September 2021

Peninsula Planners Hear the Bad News About ADUs and Grapple With Undeveloped Pocket Park

September 30, 2021 by Staff

By Geoff Page

The Peninsula Community Planning Board’s regular monthly meeting September 16 had basically two items of interest to the community as a whole, an eye-opening presentation about new state law concerning accessory dwelling units and a pocket park.

State Law and Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs

One of several organizations that have formed to protest the new state and city laws about accessory dwelling units is Neighbors for a Better San Diego or NBS. Kathy McClelland, an adjunct instructor at Southwestern College and Bob James, a contractor, provided a presentation. Two California senate bills, SB 9 and SB 10,

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Councilmember’s Recommended Revisions to San Diego ‘Granny Flat’ Regulations

September 28, 2021 by Source

Councilmember Sean Elo-Rivera of San Diego’s 9th Council District has come up with a series of recommended revisions to the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or “granny flat” regulations.

In his Memorandum to the City Council, Elo-Rivera outlines his recommendations which he makes after listening “to the feedback of many community members, including ardent supporters and opponents of the current policy, and conducted a thorough analysis of the regulations put into place by the previous administration. Following months of conversations with stakeholders and analysis ….”

We invite anyone to respond to Elo-Rivera’s recommendations, as we note not everyone agrees. But at least he has helped the debate.

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Women’s March for Reproductive Rights – San Diego, October 2

September 28, 2021 by Source

March for Reproductive Rights – San Diego
Saturday, October 2, 2021
10:00 AM 12:00 PM
Waterfront Park (map)

San Diego will join marchers across the nation on October 2nd, before the reconvening of the Supreme Court, taking to the streets in every state to demand our right to reproductive healthcare.

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England Has ’10 Days to Save Christmas’ – America has 4 Days to Save Democracy and the Planet

September 28, 2021 by Source

By Colleen O’Connor

On Friday, the United Kingdom’s retail industry warned the British government that the country only had “10 days to save Christmas.”


Ten days in which to find nearly 100,000 Lorry drivers to transport the needed pre-ordered holiday goods to market. So desperate is the government to save Christmas that it has fast-tracked emergency authorized visas for lorry drivers. They have even begun hiring women for the task.

Gas stations around London have already run short on fuel and long on lines. Food shortages are another new worry. COVID-19 and Brexit exacerbated an already existing bottleneck.

Cut to the United States where the debate over:

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San Diego Loosens Funding Application Process for Arts and Culture

September 28, 2021 by Staff

Tracy Dezenzo has some exciting news! The OBcean and member of the OB Planning Board is also a member of San Diego’s Commission for Arts and Culture and has informed the OB Rag that the City Council unanimously passed the Commission’s proposed changes to Transit Occupancy Tax policy 100-03 which dictates how the funding for the Commission is allocated.

Tracy lists some key changes that will be reflected in the FY23 funding application guidelines:

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Surfrider Summons Beach Lovers to Paddle Around Ocean Beach Pier – Sunday, Oct.3

September 27, 2021 by Source

Edited from Surfrider

Surfrider San Diego is celebrating a 29 year tradition to raise awareness about our ongoing battle for clean water and a healthy coastline. This Sunday, October 3, at the OB Pier.

This is their signature awareness event, the Paddle for Clean Water, and is the largest non-competitive surf event in California.

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Growing Opposition to ‘Granny Flats’ in San Diego Leads to Councilmember’s Proposed Changes

September 27, 2021 by Source

By David Garrick / San Diego Union-Tribune / Sept. 26, 2021

Growing outcry over granny flat construction in some San Diego neighborhoods has prompted city officials to propose rolling back some recent policy changes that have made San Diego’s rules among the least restrictive in California. Critics who say the city’s granny flat rules are too lenient are calling the recently proposed rollback from Councilmember Sean Elo-Rivera a good start, but they say it won’t prevent some property owners from destroying neighborhood character by building multiple granny flats in one back yard.

Ardent proponents say that granny flats — which city officials call accessory dwelling units or ADUs — are the cheapest and fastest way to solve San Diego’s housing crisis.

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Jesse Jackson: The Texas Taliban Wing of the Republican Party

September 27, 2021 by Source

In total control of the state, Republicans have a free hand that they’ve used to enforce extremism.

By Jesse Jackson / Chicago Sun-Times

American papers are filled with pundits speculating about the horrors the Taliban may inflict on the people of Afghanistan, particularly its women. Less attention has been paid to the horrors Texas Republicans — the Taliban wing of the Republican Party — are inflicting on the State of Texas. In total control of the state, Republicans have a free hand that they’ve used to enforce extremism.

Dubbing them the Texas Taliban isn’t just name-calling. The parallels are chilling.

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Sky Didn’t Fall On U.S. Military After ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Repealed

September 27, 2021 by Source

By Joseph C. Rocha / Times of San Diego / September 23, 2021

Ten years ago this week, the discriminatory Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy was repealed, finally lifting the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in our armed forces.

From that morning, I most vividly remember two things. First, all the courageous veterans and servicemembers who had shared their stories. And second, that the sky hadn’t fallen.

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Meet the Kentucky Derby Duo of Ocean Beach

September 27, 2021 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

Ocean Beach is a melting pot of many different types of individuals, from humans, to pet pigs, to birds, to cats, and, in this case, dogs. Seldom does anyone get to meet a dog and his owner like I am going to introduce you to today. And they like to call Ocean Beach their home. Without any further introduction, let me introduce you to Kentucky – the human – and Derby, the surfing dog.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you already know them, or least know about them.

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Of Course San Diego Water Use Is Up – Local Water Authority Leaders Told Us We Had Enough Water till 2045 – They Should Resign

September 24, 2021 by Frank Gormlie

The big news is that despite Gov. Newsom’s appeal for Californians to cut water use, water use in San Diego County actually went up.

According to new data, water use rose 1.3 percent in San Diego. … On average, Californians reduced water use by just 1.8 percent statewide during July as compared to the same month last year.

Yet is it any surprise that San Diegans haven’t adhered to Newsom’s appeal? We were told by our local water authority back in June ‘Not to worry, we have enough water through 2045.’

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Kudos to Macy’s for Plants and Volunteers at the Point Loma Native Plant Garden

September 24, 2021 by Staff

By Geoff Page

On Thursday, September 16, Macy’s, Inc. generously donated lots of plants and volunteers to plant them at one of the hidden jewels of the Peninsula: the Point Loma Native Plant Garden. This significant effort by Macy’s deserves kudos from the community.

For those unfamiliar with the Native Plant Garden, it has a gate at Mendocino Blvd. and Greene Street. There is another gate behind the apartment building on the west side of the property. It is just east of the eucalyptus grove on the north side of the apartment building. The Reserve is bordered on the east by Nimitz Blvd.

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Uma Thurman: ‘The Texas abortion law is a human rights crisis for American women’

September 23, 2021 by Source

Opinion by Uma Thurman / Washington Post / September 21, 2021

I have followed the course of Texas’s radical antiabortion law with great sadness, and something akin to horror. Now, in the hope of drawing the flames of controversy away from the vulnerable women on whom this law will have an immediate effect, I am sharing my own experience. You might not be interested in the opinions of an actress, but given this new outrage, I feel it is my responsibility to stand up in their shoes.

I started my acting career at 15, working in an environment where I was often the only kid in the room.

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Point Loma Group Looks Into Mess at Nimitz and Rosecrans

September 23, 2021 by Source

Our friends at the Point Loma Association, urged on by complaints from local residents about two left-turn lanes from northbound Rosecrans into a single lane on westbound Nimitz, looked into the matter and wrote to the City of San Diego Traffic Department.

Here’s the gist of their letter:

Two years ago, over many months, the City modified the intersection of Nimitz and Rosecrans to accommodate double left-turn lanes NW and SE on Nimitz. Apparently it was mandated by the NTC-to-Liberty Station transformation many years earlier.

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Jim Carrey on San Diego Neighborhoods

September 23, 2021 by Source

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What Happened to OB’s Recycling Center Next to Pat’s Liquor?

September 23, 2021 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

Over the past few months I have received several calls asking me if Prince’s Recycling Center at 5096 Voltaire right next to Pat’s Liquor is open or closed. This center is not to be confused with the one that was adjacent to Stumps Market, also on Voltaire. Each time I received a call I investigated to see the situation and sometimes I found it open while other times I found it closed.

Recently, however, there has been a sign on the door that stated that the City had closed them down and after receiving a call from Basil at Pat’s Liquor, I decided it was time to do a full investigation. On August 10th, a notice was send to Mr. Prince, telling him that the recycling center was in violation of the San Diego Municipal Code.

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Meet the New Members of the OB Town Council Board

September 23, 2021 by Staff

It’s official. The OB Town Council has five new members of the Board of Directors, all elected in the recent Special Election held after the mass resignations of four board members.

Their names and photos are up at the OBTC website.

And here they are (in alphabetical order of first names):

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‘Let’s Halt Centralized Zoning and Land-use Directives Coming Out of Sacramento’

September 23, 2021 by Source

A Response to U-T Opinion: “California housing crisis finally gets bold response it needed. Thanks to Newsom, Atkins.”

By Danna Givot

The September 17 UT Editorial Board thank you to Newsom and Atkins is shallow and uninformed. Foremost, it fails to recognize that California has an affordable housing crisis, not an overall housing crisis. The real gaps in California housing are at the lowest end. The free market is providing sufficient housing for higher income households.

The editorial failed to recognize that there are no provisions in either SB9 or SB10 for the production of any “affordable” housing. It is fair to assume that the market will do what it does without government incentives – produce more market-rate housing, which will not meet the needs

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90% of San Diego Cops Say They Would Rather Be Fired Than Fired Upon

September 22, 2021 by Frank Gormlie

This is satire

Roughly nine out of 10 members of the San Diego Police Officers Association who responded to a recent survey say they would rather be fired than fired upon.

733 current officers took the poll, conducted by the Police Officers Association, and 45% responded that they cannot comply with the Department’s requirements that they conduct patrols and risk being killed or wounded by gunfire. And roughly 65% said they would consider resigning from their jobs if the city and the department forced them to go out on patrol.

In fact, they say, 35 San Diego police officers have died in the line of duty since the force was created, and they do not intend to add their names to the hallowed list. The SDPD was first formed in 1889.

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Scripps Oceanography Partnering With SDG&E Does Not Make Sense

September 22, 2021 by Source

Scripps Institution of Oceanography is a leader in climate change research, yet it has a relationship with a utility that produces dangerous fossil fuels.

By Luke Stroth, Adam Cooper, Taylor Mckie / Op-Ed San Diego Union-Tribune / Sept. 20, 2021

Scripps Institution of Oceanography has long prided itself as a national leader in climate change research, yet it is pursuing a relationship with a utility owned by a regressive corporation that produces dangerous fossil fuels.

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San Diego Set to Offer Up the Midway, This Time to Affordable Housing Builders First

September 22, 2021 by Source

By Jennifer Van Grove / San Diego Union-Tribune / Sept. 21, 2021

The city of San Diego will soon alert a state-vetted list of affordable housing builders — and the larger development community — that it intends to lease the 48 acres it owns near Pechanga Arena in the Midway District for redevelopment.

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Midway Planners ‘Tired of Being the Arm Pit of San Diego’ – as They Juggle Homeless and Refugee Shelters Without Being Noticed

September 21, 2021 by Staff

By Geoff Page

The once jubilant mood at the Midway-Pacific Highway Planning Group, resulting from having the 30-foot height limit removed and a chosen developer for the Sports Arena, has evaporated due to recent events. The Sports Arena development went down in flames thanks to the previous administration under Faulconer. The new process will bring affordable housing to the site, a homeless shelter has been sited there with no notice, and a refugee shelter, also with no notice, has opened.

The planning group is angry and it appears they have a right to be.

The Lost City on a Hill

For those unfamiliar with what happened to the redevelopment, state law put an end to the process that had gone so far as to chose a developer.

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The Widder Curry: Beware of Scammers Pretending to Be From the Post Office

September 21, 2021 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

As an insomniac it is apparent to me that I am not thinking in a creative manner when I cannot sleep. I’m still counting the sheep jumping over the fence. But let me alert you to this one, which was new to me.

Hitomi was a foreign language student from Japan that had lived with me for five years studying English. Perhaps you may remember she was the flight attendant that was working domestic flights and wanted to fly international but her English would not let her pass the test. She came here to further her skills.

She liked it so well, and was learning so much that she stayed, and went on to other ESL schools to increase her fluency with the language.

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Coastal Precincts and Most of City of San Diego Voted to Keep Newsom

September 21, 2021 by Staff

Data from the San Diego County Registrar of Voters show Newsom was heavily favored in the coastal areas of the county and throughout the city of San Diego.

In contrast, more rural and desert communities in East County voted for the recall, favoring Republicans Larry Elder and former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer as Newsom’s replacement.

Data show precincts south of Interstate 8 in San Diego, such as North and South Park, downtown, City Heights, College Area and Southeastern San Diego overwhelmingly voted to keep Newsom in office. The city’s coastal communities, like OB, PB, Mission Beach, La Jolla all went for Newsom.

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Critters in the Yard

September 21, 2021 by Source

By Kathy Blavatt

Some people need to have a garden. I am one of those people. But as many gardeners know, you are only the caretaker,

It is a yard that belongs to the critters. As the adage goes, “the chickens rule the roost.”

Gardens are small pockets of habit in an urban environment.

Every garden has bugs; that’s a given. Some bugs fly through or migrate to a garden. Some are seasonal, like those pesky June Bugs. Others are permanent and multigenerational.

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Ageism: The Last Acceptable Bias

September 20, 2021 by Source

By Mat Wahlstrom

The past few years have seen long overdue attention drawn to issues of systemic discrimination. From the #MeToo movement to #BlackLivesMatter to even concern for personal pronouns, we as a society are facing up to the ways in which we fall short of our egalitarian ideals to provide equality of opportunity.

But in what appears to also be a recent development, we’re seeing the exact opposite happening with regard to age. Usually only referenced in connection with employment law, age discrimination as a social phenomenon is being treated as innocuous, with replies of ‘OK, Boomer’ not only allowed to go unchallenged but treated as acceptable.

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News from Ocean Beach and Point Loma – September 2021

September 20, 2021 by Frank Gormlie

OB Mobile Media Production Gig

DharmaDen’s Sessions have been staged at the Template in OB with performers such as Riston Diggs (playing with the Gravities) and a new band called the Gnarly Heads,

IB Pier Closes – Sound Familiar?

The Imperial Beach Pier is closed after part of the pier collapsed into the ocean, officials said. The Port of San Diego, which manages the wooden pier

Glorious! The True Story of Florence Foster Jenkins – The Worst Singer in the World

Glorious! The True Story of Florence Foster Jenkins – The Worst Singer in the World opens at 8 p.m. Friday at Point Loma Playhouse.

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What Would Seem to Me to Be Very ‘Pro-Life’

September 20, 2021 by Ernie McCray

by Ernie McCray

I see the “Pro-lifers”
in the abortion conversation
with all their
“It Kills Children”
giving no
in their frustration,
that they really care about children
by any stretch of the imagination,

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Looks Like the OB Town Council Is Trying to Move On – Is the Rest of the Community Ready to Do So?

September 17, 2021 by Frank Gormlie

Notices are going out. Announcements have been typed up and emailed. Online ticket sales have been organized. By all appearances then, the Ocean Beach Town Council is moving on by organizing this year’s “OB Pier Pancake Breakfast” in early October – but it won’t be on the pier.

Yet, the larger question is – is the community of Ocean Beach ready for the Town Council to move on? Have the issues and twerks that caused the recent crisis been worked out and resolved?

The election by the membership to fill the five open seats did happen. There are now five new members of the board of directors. All – except one – brand new to community volunteerism and activism.

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2 Days After Smashing Recall Effort, Newsom Signs Controversial Housing Bill SB9

September 17, 2021 by Frank Gormlie

Two days after literally smashing the recall effort with 64% of the vote, Governor Gavin Newsom signed one of the most controversial housing bills on his desk. Newsom signed Senate Bill 9 by Senate leader Toni Atkins, formerly of San Diego, on Thursday.

Newsom said, “The housing affordability crisis is undermining the California Dream for families across the state, and threatens our long-term growth and prosperity.”

No one would argue with that statement, although SB 9 doesn’t create affordable housing. In fact, 241 cities came out against SB 9. In a letter from the League of California Cities, 241 cities asked Newsom not to sign the measure.

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