Civil Rights

NRA America: The ‘Soft Target’ for Terrorism

December 5, 2017 by Source

By Beau Grosscup,

We have seen it coming.

Starting in 2009, the massacres at Virginia Tech, Binghamton, N.Y, Foot Hood, TX, Sandy Hook, Conn, Washington D.C, Charleston, SC, San Bernardino, CA and Orlando FL along with many ‘minor’ shootings too numerous to list, provided strong evidence that American society was becoming a ‘soft target’ for domestic terrorists.

The Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas massacres, that combined killed 111 and wounded 509 people, confirm it. The domestic American landscape has become a virtual ‘free-fire zone.’ Occasionally the terrorists are from foreign lands, but most often it is American citizens, armed with assault weapons, who wreck havoc in the ‘zone.’

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Editordude’s Daughter Just Had a Baby – Today’s Posts Will Be Delayed Several Hours

November 8, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

That’s right, my daughter just gave birth last night to a baby boy.

So, I won’t be able to post any articles until later today.

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OB Historical Society Presents: Life of Point Loma’s Own ‘Fly Boy’ – Jack Allen Davis, Jr – Oct.19th

October 17, 2017 by Source

“Read the Book Before You Fly ‘Em”,
By Karen Scanlon –
Thurs. Oct. 19, 2017 at 7 pm
at P.L. United Methodist Church, 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., O.B.

From OBHS:

Point Loma’s Jack Allen Davis, Jr. wanted to fly airplanes. And fly ‘em he did! This high-flying speculator bought and sold World War II surplus aircraft with daring competence. Jack was a local boy who learned to fly at age 14 with Gibbs Flying Service. “Old Bill Gibbs turned me loose on an old Piper Cub,” Jack bragged.

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If Trump Is Impeached Will His Base Mobilize Against a ‘Liberal Coup’?

October 11, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Second of Two Parts

In one of the most provocative incidents involving self-styled Neo-Nazis since Charlottesville, about 25 men in masks and bandanas descended on a progressive book fair in Houston, Texas on Sunday, September 24th. They set off smoke bombs, shouted “sieg hiel!”, “blood and soil!” and generally harassed folks at the event.

It was a story totally missed by mainstream media, but observed by reporters from AlterNet who filed a report, picked up by other progressive news sites:

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Book Review: ‘How the Irish Became White’

October 6, 2017 by Source

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“The Irish are the blacks of Europe,” says the band manager in “The Commitments,” the 1991 movie about his quest to put together a soul act in pale, white Dublin. “Say it loud — I’m black and I’m proud.”

Noel Ignatiev, a Massachusetts College of Art history professor and controversial scholar of American race relations, uses that classic line to kick off “How the Irish Became White.” The 1995 book offers an in-depth analysis of America’s assimilation of the millions of Irish who emigrated in the 1800s.

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Remember. Again.

October 6, 2017 by Source

By Bob Dorn / San Diego Free Press

I woke up to a New York Times headline on Tuesday, October 3: No Easy Answers After Las Vegas.

Yes, there are.

Let’s not sell automatic rifles to anyone who goes to a gun show or a gun shop. F**k ’em. Let them manufacture their own, like the moonshiners during Prohibition did. Then they can strut and have movies and serials that can make them feel like they won the Civil War.

Maybe they’d even be arrested for possession of killing machinery.

While we’re at it, let’s not sell guns to kids.

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The 4 Stages of How Americans Respond to Mass Shootings

October 3, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Here are the four stages of how Americans respond to mass shootings, such as the horrific massacre in Las Vegas that just occurred Sunday night:

The Four Stages

Stage 1:

Grief and outrage and condemnation.

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Las Vegas

October 2, 2017 by Source

A gunman who fired upon thousands of people attending a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip has killed at least 58 people, police say. Some 515 people were injured in the mass shooting and panic that ensued. At least one of the dead is an off-duty police officer who was attending the concert.

The suspect in the case is also dead. He’s been identified as Stephen Paddock, 64, a white male who is a resident of Nevada.

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Why Does Trump Keep Firing Up His Base?

September 25, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

What Is Trump Preparing His Base for?

First of 2 Parts

By Frank Gormlie

No matter the issue, Donald Trump always speaks reassuringly to his base, that 35% of the electorate who are loyal supporters who have stood with him no matter what he says or does. Even his speech at the United Nations was delivered directly to his base, with its trumpeting of the nationalistic themes of the campaign, using derogatory nick-names – a style lifted right out of his campaign – all to keep them on the Trump train.

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Reader’s Rant: Sports versus Political Protest – Solutions to the National Anthem Controversy

September 19, 2017 by Source

By Beau Grosscup

As we enter the early weeks of the 2017 football season, the issue of political protest at sporting events is dominating media venues.

A long debated issue (e.g. former NBA star MahmoudAbdu-Raul-Rauf refused to stand for the National Anthem in 1996) San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick rekindled the debate by kneeling during National Anthem in the 2016 NFL season (since joined by others at every level of football/sporting events).

The NFL owners alleged conspiracy to keep Kaepernick from NFL employment, followed by pro-Keapernick protests at NFL headquarters in New York City, have so inflamed emotions

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Kumeyaay Resistance and “Abusive” Art Under the Spanish – OB Historical Society, Sept. 21st

September 18, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Kumeyaay Resistance and “Abusive” Art at Mission San Diego and the San Diego Presidio By Richard Carrico

Richard Carrico, local historian and anthropologist, will delve into the “dark art” that the Kumeyaay used to continue their ancient artistic practices and their use of symbology under the Spanish. Carrico usually makes an appearance once a year in Ocean Beach to share his vast knowledge of the history, culture and experiences of the San Diego area native Americans.

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Russians Used Facebook to Stage Anti-Clinton and Anti-Immigrant Rallies in the U.S.

September 14, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Clear evidence now shows that Russia used Facebook to stage anti-Clinton and anti-immigrant rallies. For instance, a Russia-linked Facebook group attempted to organize a series of anti-immigrant, anti-Hillary Clinton rallies across Texas last November.

According to Daily Beast:

Russian operatives hiding behind false identities used Facebook’s event-management tool to remotely organize and promote political protests in the U.S., including an August 2016 anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rally in Idaho…

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Do You Want This Ocean Beach House for Free? Come and Get It!

September 13, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Do you want this Ocean Beach house for free? This is a 2-bedroom craftsman’s house in beautiful Ocean Beach – free for the asking! Maybe. This would be such an incredible deal!

This older-looking single-story residence is just sitting there at 4921 Voltaire Street in northern OB – just waiting, potentially, for somebody to come and get it. And move it.

At the last OB Planning Board meeting, the architect of a new mixed-use building coming onto the site, Kent Smith, dropped a comment that if somebody came and got the house, they could have it for free.

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San Franciscans Show Their Heart in Response to Hate and Intolerance

September 1, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Check out what San Franciscans did a few days ago in response to the intolerance and injustice of the haters.

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Democracy v. Dictatorship

August 30, 2017 by Source

By Stan Levin

Among the myriad of political systems societies flirt with, the most fragile revolutionary experiment — and possibly least likely to endure — might be democracy.

An ideal that people of different persuasions would willfully and collectively empower one another for the well-being of all defies odds. Democracy requires adherents to accept that all people have value, and are entitled to safe and satisfying lives, eschewing exploitation of any kind.

Dictatorship — the antithesis of democracy — once entrenched, may endure for generations

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Following the Lead of the Liars: How Conservatives Are Winning Their War on Reality

August 28, 2017 by Jim Miller

By Jim Miller

Nothing about the Trump-driven spectacle of the last few weeks should be shocking if you have been paying the slightest amount of attention to American politics.

It’s been an obvious fact for years that Trump is a racist and has done everything he can to stoke the ugliest aspects of the American political imagination. It was disgustingly clear when he led a campaign designed to “other” the first African American president of the United States by absurdly questioning his citizenship, and it was also evident in his very productive use of our long history of anti-immigrant fervor and xenophobia during and after his campaign for the presidency.

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OB Versus the Klan and Other White Supremacists

August 17, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Ocean Beach does have its own history of a KKK – or Klan – presence, and the presence of other white supremacists over the years.
And within OB’s well known laid-back character and tolerance for alternative lifestyles – which has allowed artists, musicians, bohemians, gays and lesbians, along with bikers and skin heads, to reside within the dense neighborhoods of the community – there’s also been a fiercely, anti-racist attitude among the more liberal and radical residents, at least since the late 1960s.

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After Charlottesville: Swift Resistance

August 17, 2017 by Anna Daniels

By Anna Daniels

The response to Trump’s total moral failure to reckon with what happened in Charlottesville last Saturday prompted an immediate response from citizens all over the country. Over 700 rallies and marches were held in the aftermath, including here in San Diego.

Also in San Diego, the Horton Plaza pavement plaque commemorating the Confederacy was removed–quickly. According to the petition that was circulated yesterday

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What Would You Do If White Supremacists Tried to Hold a Rally in Chicano Park?

August 17, 2017 by Brent Beltran

Community Activists Respond to a Very Real Hypothetical

By Brent E. Beltrán / San Diego Free Press

Barrio Logan’s national landmark, Chicano Park, is sacred space to the multitude of people that visit every year. It is the epicenter of Chicanx art and culture in San Diego and “el ombligo de Aztlán” as poetic wordmaestro alurista once wrote.

After the white supremacist terror in Charlottesville, Virginia I thought about what I would do if nazis and white supremacists decided to hold a rally in Chicano Park, steps away from my home.

Attacks by white supremacists and right wing groups are not something new to Chicano Park.

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White [House] Supremacy: As the Nation Mourns, Trump Scorns

August 15, 2017 by Doug Porter

Crowd gathered at dusk, many holding vigil candles

San Diegans Join Nation-Wide Gatherings to Condemn Charlottesville Violence

People gathered in roughly 700 locations around the U.S. over the weekend in response to violence in Charlottesville instigated by right wing extremists on August 12. Activist Heather Heyer died, and 19 others were injured in an act of terrorism perpetrated by a young Nazi sympathizer. Virginia State troopers H. Jay Cullen and Berke Bates died in a helicopter crash as the day came to a close.

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Making America Without so Many Crises Again

August 9, 2017 by Ernie McCray

by Ernie McCray

I just hurriedly clicked off a discussion on TV concerning how Trump might do in the 2020 race for the presidency.

What little I heard was too much for me – because with all I’ve seen of this man idiocy – just mentioning his name in regard to his being re-elected.

That such a conversation can even take place in our democracy says to me that we are undoubtedly, in a bad place, in a state of social and political disgrace aka crisis.

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San Diego Sheriffs’ Inactions Toward Alt-Right Counter-Protestors at Impeachment March to Be Raised at Law Enforcement Review Board – Tues., Aug. 8

August 8, 2017 by Staff

You’re invited: CLERB Board Meeting – 5:30 PM, Tuesday, August 8th, SD County Administration Center.

The inactions of the San Diego Sheriffs Department at the July 2nd Impeachment March outside the County Administration Building will be discussed during the upcoming Community Law Enforcement Review Board meeting on August 8th.

Doug Porter at SDFP described it (go here for much more):

… Sheriff’s Deputies initially stood by idly and watched as members of the ‘Proud Boys’ disrupted, threatened and harassed attendees and speakers.

Several members of the Impeachment March SD planning group (and others) have been meeting on a weekly basis to address the concerns regarding the Sheriff Department’s response to the “Proud Boys’” aggressive behavior and attempts to incite violence at our July 2nd event. Former Assemblywoman Lori Saldana has been part of this effort.

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I’m Not a Patriot

July 27, 2017 by Source

By Bob Dorn / San Diego Free Press

I’m not a patriot. I’m just a citizen.

A citizen who pays taxes on time, and watches out for people attempting to cross busy streets by way of blinking crosswalks placed as memorials to those once killed by a sports sedan driven by someone in a hurry.

I haven’t been a patriot for a very long time. Not since Vietnam, when a leading general was caught in the crosshairs of a confusion so profound that he actually said:

In order to save the village we had to destroy it.

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The Right to Resist Foreign Intervention and Domestic Collaborators

July 19, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

By Frank Gormlie

A good friend and I were discussing the whole Trump debacle the other night with all its Russian connections. At some point, he admitted he was exasperated about a certain and perhaps common progressive ambiguity with Russia and blurted out:

“I know we’re supposed to be against Russian of course and all of its meddling in our election, but – in some sense, Trump is right, the US has intervened in other countries and manipulated their elections, too.”

He rattled off a litany of countries and nations where the US has interfered – Iraq, Chile, Guatemala, Ghana, Iran, … it was a long list.

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The President’s Son Just Confessed to Treason – Read Donald Jr.’s Emails

July 12, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Donald Trump, Jr., the president’s son, by releasing the train of texts about setting up a meeting with a Russian, Kremlin-linked lawyer because the attorney had “dirt on Clinton” – has just confessed to treason.

The meeting occurred on June 9, 2016; Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and top advisor (and still in the White House with a security clearance) and Paul Manaforte, the then-campaign manager, with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Donald Jr. has now admitted with this release of the emails that he conspired with a Russian-government operative to interfere in the American presidential election.

COME INSIDE to Read the Emails on Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia Meeting

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Today Is Net Neutrality Day – Here’s a Video Worth Watching

July 12, 2017 by Staff

So, today – Wednesday, July 12th – is Net Neutrality Day. Now what? The short little video clip below is a reminder of what is at stake. If you haven’t yet sent your message to the FCC and your legislators, click here.

We at the OB Rag love watching all kinds of video. Those short visual stories entertain, inform, and agitate in a way completely different from the written word.

Since our platform is about expressing ideas and ideals instead of cash flow, clicks, or the commercialization of media, we have the freedom to include a wide range of topics and formats that might not work elsewhere. We don’t need or want text links articles, paid for content, promotional materials, or story lines designed to please donors.

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Local Cannabis Advocates to Celebrate DA Bonnie Dumanis’ Departure from Office

July 6, 2017 by Staff

There’s a going-away party – of sorts – for San Diego’s District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis when she leaves office on Friday, July 7th. It’s called the “Bonnie Bash!”

In fact there will be a Jazz Funeral March to celebrate the event, organized by the San Diego Americans for Safe Access chapter – a group that over the last several years has been very visible challenging Dumanis in her personal war against cannabis.

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Someone placed a tiny border wall around Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

July 5, 2017 by Source

Yup, someone did place a tiny border wall around Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, complete with barbed wire and warning signs.

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Are We Witnessing the End of Public Education as We Know It? — Part Two

July 5, 2017 by Jim Miller

By Jim Miller / Kelly Mayhew

As I wrote last week, these are dire times for public education. With Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education leading the charge for big budget cuts, charter schools, and a radical privatization agenda, the possibility that free quality public education for all in America could soon be a thing of the past is real.

One would think that such clear and present danger to a cornerstone of our democracy coming from the right would unite Democrats behind the mantle of defending public education.

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1500 San Diegans March for Impeachment

July 2, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Briefly …

An estimated 1500 San Diegans rallied and marched in downtown San Diego today to impeach the president of the United States. The first rally began around 11am in front of the County Admin building. About 45 minutes into the event, the crowd moved off the site onto the streets for a march around the western edge of downtown.

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