California Supreme Court Rejects San Diego County’s Appeal of State Medical Marijuana Laws

October 17, 2008 by Staff

State high court won’t hear case – County Supervisors Want to Take Issue to U.S. Supreme Court By Jeff McDonald / UNION-TRIBUNE / October 17, 2008 The California Supreme Court yesterday declined to consider the latest appeal from San Diego County in its years-long effort to resist state medical marijuana laws. “This is a resounding […]

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As the Violence Soars, Mexico Signals It’s Had Enough of America’s Stupid War on Drugs

October 15, 2008 by Staff

The U.S.-financed War on Drugs has had savage results in Mexico, and now its president wants to decriminalize pot, cocaine and heroin possession. By Silja J.A. Talvi / AlterNet / Posted October 14, 2008. Even on his most homicidal of days, Al Pacino’s character in Scarface couldn’t even approach the level of drug trafficking-related brutality […]

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DEA Agents Raid Calif Medical Marijuana Dispensary Same Day As Pro-Medicinal Pot Court Ruling

August 4, 2008 by Staff

California Appeals Court Backs Medical Marijuana Posted by Jacob Goldstein / Wall Street Journal / August 1, 2008 California’s medical marijuana law got an endorsement yesterday from a state appeals court: A three-judge panel ruled that San Diego and San Bernardino counties, which have been fighting the state law, must issue government-sponsored ID cards to […]

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Americans for Safe Access argues Medical Marijuana case in San Diego

June 13, 2008 by Staff

by Marc Snelling Americans for Safe Access (ASA) attorney Joe Elford was in town Tuesday to argue against the County of San Diego in their attempt to overturn medical marijuana law. A three judge panel heard the case before the crowded courtroom. Elford was joined by Adam Wolfe representing San Diego NORML, (National Organization for […]

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