Coalition ReWild Mission Bay NOT Down With 5 Year Lease by Campland at De Anza Cove

June 14, 2019 by Source

ReWild Mission Bay Statement Regarding Land Use and Housing Committee Recommendations for Lease Approvals

Members of the ReWild Mission Bay coalition continue to note their disappointment with the City of San Diego’s Land Use and Housing Committee recommendation to extend the lease of the current Campland site in the northeast corner of Mission Bay by five years, thereby precluding the initiation of wetland restoration efforts west of Rose Creek and east of Kendall Frost Marsh Reserve.

The 1994 Mission Bay Park Master Plan called for the relocation of the current Campland site in order to facilitate wetland restoration at the mouth of Rose Creek. The plan was upheld in 2002. Similarly, ReWild Mission Bay coalition members are concerned about the granting of an all-new lease to Campland to manage the Mission Bay RV Park on De Anza Point for five years,

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Mike James: The First Ocean Beach Street Fair

June 13, 2019 by Source
Thumbnail image for Mike James: The First Ocean Beach Street Fair

Originally posted June 26, 2009

by Mike James

As co-chair of the first Street Fair, I must set the record straight. This year’s 30th Annual Street Fair is actually the 28th.

The first street fair which took place July 4th, 1982 and was an expansion of the Fireworks Festival which began in 1980 (hence the 30th anniversary).

Sponsored by the Ocean Beach Merchants Association and KPRI Radio, the event was held on the 4900 and 5000 blocks of Newport Ave. With no vendors and a crowd in the hundreds, it seemed somewhat bare compared to the hundreds of vendors and the tens of thousands that show up now a days.

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A Second Look at the Magic ‘CannaBus’ Ride from Ocean Beach to the Dispensary

June 13, 2019 by Source

By Joaquin Antique

It’s now June of 2019, more than a year since my article about the CannaBus appeared in the OB Rag.

Much remains the same – but I got a few things wrong. The bus continues to pick up passengers by the Ocean Beach Pier parking lot and takes them to the URBN Leaf dispensary on Buenos Avenue near Morena.

It still runs approximately hourly between noon and 8 PM with the last pickup at about 7 PM. If you get to the foot of Newport and there’s no bus, hang out for awhile and watch the floor show that is the pier parking lot and within an hour the bus should arrive. There’s no service on Mondays. The bus remains free and you’re allowed to smoke weed on board.

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Natalie Freedman – Author, Educator and Social Worker at Run for Cover Bookstore – June 14

June 12, 2019 by Source

Run for Cover Bookstore is pleased to welcome, Natalie Freedman, on June 14 at 6 pm.

Natalie Freedman has been an educator and social worker for many years, serving as Director of elementary schools and Director of Social Services for a retirement and nursing home. She has edited the book TO SECURE THESE RIGHTS and written the chapter “Separate But Equal Education in Phoenix”.

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Support Your Local Bookstore – ‘Run for Cover’ – An Appeal From the Owner

June 12, 2019 by Source

Editordude: the following appeal by Marianne, the owner of Run for Cover Bookstore was posted on its website a few weeks ago. We thought it worthy of reposting.

Run for Cover Bookstore Needs Your Help

Dear Book Lovers,

Our little bookstore opened 6 months ago!

What a crazy, interesting, joyous, fulfilling and challenging ride it has been. The time has come for a first assessment.
In many ways we have experienced great success but financially we are struggling.

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Midway Planners Not Happy With SANDAG Moving Forward on ‘Transportation Hub’ Without Public Input

June 10, 2019 by Source

By Geoff Page

It seemed for a moment there that the Midway-Pacific Community Planning board was channeling OB. As the pictures show, the board met at the Bay City Brewery and sat on backless bar stools at tables consisting of four piled wooden shipping pallets. A big sign hung above them at the back of the room “Bay City Brewery.” It was a relaxed, comfortable, definitely funky location to discuss planning board stuff. So, it felt a bit like the OB Planning Board meetings.

The Midway board met for some years at the community college on Kemper Street but had to relocate a year ago. The new location was generously provided by the Urban Corps on Jefferson Street. But, that only lasted a year and the board moved again. A private business stepped up this time and donated the aforementioned space.

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Succulent in a Teacup – at Ocean Beach Woman’s Club – Tuesday, June 11

June 10, 2019 by Source

Women of Ocean Beach – please come out and join the women who run the Ocean Beach Woman’s Club at their next general meeting, this Tuesday, June 11.

This is a social gathering and they’re making succulent teacups. And not just from any teacups – these were left to the club years ago and are taking up space they desperately need.

This is a great chance to check out the club, meet some cool women, and make and take home a piece of OB history!

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‘Dear Ohio’ – Our Bellwhether Election State

June 7, 2019 by Source

Devouring the Apple

By Joni Halpern

Dear Ohio,

I’ve been thinking lately about our dear country, and about you as the bellwether election state. I was wondering if you see what I see – namely, that everyday Americans do not think they are important in themselves. Instead, they seek the notice of others, as if blind to their own image, as if they cannot feel their existence unless someone else casts an approving eye upon them and says, “Yes, you are one of us. You are real.”

Every day, some man or woman in Ohio or California or elsewhere in the country wakes up in the morning, tired from a sleepless night, and puts food on the table for themselves and their loved ones, dresses for work, gives up hours to the job, comes home, deals with dinner, and sits in front of a screen waiting to see if anything more interesting than their own life is happening in fiction or in fact.

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Update From Councilwoman Jen Campbell

June 5, 2019 by Source

By Councilwoman Jennifer Campell / May 2019 Newsletter

Hello Neighbors!

Here is an update on some of the most prominent pieces of legislation that City Council has passed recently.

First, scooters. On May 14th. City Council followed up it’s previous unanimous approval of scooter regulations with another 9-0 vote on the legislation’s second reading. That means that the new laws regarding scooters will come into effect on July 1st, laws that include geofencing on the boardwalk and bayside walk that will slow scooters to 8 mph.

Even with the new rules many of us are disappointed that there is not a scooter ban on our boardwalks. When the Mayor’s regulations came to Council, for both the initial hearing and the second reading. I was vocal about my support of banning scooters from the boardwalk.

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Why Restoring Wetlands on Mission Bay Is More Important Than Ever

June 5, 2019 by Source

By Jim Peugh / The Times of San Diego / June 4, 2019

The last several years have seen a deluge of news about infrastructure in San Diego. Whether it’s the future of the stadium site in Mission Valley, the extension of the Blue Line trolley to UCSD, or the push among urbanists to revolutionize housing in our city, refining our development footprint has taken up a sizable volume of bandwidth in our civic conversation.

As plans move forward to reshape San Diego’s built environment, it’s easy to overlook how these changes can negatively affect our quality of life and the sustainability of our communities. In the rush to redevelop, we often miss out on opportunities to incorporate green infrastructure

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Summertime Book Sale by Friends of OB Library – Saturday, June 8

June 5, 2019 by Source

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2 UCSD Doctors Publish Paper Based on Research From Unethically Collected Samples of Veterans Without Their Consent

June 4, 2019 by Source

by Brad Racino & Jill Castellano / inewsource / May 30, 2019

Two prominent doctors associated with the University of California San Diego and the local VA used blood and stool samples taken from sick veterans to bolster a paper published this month in an academic research journal.

The specimens were not supposed to be used, according to the project’s lead researcher, because they were part of a study that unethically collected biological samples from living subjects without their consent, which investigators called “serious noncompliance.”

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Green Calendar for June 2019

June 3, 2019 by Source

June 15th Saturday 2 pm – 3 pm Beginning Vegetable Gardening Workshops Ocean Beach Library 4801 Santa Monica Ave. San Diego 92107 The Master Gardener Association of San Diego County will be teaching Beginning Vegetable Gardening (BVG) Workshops at the Ocean Beach Library beginning on April 6th. Today’s topic is Soils. Learn about what soil needs to thrive and the science of this essential ingredient in gardening. More info:

June 15th Saturday 9 am – 6 pm Youth Climate Action Summit The Youth Climate Action Summit is a one-day event taking place in Hillcrest that will better equip high school students to become climate leaders at their school and in their community. Youth will gain leadership and teamwork skills, knowledge, and support to effectively influence policy and inspire their peers to take meaningful action on climate change and climate justice. More info: sd350/org/youth-summit

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Here’s Robert Mueller’s First Public Statement Since the Release of His Report

May 29, 2019 by Source

On Wednesday, May 29, Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered a statement about the Russia investigation. The statement, as prepared for delivery, is available below.

By Robert Mueller / May 29, 2019

Two years ago, the Acting Attorney General asked me to serve as Special Counsel, and he created the Special Counsel’s Office.

The appointment order directed the office to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. This included investigating any links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign.

I have not spoken publicly during our investigation. I am speaking today because our investigation is complete. … beyond these few remarks, it is important that the office’s written work speak for itself.


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State Bill Restricting Short-Term Vacation Rentals in San Diego Passes Assembly

May 28, 2019 by Source

The legislation, which only applies to San Diego County, targets short-term rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO and would have the effect of prohibiting the rental of second homes on those sites.

By Lori Weisberg / San Diego Union-Tribune

In a major victory for critics of short-term rentals, a bill to sharply curtail them in San Diego County’s coastal communities won approval Thursday, May 23 in the state Assembly. Should the bill ultimately win passage in the state Senate and be signed by the governor, it would hugely transform the home sharing landscape in local jurisdictions that have more lenient rules or none at all, as in the city of San Diego.

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Why You Should Go Camping

May 28, 2019 by Source

By Tim Fox / Camping Guide

Too many people limit their idea of camping to long hikes, tent setups, campfires and awkward conversations with strangers in the wild outdoors – but let us assure you that it is so much more than that.

We all live our day-to-day surrounded by the immense traffic of a relentlessly busy life. Smog, dust, and city lights cloud our vision of the stars at night; skyscrapers and busy streets prevent us from appreciating the beauty of nature.

The solution? A vast expanse of indigo sky watching over you, with stars serving as your rooftop for the night. Camping in the midst of such natural bliss gives us a needed reminder of the beauty of Mother Nature.

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Think Vertical… Up, Up, and Display!

May 24, 2019 by Source

By Kathy Blavatt

All Photos by Kathy Blavatt

There is an art to vertical gardening. The vertical growing process starts out as an ascetic design project combined with a floral display, a living canvas that adds beauty to garden plots, trees, fences and walls.

Creative design of floral arrangements and vertical garden displays use the same important principles in terms of shapes, colors, texture, design, and function.

A colorful array of flowers and plants of various shapes and textures form a heart from Kathy’s garden.

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8th Annual ‘Beginning of Summer’ Ocean Beach Community Cleanup – Sat., June 1 – 8:30am

May 23, 2019 by Source

Come show OB some love – come out to the 8th Annual “Beginning of Summer” Community Clean-up.

It’s Saturday, June 1st beginning at 8:30 a.m. with volunteers meeting at Raglan.

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The Holding Company Is Hiring – Apply Online Only

May 22, 2019 by Source

From The Holding Company facebook:

The Holding Company is accepting applications for all positions as of now!

If you’d like to be considered for our team go to …

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Hundreds of San Diegan Women Rally to ‘Stop the Ban’ – Photo Gallery

May 22, 2019 by Source

On Tuesday, May 21, hundreds of women – with a few men – rallied in front of the Federal Court House in downtown San Diego – joining rallies in 50 states and Puerto Rico to say “Our bodies! Our choice!”

It was a nationwide protest against the onslaught of anti-abortion legislation being passed in State Houses across the South and Mid-West – all aiming to destroy Roe v Wade.

Locally, San Diego Indivisible and Women’s March San Diego joined together to organize the rally “in Support of Women’s Rights & Reproductive Freedom !”

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Be Part of the Right Side of History – Join Impeach on the Beach – Sat., June 1 in OB

May 22, 2019 by Source

By Mike James / Impeach on the Beach

By joining IMPEACH on the Beach you will be a part of history. The right side of history.

We are at the crossroads of determining whether our republic will be ruled by laws or by a demagogue who believes he is above the law.

At every turn the Trump administration and the Republican leadership has attempted to obstruct investigations into his “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

The impeachment process was created by our founders as a safeguard against tyranny and corruption, for moments in history like this.

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Monsanto Ordered to Pay $2 Billion to California Victims for Cancer Caused by Roundup

May 22, 2019 by Source

Editordude: On May 13, 2019, a California jury awarded plaintiffs Alva and Alberta Pilliod a verdict of $55 million in non-economic and economic damages in addition to $1 billion each in punitive damages against Monsanto, for cancer ( lymphoma) caused by ingredients in their product Roundup.

The plaintiffs – through their experts – proved Monsanto made glyphosate – the active ingredient in Roundup – fifty times more toxic in its formula, making it easier for glyphosate to penetrate the skin leading to quick dispersion to the bones, where lymphoma originates.

Roundup – the herbicide the City of San Diego uses in our parks, beaches and playgrounds – is a topic for discussion at the upcoming Ocean Beach Town Council meeting on Wednesday, May 22.

By Carey Gillam / U.S. Right to Know

After less than two full days of deliberations, a California jury ordered Monsanto to pay just over $2 billion in punitive and compensatory damages to a married couple who both developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma they say was caused by their many years of using Roundup products.

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City’s Use of ‘Round-Up’ in the Spot Light at OB Town Council Meeting – Wed., May 22

May 21, 2019 by Source

There has been concern expressed by our community members about the use of Round-Up pesticide by the City of San Diego.

Non Toxic San Diego will be offering an informative presentation about the use of these Chlorpyrifos pesticides at our next public meeting. Q and A to follow.

Please join the Ocean Beach Town Council, Wednesday, May 22nd 7:00pm at the Masonic Lodge-1711 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.

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Peninsula Planning Board and City Sued by Board Member Over Ban on Slates

May 21, 2019 by Source

By Geoff Page

The Peninsula Community Planning Board meeting on Thursday, May 16, experienced something that was probably a first in its history when one of its members distributed his legal complaint against the PCPB and the City of San Diego. What he handed out was a draft but he actually filed the suit the following day on May 17.

The whole PCPB meeting was devoted to hearing two complaints against board members Margaret Virissimo and Donald Sevrens filed by community members, including this reporter. Briefly, this is what happened.

The way the complaint process works is that the complaint is reviewed by board officers and they decide whether to dismiss it or to pass it along to the full board. In the case of the two complaints, the officers decided to bring them both before the full board but they did not recommend an action, leaving that decision to the board.

The Virissimo complaint was discussed first. Suffice to say, it was a scene man.

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Point Loman Hopes Phone App Will Bring Power to the People

May 20, 2019 by Source

By Geoff Page

For the past two years, Point Loma resident Michael Winn has been working on creating something Point Loma does not have, a town council. OB, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, and many other communities have town councils – but not Point Loma.

It has been a tough road because the reception by existing community groups has been chilly, to say the least. Some of this was made apparent by a special event Winn organized on Tuesday, May 14 at a private home in Point Loma.

The invitation-only event was attended by a collection or people from Point Loma, Clairemont, La Jolla, and downtown. This was an immediate indication that the event was not solely about the Point Loma Town Council Winn has been working to create.

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How the California Journalist’s Shield Law Failed to Prevent San Francisco Cops From Breaking into Journalist’s Home and Office

May 17, 2019 by Source

By Terry Francke / Californians Aware / May 14, 2019

As reported this past weekend, on Friday the San Francisco Police Department sent an armed detail to sledgehammer its way into a journalist’s home and office, handcuff him and cart off his phone, computer hard drive, notebooks and other documentation. The police sought to learn who had leaked their report about the death of the city’s public defender to selected local media, which disclosed that this widely admired official fell ill in the apartment of a woman not his wife and had traces of alcohol and cocaine in this system.

Those raids, following a storm of accusations against the police for allegedly releasing the report to smear their longtime nemesis, were authorized by search warrants obtained by either misrepresentation by the police or a judicial disregard for the law protecting journalists’ confidential sources.

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Women in HIV Research Study Were Not Told by UCSD of Data Breach Despite Pleas by Researchers

May 17, 2019 by Source

By Jill Castellano & Brad Racino / inewsource / May 14, 2019

University of California San Diego officials stonewalled attempts to notify women in an HIV research study that their confidential data was breached more than seven months ago, an inewsource investigation has found.

UCSD researchers conducting the EmPower Women study told university officials in October that participants’ names, audio-taped conversations and other sensitive materials were made accessible to everyone working at Christie’s Place, a San Diego nonprofit supporting women with HIV and AIDS.

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California Senate Bill Will Not Void Coastal Height Limits

May 16, 2019 by Source

By Sara Libby /Voice of San Diego

Many San Diegans collectively freaked out when it appeared that a bill moving through the state Legislature, SB 330, would wipe out the coastal height limit to make way for denser, taller buildings.

Though the purpose of the bill is to beat back many of the local restrictions that block new housing projects, its author made clear this week that the measure won’t kill San Diego’s coastal height limit.

Sen. Nancy Skinner added this revision:

(2) This section shall not be construed to void a height limit, urban growth boundary, or urban limit established by the electorate of an affected county or an affected city on or before January 1, 2018.

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