Restaurant Review: La Perla Cocina Mexicana #3 in Point Loma

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in Ocean Beach

Restaurant Review

La Perla Cocina Mexicana #3
1224 Rosecrans Street
San Diego, CA 92106

By Judi Curry

It is seldom that I do not have to make dinner for my foreign language students on a school night, but tonight all three of the students had things to do and none of them were going to be home until late, so Steve and I decided to try another new restaurant in the neighborhood.

This time we decided to try a Mexican restaurant we had gone to a long time ago when it was Hector’s.  The few people that I had talked to about the new owners gave it favorable reviews, and since we were doing shopping in the Rosecrans area anyway felt it was a good time to try the place.  And I have to say that we were really happy that we did, because the food was very, very good!

There are no individual menus – there is a large board on the wall by the order desk, that has all of the menu items listed.  Fortunately I had looked at the menu on line – something I would advise others to do before going  there.

I had decided that I wanted to have a regular Enchilada with Red Sauce and cheese.  I usually order ala carte and I did this time also.  The cost was $3.09!  I also ordered a shrimp Burrito, which was absolutely delicious ($9.83).  It was stuffed full of rice, veggies, and shrimp!  And…it was huge!  The Enchilada was also very good; a wee bit spicy, but that is what one would expect in a Mexican restaurant.  I also ordered a side order of Guacamole ($3.62) which was one of the better Guac’s I have ever had.

Shrimp Burrito

Steve had also looked at the menu on-line, and when he looked at the menu at the restaurant decided to order the Chile Relleno and Enchilada combination – called the #10 -.  He had Red sauce also, but he had beef  with his enchilada. The Chile Relleno was cooked well, and was very tasty.  He also remarked at how tasty the beans were, and we had already discovered the rice was good through my burrito.  The cost for his combination meal was $12.68.

We placed our order at the front of the restaurant and then found a table for our meal.  Our “order-taker” was Antonio, and not only did he take our order; place our order with the cooks behind him in the kitchen, but he delivered our order; answered the multitude of telephone calls coming in with orders to go; brought our plates to the table, and helped everyone else that was there to place an order, or pick up an order, or to ask questions.  A person could become exhausted just watching him work!

the Chile Relleno and Enchilada combination

It goes without saying that our food was delicious. The only thing I think I would do differently next time is to take the food back to my home, or bayside, to eat it.  It was very crowded and one child in the restaurant kept screaming. Everyone was very happy when the family left!  The prices are right; the food is good.  One thing to keep in mind is that they close at 7:00pm!   Very early for a restaurant.  It is worth eating early!


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Judi October 30, 2023 at 3:29 pm

All eating utensils were plastic and food was served in recycling materials.


Frank J October 31, 2023 at 11:55 am

Wow, prices there are WAY lower than PB! Thanks


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