Tuesday, October 6th: OB and Point Loma Mobilize – OB Against Teacher Transfers and PL Against Flight Path Changes

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Can you hear it? Or feel it?

The entire Peninsula is mobilizing today, Tuesday, October 6th.  Both residents in Ocean Beach and residents in Point Loma are mobilizing – for different reasons.

OB residents upset about the transfer of 2 teachers from OB Elementary are planning on attending tonight’s school board meeting.  And Point Loma residents upset with the flight path changes proposed by the FAA are planning on attending tonight’s Liberty Station meeting on the issue.

OB Residents to Attend School Board Meeting – 5pm

As OB Rag writer Matt Wood explained yesterday:

Kindergarten teachers Amie Frank and Katy Amberg will be reassigned to different schools in the San Diego Unified School District.

Wood also wrote:

A number of parents are planning to attend Tuesday’s School Board meeting and encouraged as many other parents as possible to either come to the meeting or e-mail the school board to make their voice heard. That meeting will be at tonight, Oct 6th, 5 p.m. at 4100 Normal Street.

Marianne Reiner – the parent of a second grader at OB Elementary – is helping with the effort to mobilize parents. She wants to get as many people as possible to the school board meeting to show OB parents and students have a voice.

“We are told everyone gets three minutes to speak to the board,” she said. “I intend to grab the microphone and ask for answers. We are not letting this go. Don’t mess with us.”

Point Loma Residents to Attend FAA Meeting

Across Point Loma, residents are mobilizing for a public community meeting featuring staff from the FAA from 6 to 7:30 p.m. tonight, at McMillin Event Center, 2875 Dewey Road in Liberty Station.

Rober Schnoor, who got a petition started against the FAA changes, advises Point Lomans the following about tonight’s meeting:

Oct 6, 2015 — ALL:

1) we need ALL of your participation at the meeting Tuesday night; please see noplanenoise.com for details; this issue affects all of SD County!

2) Q&A: WE NEED YOUR HELP TO BE SUCCESSFUL: for those of you that wish to speak – go for it! BUT PLEASE make your questions:  a) articulate, b) specific to (i) “fan separation” departure /and/or (ii) impacts from the LOWMA waypoint removal ,  c) formed to REQUIRE of the FAA to make a data supported response.

This is KEY to our success in challenging the the Environmental process.


  • LOWMA waypoint removal
  • “fan” separation departure impacts to OB\Fleetridge, etc
  • National opposition
  • Environmental Assessment failings
  • noise; FACTUAL not emotional
  • Fort Rosecrans
  • Cabrillo Monument

PLEASE deliver to the FAA a written copy of your question AT THE MEETING!!! This is a key component of the environmental Assessment process …

4) PLEASE stay on point;

  • do NOT ask for the airport to be moved to Miramar;
  • do not ask to reroute turbo prop or prop planes; etc.:
  • our argument at this time is VERY focused solely on the LOWMA waypoint and the FAN departures. TO BRING UP OTHER TOPICS ONLY DISCREDITS OUR SPECIFIC ARGUMENTS!


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Molly October 6, 2015 at 7:27 pm

Hopefully the Rag will have a full report in the morning. I don’t contribute or donate but I expect them – Rag reporters – to work for nothing and give the rest of us the what’s up.

I’m not going to the meetings but I will wake up and check on this website for an update. And it better be there – eventually. Why shouldn’t they work for nuttin, it’s a free press, ain’t it?


bodysurferbob October 6, 2015 at 7:28 pm

molly, cannot for the life of me follow your drift here. maybe that’s it – you drifted off topic.


Old Hippie October 6, 2015 at 7:35 pm

I heard a rumor that the Widder Curry was doing a report of the meeting.


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