Poll on Short Term Rentals in Apartments: Nearly Half Want Them Banned

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In the second OB Rag poll on short term vacation rentals, we asked readers what their opinion was on the current law allowing 25% of the units in an apartment complex to be short term vacation rentals.

With 145 readers taking part, nearly half – 48% – agreed with the option “There should not be any STVRs allowed in apartments,” (69 votes).

Another 22% said the current 25% is “way too high” and that they would rather see “something like 5 to 8” for the short term rentals (32 votes).

So, that’s a total of 70% of respondents who disagree with the current municipal law.

Only one in 5 – 20% – support the 25% limit, currently allowed (29 votes). 10% of those who did respond said they didn’t have enough info or had no opinion.

OB Rag Poll STVR 2

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Dave October 9, 2015 at 5:44 pm

Supposing a tighter restriction went it – take for example the proposed 5%. That would mean one unit per 20-unit complex…but there aren’t a lot of 20-unit complexes in OB. The apartment I lived in for seven years was one of only six, my mother-in-law’s complex has 12 units, many others around are treated the same.

Would smaller complexes be allowed one unit, or none?

I know it’s kind of a pointless exercise at this particular juncture, but I’m still a bit curious as to what the folks who responded in that manner meant…


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