Items that are historically significant in some way. They may be recent history or ancient history, pertinent to local history or something on a grander scale…

Chula Vista’s Discovery Park to Be Renamed Kumeyaay Park

November 22, 2022 by Frank Gormlie

Three weeks ago, the Chula Vista City Council did something very cool and very historic. On November 2, they unanimously approved the renaming of Discovery Park in the Rancho del Rey Community to Kumeyaay Park of Chula Vista. They said the designation recognizes the Kumeyaay people, who are native to the region with 13 reservations.

A Christopher Columbus statue stood in the park for 30 years but was removed and placed in storage two years ago after repeatedly being targeted by somebody who obviously wasn’t down with the forefather of the genocide of America’s indigenous peoples being displayed in the park.

As Tammy Murga and Lauren J. Mapp in the San Diego Union-Tribune reported:

The effort to rename Discovery Park and remove the Columbus statue follows decades of advocacy from Indigenous community members. … The effort in Chula Vista has been led in part by the Kanap Kuahan Coalition, a group that aims to remove the monuments while raising awareness of their negative impact. Kanap Kuahan means “to tell the truth” in the Kumeyaay language.

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New Book: 50 Year Anniversary of ‘Race Riot’ Aboard Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk — Only Black Sailors Punished

November 21, 2022 by Source

New book by Navy lawyer who defended accused Black sailors documents one-sided investigation, dubious testimony and other injustices in case that rocked the military

By John Wilkens / San Diego Union-Tribune / Nov. 20, 2022 (Only for subscribers)

For 50 years, Marv Truhe kept the boxes. He moved from San Diego to South Dakota, from South Dakota to Colorado, and a lot of belongings came and went. Not those boxes. There were five of them, cardboard Bankers Boxes filled with official investigations, witness interviews, medical reports, trial transcripts and other documents from an incident that rocked the U.S. Navy in October 1972: a Black vs. White race riot aboard the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk.

“I knew some day I wanted to tell the full story,” Truhe said.

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Ocean Beach Starbucks to Close Mid-December

November 21, 2022 by Frank Gormlie

The online SanDiegoVille reported on Sunday that the Ocean Beach Starbucks will close by mid-December this year.

It stated:

Starbucks sole Ocean Beach branch will shutter after service on December 12, 2022. Employees will be offered positions at other area stores. Earlier this summer, Starbucks announced the closure of many stores throughout the country due to ongoing safety issues.

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San Diego Music Hall of Fame Kicks Off Friday, Nov. 11 in Ocean Beach

November 10, 2022 by Source


The San Diego Music Hall of Fame (SDMHOF) is holding its 4th annual induction event at Newbreak Church in Ocean Beach. The event kicks off at 7 p.m. Friday, November 11, 2022, Veteran’s Day.

The SDMHOF was founded to celebrate the city’s rich musical past and to honor over a century of great music in San Diego.

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It’s the OB Rag’s 15th Birthday Today – Oct. 26, 2022 – Here’s How It All Began

October 26, 2022 by Frank Gormlie

That’s right, today and tomorrow are the OB Rag’s 15th birthday! We launched online over the two-day period, October 26 – 27 in 2007.

Here’s how it all started:

It was early October in the year 2007 – George Bush was still president and the war in Iraq was in its 4th year. I lived in a small cottage on the 4600 block of Long Branch with Patty Jones.

I remember watching the news in the livingroom and yelling at the anchors and pundits for parroting the Bush administration’s lies .

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Local San Diego Black Panthers Celebrate 55 Years – Fri. & Sat., Oct. 21-22

October 21, 2022 by Source

A Two-Day Celebration of the 55th Anniversary of the Original Black Panther Party in San Diego for Community Empowerment –

You’re invited to a celebration of the accomplishments of the original San Diego Black Panther Party for Community Empowerment, their connections with community partners, historic successes as an organization, with special thanks to those who have supported the organization along the way.

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Just Who Is Eric DuVall, President of the OB Historical Society?

October 20, 2022 by Frank Gormlie

Eric DuVall, the president of the Ocean Beach Historical Society, agreed to an “email interview” with the Rag. Eric emerged out of the volunteer ranks of the Society a few years ago to take hold of the leadership baton of one of the most respected and favored organizations in the community. So, just who is Eric DuVall?

Q: Eric, tell us a little about yourself. Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Glendale, CA in 1954.  … In 1958 my dad, Tom, a Mechanical Engineer, got a job at Solar Turbines in San Diego and we moved down here.  We lived in Loma Palisades until we moved to Devonshire Drive, across the street from some of our cousins.  That is where I grew up.

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OB Historical Society Presents: The Story of ‘The Beach News’ — Thursday, Oct.20

October 18, 2022 by Source

From the OB Historical Society:

Please join Ocean Beach Historical Society: Thurs. October 20, 2022, 7 pm at Water’s Edge Faith Community, 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. OB, as we celebrate the 100th birthday of The Beach News, OB’s great little community newspaper.

The Beach News started out as a four-page weekly and is THE primary source chronicling the development of the Ocean Beach Community.

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In 1969 President Nixon Threatened to Use Nuclear Weapons in Vietnam

October 10, 2022 by Source

From Global Security

According to H.R. Haldeman, the President’s Assistant, Nixon intentionally planned to signal to Moscow and Hanoi that he was a “madman” capable of any irrational deed, up to and including using nuclear weapons, to end the stalemate at the negotiating table and bring about an end to the war.

The so-called “madman theory” was first suggested in Haldeman’s memoirs, published in 1978.

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A Tribute to Mignon Scherer – An Activist Who Helped Place the 30-Foot Height Limit on the Ballot in 1972

October 7, 2022 by Source

Our Mighty 30-Foot Women with the Strength of a Redwood and the Beauty of a Rose

By Kathy Blavatt

Photos by Kathy Blavat and from Scherer Family Collection

Recently, Mignon Scherer, a good friend of mine from my past, has filled my thoughts because of the November election having Measure C on the ballot. The ballot measure triggers thoughts of Mignon because it threatens to do away with the 30 Foot Coastal Height Limit in the Midway District and Sports Arena public land.

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Kumeyaay Tribal Members: Tipis at Lake Cuyamaca Campground Are Cultural Appropriation and Need to Be Removed

September 22, 2022 by Frank Gormlie

Members of local Kumeyaay tribes are understandably upset that the operators of the Lake Cuyamaca Recreation and Park District have recently added tipis as rental options in their campground.

The tipis are replicas of the traditional dwellings of Indigenous Plains communities and not of local native peoples, the Kumeyaay.

Emily Burgueno, a member of the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the tipis are out of place, that using them as rentals is cultural appropriation of Native American heritage, and they needed to be removed.

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A Brief Outline of the Long Road to Achieve the 30-Foot Height Limit Along San Diego’s Coast

September 16, 2022 by Frank Gormlie

As residents of San Diego prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the passage of the 30-foot height limit, the Rag has prepared a brief outline of the long slog to achieve the height limitation in the city’s coastal regions.

The Beach Action Group 

A collection of Pacific Beach residents form Beach Action Group (BAG) around 1969 and begin a petition drive against a large building about to be constructed right on the water’s edge. The petition effort was unsuccessful and the building was built — known today as the Capri by the Sea. BAG activists first came up with the idea of placing a height restriction

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Our too little, too late climate action means triage more than prevention

September 8, 2022 by Source

By David Helvarg / Los Angeles Times / Sept. 6, 2022

Two years ago the sky above my San Francisco Bay Area home was a dark pumpkin orange from wildfire smoke. The air smelled of wood fire, and gray ash covered my car. Today the bay’s waters are dark brown from a harmful algal bloom and the air smells of decay and dead fish. Both incidents, like the heat dome California’s been suffering under since last week,

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OB Historical Society: ‘Peeling Back 10,000 Years of San Diego History’ – Thurs., Sept. 15

September 7, 2022 by Source

Ocean Beach Historical Society Presents

Richard Carrico – “Peeling Back 10,000 Years of San Diego History”

Thursday, September 15, 2022, 7:00 pm
Water’s Edge Faith Community
1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., San Diego
Cost: FREE

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Presidents During My Lifetime

September 6, 2022 by Ernie McCray

by Ernie McCray

15 presidents have served our country
during my lifetime,
all of them affecting me
in some way,
beginning with Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
a man who gave me a sense,
even in my childhood innocence
that a president
was kind of important
as I listened to grownups rave
about the role he played

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City’s Historical Resources Board Designates Point Loma Home of Joseph Jessop

September 1, 2022 by Staff

From: Save Our Heritage Organization Sept. Newsletter

At the July 2022 meeting of the City of San Diego Historical Resources Board, two houses were designated. …

414 La Crescentia Drive in the Peninsula Community was the primary residence of Joseph E. Jessop, Sr., built in the Tudor style with a period of significance of 1929-1970.


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A Picnic in Collier Park – OB Historical Society’s Celebration of the ‘Door of Hope’

August 30, 2022 by Source

By Kathy Blavatt

On a lovely Thursday evening on August 18, 2022, a group of locals came together for the Ocean Beach Historical Society picnic at Collier Park west, on Greene Street & Soto Street.

The picnickers were there to learn about and enjoy this unique parkland, which once included the former Door of Hope. Visionary D.C. Collier, known as the ‘Father of Ocean Beach,’ gifted us with this parkland and much more.

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Ocean Beach People’s Food 50th Anniversary Retrospective – Video

August 26, 2022 by Source

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Music at the Marston – Concerts for Historic Preservation – 3 Fridays in September Beginning the 2nd

August 26, 2022 by Source

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Origins and More of the OB People’s Organic Food Market

August 25, 2022 by Source

The Rag was contacted by former OBcean, Davis Hayden, who had been involved in OB back in the 1970s, and informed that a piece he had written about the history of the OB People’s Food Store (People’s old name) was on Wikipedia. Davis had been instrumental in helping to form the store. We checked it out and here you go, from Wikipedia:

The Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market is a food cooperative located at 4765 Voltaire street in the Ocean Beach community of San Diego, California.

It was previously called the Ocean Beach People’s Food Store. People’s started as a retail store at 4859 Voltaire Street, selling natural foods and household products.

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Remembering Martin and the FBI

August 25, 2022 by Ernie McCray

by Ernie McCray

A traitor
whines, and spins lies
about his “problems” with the FBI,
claiming they’re harassing him
when he had stolen from the government
boxes upon boxes of
classified information,
secrets about nuclear bombs, and shit,
serious gossip
about other governments,
and I just want to slap this fool
upside the head,
with all that complaining about harassment
when his real problem
should be arrestment,

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Keeping on Pushing in Memory of the Freedom Riders

August 23, 2022 by Ernie McCray

(Opening Poem for the “Buses Are Coming” Exhibit)

by Ernie McCray

Back in 1961
the buses the Freedom Riders road
began to roll,
questioning America’s soul,
bringing to light the Southern United States’ role
in keeping Black folks
and White folks
segregated in bus terminals,
complete with “Whites Only”
cafeterias and restroom facilities,

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What Was Happening in Ocean Beach One Decade Ago – August 2012 ?

August 18, 2022 by Frank Gormlie

Every now and then we step back and gaze at our seaside village through the lens of time.

Today, we view what was happening in Ocean Beach one decade ago in August of 2012. Here are some of the stories from the pages of the OB Rag that month.

OB Planning Board Takes on Variances

August 1, 2012 The Planning Board was taking on the issue of the “Variance Dilemma.” After some discussion, the Board unanimously agreed to request an immediate moratorium on variances in the RM 2-4 zone,

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In 1966, the Surfing Championships Brought the World to Ocean Beach

August 18, 2022 by Frank Gormlie

The third annual World Surfing Championships came to sleepy Ocean Beach in the late summer of 1966. And Eric DuVall, head of the OB Historical Society, has just compiled a wonderful remembrance of that event and those early days of surfing in OB and Southern California.

Here are some quotes from DuVall’s latest historical piece in the Pt Loma – Ocean Beach Monthly:

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Remembering the ‘Door of Hope’ Program at Collier Park West by OB Historical Society, Thurs., Aug. 18

August 2, 2022 by Source

The Ocean Beach Historical Society invites you to bring your picnic to this FREE Special Event and Learn About “Door of Hope”, Thurs. Aug, 18, 2022 at 5 pm, at Collier Park West (At Greene St. & Soto St., in northeast Ocean Beach –  San Diego, CA 92107) Bring your own picnic & gear.

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In Defense of OBcean Sheldon Dorf, One of the Founders of Comic-Con

July 22, 2022 by Frank Gormlie

Sheldon Dorf was one of the founders of Comic-Con and he lived in Ocean Beach for many years. He passed away at the age of 76 in 2009.

“Shel” has been the subject of numerous articles both in the local media and national outlets, like the Rolling Stone .

Currently the San Diego Reader has an article entitled, “In defense of San Diego Comic-Con co-founder Shel Dorf – Personal POV of the original annoying comic geek,” by Jay Allen Sanford. Near the end of the article, Sanford writes:

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OB Historical Society Presents: ‘The All-American Crew’ – True Story of WW II Bomber Crew – Thursday, July 21

July 19, 2022 by Source

Thurs. July 21- The All-American Crew
The Ocean Beach Historical Society presents:

“The All-American Crew,” by Russell Low,
Thurs. July 21, 2022 at 7 pm,
at Water’s Edge Faith Community, 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., O.B.

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City Plans for Presidio Park Threaten to Destroy Archaeology of Original Spanish Fort

July 1, 2022 by Source

Presidio Park, Serra Museum Parking Lot and Ramp Project Needs Improvement

By Bruce Coons/ Save Our Heritage Organization Newsletter / July-August 2022

SOHO has concerns about the ADA/catering parking lot and ramp project for the Junípero Serra Museum that is being pressed by the City of San Diego without benefit of public review.

The parking lot and ADA path project is precisely located at the site of the casamata (fort), which was constructed on high ground to defend the Spanish presidio.

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Visit the Timken in Balboa Park – Treat Yourself:  Part II

July 1, 2022 by Source

By Colleen O’Connor

Who needs the Metaverse? San Diego has the awesome Timken Museum. And it is free!

Recently reopened, the Timken holds something for everyone. Techies, ghost-hunters, historians, designers, art lovers, and priceless (16th century) European masters, Russian Icons, and 19th century American paintings — in spacious, light-filled rooms. It follows the mission of other contemporary museums with open floor designs,

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The Supreme Court Ruling Overturning Roe v. Wade Is Unenforceable

June 27, 2022 by Source

By Colleen O’Connor

In the 1970s, a history professor of mine remarked to the class, “You could put a police officer on every corner of the country, and still not stop crime.” Meaning, enforcement of laws, requires a large segment of the community to respect and protect them.

Look at the failures in enforcement:

History lesson #1 Prohibition. A Failure.

“The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution–which banned the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors–ushered in a period in American history known as Prohibition. Prohibition was ratified by the states on January 16, 1919 and officially went into effect on January 17, 1920, with the passage of the Volstead Act. Despite the new legislation, Prohibition was difficult to enforce.

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