Poll on Short Term Vacation Rentals: 85 Percent Want Restrictions

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In the first of 5 polls that ran at the OB Rag for a week, we asked readers if they thought short term vacation rentals needed restrictions.

An overwhelming 85% said they agreed with some type of restrictions – 128 votes.

68% in the poll want “tight restrictions” on the STVRs (102 votes), whereas 17% were okay with “loose restrictions” (26 votes).

Only 9% wanted “no restrictions” on the short term rentals (13 votes) – and 6% declared they needed more information or had no opinion.

A total of 150 readers took part in this poll. It ran for a little more than a week.

Please note: this poll and the others are not scientific and we cannot know whether those who participated are from OB or the Point Loma area – but do reflect the opinions of our readers.

Here is the poll:

OB Rag Poll STVR 1

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Tessa October 8, 2015 at 2:26 pm

As a soon-to-be home owner out of state, where I can afford to buy a little bungalow, and as a six-year renter in O B, I hope that you all can hold the line.
When I leave my lovely little historic rental cottage here – my third place – I hope that it goes to someone “deserving”, (i.e. someone who loves O B and will respect the neighborhood as well as work in some way to help O B). But the rent is going up here – and elsewhere. I know many other renters here who never call the property managers when anything goes on – for fear that any repairs will trigger a rent increase.
The development pressure here is strong..the tear-it-down and build something that will bring more income is strong. Same is true for short term vacation rentals…..okay to have a few, but a town full of them is not a town, it’s a short-term rental destination.

Lucky for O B, there are some die hards who will attend every zoning meeting, protest the worst, win some and lose some…..thank the goddesses for them, along with all the other public spirited people who make this town as good as it is.


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