loma Nazarene University professor and pastor John Wright, is now naming PLNU in her lawsuit. She filed the additional name on May 9. The civil case management was last Friday, June 29 at the San Diego County Courthouse, which was held to discuss how the case would be handled. PLNU did not appear in court.

The university, along with Wright and Mid-City Church of the Nazarene (where Wright was her pastor), is being sued by McClanahan for negligent hiring and retention related to Wright’s employment at PLNU.

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SB 237 Threatens Community Choice Energy

July 12, 2018 by Source

By Laura Sisk-Hackworth

SB 237, authored by California State Senator Hertzberg (D-18), threatens to increase the use of fossil fuels in California by undercutting Community Choice Energy (CCE) programs. The bill would allow businesses to circumvent CCE providers and buy electricity directly from suppliers. These suppliers would be subject to the state’s required minimum on the renewable content of the electricity – whereas CCEs consistently exceed those minimums. Therefore, this bill would reduce the use of renewables, hurt renewable energy job growth, and likely bankrupt all current CCEs. This bill would effectively end existing CCE programs and halt their future expansion throughout California.

Community Choice Energy allows communities, rather than the utility companies, to purchase electricity.

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Ocean Beach Through the Lens of ACE

July 10, 2018 by Source

ACE is Albert C Elliott, a local surfboard maker and photographer, who occasionally lets us pick into his portfolio of 2-dimensional treasures.

Which brings us to this collection of visuals from around the Village of OB. And as Albert occasionally gets up on a board himself, this collection includes a number of shots from June in our local waters.

So, sit back and enjoy the sights as you flip through these fotos from the lens of ACE.

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Former San Diego Police Chief Zimmerman’s Fake News on Marijuana Takes on a Life of Its Own

July 10, 2018 by Source

By Jessica Sutherland / Daily Kos

Ever since the term “Fake News” entered the popular lexicon, almost everyone knows to check their news sources closely, and roll their eyes at Trump. But what’s a responsible citizen to do when “Fake News” and “alternative facts” originate with reliable, trusted sources?

Recently retired San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman should, in theory, have been one of those reliable, trusted sources, assuming you trust law enforcement. Unfortunately, a recent investigation by Voice of San Diego’s Jesse Marx reveals that the former chief manufactured crime statistics in an apparent effort to block expansion of the cannabis industry within America’s Finest City. Worse, her fake facts are now being used to justify and shape cannabis attitudes and policy in other municipalities.

This is how it begins.

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U.N. Breastfeeding Resolution Opposed by Trump Administration’s Corporate Shills

July 10, 2018 by Source

“What happened was tantamount to blackmail, with the U.S. holding the world hostage and trying to overturn nearly 40 years of consensus on the best way to protect infant and young child health.”

By Julia Conley / Common Dreams

International delegates to the United Nation’s World Health Assembly looked on at the group’s recent meeting, as U.S. representatives appeared to put the interests of the $70 billion baby food industry ahead of those of parents and children—and pressured other countries to do the same.

The New York Times reported Sunday that American officials, led by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, attempted to strongarm Ecuadorean delegates out of introducing a resolution to encourage and support breastfeeding and urge governments to restrict misleading marketing claims about baby formula.

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Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dissents

July 9, 2018 by Source

#SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

He says a lawsuit or indictment would interfere with the President’s ability to protect national security.

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Reader Rant: A Warning to OB from Former Mission Beach Resident

July 2, 2018 by Source

Editordude: The following rant was originally a comment to this post, “Ocean Beach Town Council Gears Up to Oppose Mayor’s Proposal on Short Term Rentals for San Diego”.

By sealintheSelkirks

This is what started to happen to (middle) Mission Beach in the early 1970s when ‘vacation rental units’ exploded in numbers more than they had in the previous decade.

The kids who grew up on that part of the sandbar ran right into this head-on. And got clobbered. By the time we hit the find-a-place-to-rent age, roughly 1972-77, we were already being priced out or, as I personally experienced numerous times, were kicked out each June

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Authoritarianism Thrives on Demoralization: How to Fight Trump and Stay Psychologically Healthy

July 2, 2018 by Source

By Dawn Villines / Daily Kos

My daughter was a newborn when Donald Trump was elected. On Election Day, I dressed her in a pantsuit, covered her in feminist stickers, and ensured she saw me voting. We took lots of pictures. I wanted her to know she was part of the moment in history when the first woman president was elected. So waking up to a Trump win hit me hard. I feared for my daughter’s future, and for my own.

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The Back Story to ‘Willamartha’s Honey Pot’ Mural in Ocean Beach

July 2, 2018 by Source

Editordude: Last week we highlighted what we called “Ocean Beach’s Mural Alley“, which included a large mural of a woman with bees. Thanks to commenter “OBlover”, we found out the bee artwork is by a local artist, Celeste Byers – whom we’ve known for a few years and have also showcased some of her OB and other murals.

So, here’s the backstory of the bee mural, right from Celeste’s own website :

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Swim Coach’s Skull Fractured by Paddleboarder at Sunset Cliffs

July 2, 2018 by Source

Nearly a week ago, on Tuesday, June 26, Kevin Eslinger had his skull fractured when a paddleboarder cracked a paddleboard over his head. Eslinger, an accomplished paddleboarder and San Diego swim coach, had gotten into an argument with an unidentified paddleboarder when the blow occurred.

Fortunately, Eslinger was able to get back to shore on his own but the impact was sufficient to fracture his skull. He’s now recovering after being in a hospital for 2 days.

The paddleboarder who attacked him got away. As of this past weekend, no arrests had been made.

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Send a Message to Trump: Families Belong Together – San Diego, Sat., June 30

June 28, 2018 by Source

Over 700 Actions for Families Belong Together on June 30

Donald Trump and his administration have cruelly separated children from their families. We won’t allow it to continue — and we won’t let them put families into internment camps.

On June 30, we’re rallying in San Diego, Washington, D.C., and around the country to tell Donald Trump and his administration to stop separating kids from their parents!

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Planners’ Meeting Heats Up Over Housing Numbers for Midway Community Plan

June 26, 2018 by Source

By Geoff Page

Tribalism. It is a vestigial feature, much like an appendix. It once served the purpose of self-protection but has long since out-lived its usefulness. It is, in fact, harmful in an advanced society. But, unlike an appendix, it is not easily excised; it seems to be an indelible imprint on the psyche of homo sapiens.

This was demonstrated clearly, and sadly, at the Midway/Pacific Highway Community Planning Group’s regular monthly meeting on June 20 at the San Diego City College – West City Campus on Fordham Street. It seems that the planning group boundaries now are tribal boundaries.

Meeting Heats Up Over Midway Community Plan

The meeting got heated over Midway’s Community Plan

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Otay Mesa Detention Center Called ‘Concentration Camp’ by Clergy-Led Protesters

June 26, 2018 by Source

– Chant and Response: “We are with you. We hear you. We will not forget you.” -“Estamos contigos. Les oyemos. No les olvidamos.”

By Kathy Stadler / San Diego Free Press

With so many events taking place around the immigration travesty, it seems one may have gone under-noticed. During the PICO California statewide day of action Sunday, June 24, it was clear that the people being detained at the Otay Mesa Detention Center, could hear the protesters outside and tried to make contact – shouting and drumming.

PICO California, “the largest multi-racial faith-based community-organizing network in the state” organized a statewide weekend of action

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Text of Senator Kamala Harris’ Speech Outside Otay Mesa Detention Center

June 25, 2018 by Source

Following is a speech given by U.S. Senator Kamala Harris on Friday, June 22.

So let’s shout for the children and families. Let’s shout for them. So, first of all, I want to thank everyone for coming out and for all the work that everyone has been doing to give voice to these families, to these children, and to this issue.

I was just in there, I got a tour of that detention facility and then I sat down and spoke for some time and visited with the mothers who are there. And my heart is broken. These mothers, these mothers have given testimony, if you will, have given the stories, have shared their stories, their personal stories that are a story of a human rights abuse being committed by the United States government.

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Peninsula Planners: Board Rescinds 2017 Letter Advocating Housing on Famosa Site

June 25, 2018 by Source

By Geoff Page

The Peninsula Community Planning Board’s regular monthly meetings at the Point Loma Library are becoming one of the best shows in town and the June 19 meeting was no exception.

This time the show was about an classic battle between a public agency and the community. The excitement was over that piece of open land on the south side of Famosa Blvd. across from Cleator Park. There was a large audience present, most of whom were there to express their displeasure with the San Diego Housing Commission’s plans to build 78 low income housing units on that site.

Community Displeasure With Planning Board’s June 2017 Letter Recommending Housing at Site in Question

Actually, the immediate displeasure had to do with a letter about “Affordable/Workforce” housing the PCPB sent to Councilmember Zapf and the San Diego Housing Commission in June of 2017.

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Utilities Commission Rejects San Diego Gas & Electric’s Pipeline

June 22, 2018 by Source

By Colleen Cochran

The California Public Utilities Commission placed the welfare of San Diego County citizens and wildlife ahead of San Diego Gas & Electric’s profits yesterday, June 21.

The 5-member commission voted unanimously to reject SDG&E and its partner Southern California Gas’ bid to install 47 miles of new pipeline from the Rainbow Metering Station near Fallbrook down through Miramar, mostly along Interstate 15. Another potential route these utilities were considering would have taken the line through Mission Trails Regional Park.

The rejected Pipeline 3602 would have been 36 inches wide and have had five times the carrying capacity of existent 16-inch-wide Pipeline 1600. In an effort to avoid making potential repairs to Line 1600, SDG&E’s plan was to reduce the operating pressure on that line and to run new Pipeline 3602 at high pressure.

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Here’s the 4 Stage Music Line-up for the 39th Annual Ocean Beach Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off – Sat. June 23

June 22, 2018 by Source

From the Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association:

The 39th Annual Ocean Beach Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off Festival will offer attendees eclectic fun in the sun for all ages. Join more than 70,000 visitors from 10am to 8pm on Saturday, June 23, 2018, for tasty festival nosh, art, beachfront entertainment, shopping, and more. Entry to the Street Fair is always free!

Here’s the Four Stage Line-Up of Continuous Music:

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Last Call at Nati’s in Ocean Beach

June 21, 2018 by Source

By Gail Powell

Thursday, June 7 was the last call for the popular Nati’s Mexican Restaurant, once located at 1852 Bacon Street in Ocean Beach.

My daughter and I made sure to be there right when it opened for business at 11 a.m on this final day and the spacious parking lot was already full early on. The vibe felt like you were attending a wake. But things were about to get much more depressing when I made the acquaintance of a fellow lady in mourning.

After trying to sit outside, it was just too hot out so my daughter and I ventured inside to visit with the portrait of beloved former waitress Luisa, one more time. We sat down next to a poor soul in despair, an older Point Loma High School alumni torn apart by her favorite restaurant being sold.

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85°C Bakery Café: Euro-Asian Fusion Pastries In Point Loma

June 21, 2018 by Source

85°C Bakery Café
Loma Square
at Rosecrans and Midway

by Bob Edwards

Up until a few weeks ago, the only Chinese pastries I’d ever tasted were at tea houses or “dim sum” palaces, huge restaurants where you can enjoy a brunch of fried or steamed noodle dumplings with savory fillings such as minced shrimp, pork, or vegetables. \

Dim sum parlors also usually have a few sweet buns that are baked or steamed and filled with sweetened bean paste. The only beverages served are hot tea or, if the tea house also has a liquor license, cocktails. You can’t get coffee but you can slam bloody marys, mimosas. or Tsingtao beer to your heart’s content!

Since opening in February of this year in Loma Square, 85°C Bakery Cafe has been serving Asian-influenced pastries that are mostly quite different from dim sum. At this busy restaurant near Sprout’s Market you will find one company’s versions of classic European baked goods as well as unique Chinese/European/American/Japanese fusion treats.

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Some San Diego Primary Election Results Are Changing – Pease Inches Closer to Campbell in District 2 Balloting

June 20, 2018 by Source

By Colleen Cochran

You know the 2018 San Diego County Primary Election is not officially over, don’t you? As of Tuesday evening, June 19, roughly 15,000 ballots are left to be counted.

The results first announced after election day, which was held June 5, 2018, reflected votes compiled from precinct ballots, as well as those from mail-in ballots received early by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters.

Tallies of mail-in ballots dropped off at the polls were completed late last week. Only the provisional ballots remain uncounted. Thus far, election results have changed in two races:

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Reader Rant: ‘Point Loma Cannot Afford More Development Without Infrastructure and Water Improvements’

June 19, 2018 by Source

By Michael Winn

Water Rationing? Affordability? Traffic?

Elected officials in San Diego and California, both Republican and Democratic, speak about “growth” as if, “thou shalt build” was inscribed on stone tablets that Moses brought down from the mountain after a talk with God, whose name, by the way, is neither Manchester nor Trump.

Every new residence we build in San Diego adds a new demand on water resources, and in Southern California we must import water or extract it from sea water and/or sewage, which are expensive solutions and risky in view of the possibility of breakdowns, drought and seismic activity.

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An OBcean Responds to Faulconer’s Proposal on Short Term Vacation Rentals for San Diego

June 19, 2018 by Source

Ocean Beach Now Has Up to 519 Whole-Home Vacation Rentals

By Kevin Hastings

The new short term vacation rental (STVR) proposal from the mayor’s office addresses whole-home vacation rentals. It would allow 1 full-time STVR per “person”, in addition to part-time STVR use of their primary residence.

The may sound restrictive at first glance, but the devil is in the details.

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Activists Rally in Mission Trails Park to Oppose SDG&E Gas Pipeline

June 19, 2018 by Source

By Colleen Cochran

This past Father’s Day, many San Diegans celebrated their dads amidst the green, rolling hills of Mission Trails Regional Park. One group, holding colorful signs, gathered for more than celebration; they were there to protect this 7,000-acre wilderness area.

SDG&E and SoCalGas would like to install a new gas pipeline to run approximately 47 miles through San Diego County. These utility companies are considering several potential routes for this pipeline, one of which cuts through the park.

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Save San Diego Neighborhoods Responds to Faulconer’s Short Term Vacation Rental Proposal

June 18, 2018 by Source

From Save San Diego Neighborhoods

On Thursday, June 14, without fanfare, Mayor Faulconer rolled out his proposal to change San Diego’s Municipal Code – residential zoning ordinances – to legalize the use of residential dwellings as Airbnb mini-hotels – short term vacation rentals.

There are over 10,000 homes in San Diego that have been turned into Airbnb mini-hotels for tourists. Faulconer wants to take even more San Diego houses and use them for tourist lodging.

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28th Annual San Diego Wooden Boat Festival at Shelter Island – this Weekend June 16 – 17

June 15, 2018 by Source

A San Diego Father’s Day weekend tradition

From website:

A San Diego Father’s Day weekend tradition, the San Diego Wooden Boat festival – held at Shelter Island – is the premier annual event for Southern California wooden boat enthusiasts and provides a rare opportunity for the general public to view some of the most beautiful and well maintained wooden crafts up close.

While this event features mostly well preserved vintage vessels there are also plenty of new crafts that have been hand crafted with skill and meticulous detail.

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The OB Mermaid Sends a Message

June 14, 2018 by Source

The OB Rag received the following message today from Marina, the OB Mermaid:

To the humans of Ocean Beach and all of San Diego

I want to thank you for the warm and wonderful reception you gave me upon my arrival. I came to OB upon the tides of the full moon in hopes of catching a glimpse of those who might still believe in the ancient legends.

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The OB Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off Is Coming – Sat., June 23

June 13, 2018 by Source

OB Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off

From OBMA:

Mark your calendar for the 39th Annual Ocean Beach Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off Festival on Saturday, June 23, 2018!

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The 3% Solution – A Response to the City’s Proposal to Add 24,000 Residents to the Peninsula at Midway.

June 12, 2018 by Source

The City Is Posed to Begin a Massive Redevelopment of the Midway District

By Michael Winn

We are told there are 550,000 homeless people in America. We’re also told of a crisis, called, “housing affordability” in urban coastal California cities. Statements of politicians of every stripe: Brown to Cox, Beane to Zapf, Faulconer to Fletcher, all assume we will address housing affordability by developing more housing. This assumption is politically motivated by a desire for endorsements from local governments and for campaign contributions from a development industry that financially benefits from development.

To mortgage lenders and property managers, “affordable” means that a household’s mortgage payment or rent amounts to no more than 28% of gross income.

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Cape May Property Owner Responds to Charges of Running Short Term Rentals

June 11, 2018 by Source

Editordude’s Note: At the most recent OB Planning Board meeting on Wednesday, June 6, after 3 unsuccessful votes, the Board finally decided it could take no action on a proposed granny flat at 4715 Cape May Ave., particularly after allegations that the property would be turned into a short term vacation rental. The owner of the property, Jason Whitmore, responded to our report of the meeting with the following:

By Jason Whitmore / June 7, 2018

I feel the need to clear a few things up regarding this project as my wife and I are the owners of the property at 4715 Cape May Ave. We have owned this one (1) and only property in OB for nearly 10 years and have rented it both short term and long term during that period.

We have had much better results renting short term regardless of the money than we have with some locals who had stayed long term in the past (bad apples in every group). We have and continue to live in OB for over 10 years together (myself 18 years since moving here in 2000 and spending the first 4 months living out of my car).

There are multiple inaccuracies throughout this article

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In Unanimous Vote, House Says No Legal Right to Attack Iran

June 11, 2018 by Source

By Marjorie Cohn / Marjorie Cohn Blog / June 5, 2018

In a little noticed but potentially monumental development, the House of Representatives voted unanimously for an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019 (H.R. 5515) that says no statute authorizes the use of military force against Iran.

The amendment, introduced by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota), states, “It is the sense of Congress that the use of the Armed Forces against Iran is not authorized by this Act or any other Act.”

A bipartisan majority of the House adopted the National Defense Authorization Act on May 24, with a vote of 351-66. The bill now moves to the Senate.

If the Senate version

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