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‘I Used to Like the FBI and Local Bus Service’

October 9, 2018 by Judi Curry

The Old Broad Sounds Off

As we get older, things that we believed in once – Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy – lose their authenticity. There are so many things that I used to believe in that I no longer believe in now. I ceased believing in our Presidential elections when the election was stolen from Al Gore; that feeling was only intensified with the election of the current president. I used to teach how important it was to vote; that each person’s vote counted until it was shown to be a misnomer with the electoral college. I have had to do some changes in my own philosophy and beliefs.

But there was still one governmental agency I believed in up until the last presidential election. I believed in the FBI.

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Early Bird Special

October 9, 2018 by Source

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News and Notices From Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Early October 2018

October 8, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

OB Lifeguards Rescue 70-Pount Green Sea Turtle

See instagram vid at Fox5

Lincoln Club Mailer Against Campbell and in Support of Zapf Cites Wrong Lawsuit

A campaign mailer is sparking accusations and criticism from both sides in the San Diego City Council battle between Democrat Dr. Jennifer Campbell and incumbent Republican Lorie Zapf. …

Man Stabbed Friend in the Midway Then Continues to Watch UFC Fight

A man was arrested after police say he stabbed his friend, then returned to watching a UFC fight. …

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Resister Sisters of OB at the Crystal Pier

October 8, 2018 by Source

The Resister Sisters of Ocean Beach were out in Pacific Beach on Saturday, October 6 just in time for

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OB Library Friends’ Book Sale – Sat. Oct. 13

October 6, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

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Two Point Loma Buildings Receive ‘Onions’ in Annual Orchids and Onions Competition

October 5, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

Two buildings in Point Loma each received an “Onion” in the annual San Diego County’s Orchids and Onions competition.

According to Phillip Molnar of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Point Loma’s famed brand new Fire Station #22 at 1055 Catalina Ave. received an Onion award, as did the Waterpoint Point Loma project at 2820 Carleton Street.

The winners and losers were announced Thursday night at the U.S. Grant Hotel. Only 4 projects received an Onion for bad design but 16 were awarded Orchids for great architecture. Begun by San Diego’s American Institute of Architects 42 years ago to make the city a better place to live,

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Call for Volunteers for the Ocean Beach ‘CiclOBias’ on Sunday, Oct.21

October 5, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

On Sunday, October 21, residents, families and visitors of Ocean Beach will cruise the village’s streets without cars at CiclOBias.

For one day only, the San Diego Bike Coalition is bringing its open streets celebration to OB, allowing community members to explore the neighborhood by bike, foot, scooter, skateboard – anything outside of a car. It’s hoped even locals will get to rediscover Village of Ocean Beach.

And now, CiclOBias is needing volunteers to help out during the event. They need volunteers to:

  • help work the table with the bike coalition,
  • watch for traffic,
  • guide participants on the route —
  • even ride!

Here are some details:

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OBceans – Prepare to Mobilize to Save Long Branch Torrey Pine at City Forestry Council – Wed., Oct.10

October 5, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

UPDATE: The Torrey Pine is NOT on the October agenda!

Three circles of Ocean Beach activists are asking OBceans to be prepared to mobilize to save the Long Branch Avenue Torrey Pine at the upcoming city Urban Forestry Advisory Council meeting, to be held on Wednesday, October 10 downtown.

People are expecting the tree to be on the agenda – and in all likelihood it will be – but it has yet to be absolutely confirmed.

The OB Green Center, Friends of Peninsula Trees and the OB Rag have agreed to work together

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October Calendar from the Ocean Beach Green Center

October 4, 2018 by Source

From our friends at the OB Green Center (slightly edited for clarification):

October Events at the Ocean Beach Green Center

Ocean Beach Green Center, 4843 B Voltaire Street, Ocean Beach 92107 oceanbeachgreencenter@gmail.com 619.225.1083

Great News! The Ocean Beach Green Center is proud to announce that we have been nominated for an OB award from the Ocean Beach Town Council! We also have been the recipient of two grants from them to support our film nights. The Ocean Beach Town Council has been working for 50 years expressing the will and representing the welfare of the OB community. Check out their website at http://www.obtowncouncil.org

October 25th Thursday 7:00 p. m. Presentation on the history of 29 years of activism & the Ocean Beach Green Center (known as The Green Store for the first 24 years) The Green Store opened on Earth Day 1989!
Update on Jim Bell

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Proponents of Famosa Canyon Open Space Go Pro!

October 3, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

The San Diego Housing Commission better watch out! The opponents to their plans for 78 units at Famosa Canyon in Point Loma have gone pro – by which we mean the group Save Famosa Canyon has a very professional looking video and website. The video is very compelling – it starts out with overhead video shots of developments in Point Loma and ends with shots of kids and young adults biking or strolling on the trails in the open space – with soft music playing in the background.

The group claims it has collected a 1,000 signatures on its petition opposing the housing as well. We filed a short report about their signature gathering over the weekend. Here is how they describe themselves on their website:

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Opponents of Housing Planned for Famosa Site in Point Loma Are Collecting Signatures for Their Petition

October 2, 2018 by Staff

Organizers had promised a protest along with “refreshments, guest speakers, media and entertainment” – none of which appeared to materialize on Saturday, Sept. 29 at the Famosa site of proposed housing.

They did, however, set up a “drive-by lane” where signatures could be taken without people getting out of their vehicles for a petition organizers have been circulating around Point Loma of late.

On Saturday, they had such a station across from CLeator Park –

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OB Planning Board to Appoint New Members, Change By-Laws and Elect New Leaders – Wed., Oct. 3

October 2, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

The Ocean Beach Planning Board meets this Wednesday, October 3 at the OB Rec Center.

With nary a development project before it, the Board still has a full agenda. Under the interim-chair leadership of Andrea Schlageter, the board will probably appoint at least two new members to the board, will address recommended changes to the board’s bylaws and will elect a new Executive Board.

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‘Move the Friggin’ Airport’, Outrageous ER Bills, and the Pinging of Jars

October 2, 2018 by Judi Curry

Musing From the Old Broad

Move the Friggin’ Airport!

As another Saturday passes by and I am woken up by the incessant noise of airplanes taking off, I again wonder many things: Is the flight pattern different on Saturdays? I NEVER hear as many planes passing overhead on the weekdays as I do on Saturday. It is a continual noise that leaves me irritated, frustrated, pissed off, and angry.

When I purchased my house in 1966 the planes did not take off over my house. For those of you that say that the airport “was there first” …

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Ocean Beach Town Council Announces Holiday Schedule

September 28, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

The Ocean Beach Town Council held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 26, and as usual the event entertained the audience with the news and issues of the community.

Successful Pancake Breakfast

The big news from the Council board itself were the details of their very successful Pier Pancake Breakfast held on September 22. It’s estimated 900 plus tickets were sold and the annual fundraiser grossed over $12,000. …

2018 Holiday Schedule

The Town Council also announced the holiday schedule

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Show OB Some Love – Join Community Clean-Up Sat., Sept. 29

September 28, 2018 by Source

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Battle Brewing Over Future of Jim Bell’s House on Voltaire in Ocean Beach

September 28, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

There’s literally a battle brewing over the future of Jim Bell’s house on Voltaire Street in North Ocean Beach. Locals have mounted a campaign to save the old building (that does have some history) – and they have some good reasons.

Jim Bell – a well-known local ecologist – was taken severely ill a while ago and had to move out of his house and into a care facility. In the meantime, he turned over Power of Attorney to his daughter, Heather, from Seattle.

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News From Ocean Beach and Point Loma – End of September 2018

September 26, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

Accused Homeless Serial Killer to Have Mental Competency Trial

Jon David Guerrero, 41, accused of killing or wounding a dozen homeless people around San Diego in 2016- including a homeless man in Ocean Beach -….
“Secret Spot” the Pirate-Themed OB Escape Room Is Reviewed

Secret Spot, a brand new pirate-themed escape room inOB is under review here:

Come Inside for these and more stories

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Protest Against Plans for Housing at Famosa Lot Set for Saturday, Sept. 29

September 26, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

Plans for a protest against the San Diego Housing Commission’s proposal to build housing at the 5-acre lot at Famosa and Nimitz are moving ahead for Saturday, Sept. 29.

Organizers say it’s a community protest and a petition-signature collection drive from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the lot site.

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Dog Beach Dog Wash Can No Longer Afford to Provide Free Dog Bags at the Beach

September 26, 2018 by Staff

Mindy Pellissier and Jane Donley, owners of Dog Beach Dog Wash on Voltaire Street in OB have written a letter to the City of San Diego saying they can no longer afford to supply Dog Beach visitors with free dog bags. They announced they would end the service they have provided for many years on the first day of October.

In the response from the City, Jane Donley told the OB Rag, the City has agreed to replace the bags the very next day, on October 2.

Interestingly, Pellisier and Donley cite tariffs imposed by the Trump administration as one of the reasons they have to quit the service as the price of bags is anticipated to rise. The letter stated:

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It’s Nathan Fletcher vs. Bonnie Dumanis in San Diego County Supervisor D4 and It’s a Critical Contest

September 26, 2018 by Doug Porter

Editordude: The following post about the District 4 County supervisor race explains why it’s a critical contest. Ocean Beach, much of Point Loma, the Midway and other beaches – plus most of the City are in District 4.

Tuesday, November 6 should be the beginning of the end of a status quo situation in San Diego that is just. plain. wrong.. All you have to do is vote.

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Two Map Waivers Denied by Peninsula Planners to ‘Send a Message’

September 25, 2018 by Source

By Geoff Page

What was most notable about the Peninsula Community Planning Board meeting this month was the lack of any real drama. For the PCPB, at least in recent months, this was a departure. The only items on the agenda that did stir some passions were two map waiver requests. This is a mechanism that developers have been using for years to avoid public review of their projects and it is, unfortunately, completely legal.

What is a map waiver?

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Midway Development or Paradigm Shift?

September 25, 2018 by Source

Editordude: The following unsolicited opinion post does not necessarily reflect the views of the OB Rag staff.

By Michael Winn

In press releases published in local media, we are told we MUST build to accommodate “growth”. Perhaps, Douglas Manchester brought down commandments from Mt. Palomar, carved by God herself onto stone tablets, now guarded within a sacred arc of the covenant by disciples at the Lincoln Club, downtown.

But in reality, the Midway “update” is based on priorities of few businessmen and the City of San Diego’s budget director (with Spawar in the shadows),

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Ocean Beach Town Council to Meet Wed., Sept. 26

September 25, 2018 by Staff

All are welcome to the monthly Ocean Beach Town Council meeting, this Wed, September 26, from 7:00pm – 8:30pm.

The board meets at the Masonic Lodge, 1711 Sunset Cliffs Blvd in Ocean Beach.

If you attend, you’re learn what’s happening around the OB Village

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Midway Traffic, Guns in Schools and All Those Damn Scooters and Bikes

September 25, 2018 by Judi Curry

Musing From the Old Broad

Midway Area Plan

Does anyone else wonder what the City Council was smoking a few days ago when they approved the revitalization of the Midway area? Do you think that they have EVER driven on Sports Arena Blvd. during rush hours? Do you think that they have EVER driven on Sports Arena Blvd at any time of the day, any day?

I had heard years ago that these plans were in the works because different businesses were not having their leases renewed.

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Midway Planners Celebrate Council Approval of Community Plan and Turn to Impact Fee Study

September 24, 2018 by Source

by Geoff Page

The Midway-Pacific Community Planning Board’s September 19 meeting was something of a celebration because the city council voted on Monday, September 17, to approve the long awaited community plan. Councilmember Zapf’s office even sent over two boxes of pastries for the occasion. The process is not yet over. Because part of the Midway area is under the jurisdiction of the Coastal Commission, the plan has to go there next, although no one expects any problems.

Impact Fee Study

The board is now turning its attention to the Impact Fee Study that is being implemented for the Midway area. As stated in the document presented to the board by Angela Abeyta from Facilities Planning, the purpose of the IFS is to “provide a list of facilities that are needed to implement the goals of the community plan and to develop applicable Development Impact Fees or DIFs” that will be paid by new development. The fees includes $7,975 for each new dwelling unit built and $748 for non-residential development. The imbalance was notable.

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How Does My Garden Grow? Farewell to Summer… Welcome Autumn

September 24, 2018 by Source

By Kathy Blavatt

The end of summer has left me with an unwieldy forest that needs tending as autumn sets in. But with all the work it entails, my garden that was once primarily grass in 2004, has now grown into life force that only nature can create. Much like a watercolor painting, where as an artist throws ideas and paint onto a canvas, it metamorphoses into its own creation. The unexpected can and does happen.

Fourteen years of mulching, weeding, planting, and trimming, have brought beauty and death in the harmonic way nature works. September has brought multiple dragon fruit blooms!

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Restaurant Review: Cafe Rio

September 24, 2018 by Judi Curry

Restaurant Review

3309 Rosecrans St.
San Diego, CA 92110
(Loma Square Shopping Center)

Editordude: When you have two foodie restaurant reviewers, sometimes the reviews end up differently. That’s the case here. Bob Edwards did a review of this eatery back in March and called it “soulless food“. Today Judi Curry has another perspective.

I have heard many different things about this restaurant. Some were very positive; some were negative. I have tried to review it several times with different people but for some reason never got to it until today, when Candy and Irene agreed to trying it out with me. I had no idea what to expect, and told them nothing about what I had heard so that they could form their own opinion.

Physically the restaurant is cavernous. Tables all along the walls, in the middle of the room, with the ordering down at the far end of the building. It is definitely cafeteria style, and as you get in line to place your order

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20th Annual OB Pier Pancake Breakfast a Success – Photo Gallery

September 24, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

It was another success for its sponsors – the 20th Annual OB Pier Pancake Breakfast – now history but not forgotten.

Over 700 tickets were sold – a bevy of politicians showed – it was a great event, a wonderful breakfast by Breakfast Republic, and a fascinating dedication by the many volunteers.

The Ocean Beach Town Council can place another feather in its multi-tiered hat.

It was the social event of the season – and conveniently placed just before an election, as the pols came out.

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Richard Carrico in Ocean Beach and His Story of Warner Springs Ranch

September 21, 2018 by Frank Gormlie

Before a good-sized audience of at least 80 people who had assembled in the old pews of the Water’s Edge Faith Community church, Richard Carrico – the well-known archeologist, writer and lecturer – entertained with his stories of Warner Springs Thursday evening, the 20th of September. Carrico appears in Ocean Beach once a year to give lectures – mostly about the native peoples of San Diego County – and this time was no different. Accompanied by a slide show, Carrico and his knowledge and wit held the audience for over an hour and half.

The Original Cupeños and Warner Springs Ranch

Carrico explained he was hired 4 years ago by the new owners of the Warner Springs Ranch

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San Diego’s City Council District 2 : Republican Zapf vs Democrat Dr. Jen – Is a Change Gonna Come?

September 21, 2018 by Doug Porter

My coverage of the 2018 general election will focus today on the City of San Diego District 2 contest between Lorie Zapf and Dr. Jen Campbell.

Let’s face it. For a city with a seemingly bright future and a terrific climate, if you had to pick a color to represent San Diego’s mood, it would be dark gray. When progressive things happen, they get tripped up by a petulant group of land speculators and scam artists entrepreneurs.

From an economic and political point of view, the “May Gray” is a year-round state of mind for all-too-many of us. All the promises of prosperity made over the past half-century compared to the ever increasing number of people who are economically challenged amount to a solid argument for why “trickle down” is a myth.

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