San Diego’s Minimum Wage Battle Heats Up With Arrival of Sleaze of Political Consultant Hired to Defeat Ordinance

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Editor: Doug Porter over at our online partner, San Diego Free Press, has hit the nail on the ol’ proverbial head with today’s column on the battle heating up over San Diego’s minimum wage ordinance.

The anti-minimum wage forces, boosted by Mayor Faulconer’s veto of the ordinance last week, plan on running a petition to overturn the anticipated City Council over-ride of  Faulconer’s veto.

Today, Porter focuses on the political consultant hired to run the petition drive, and gives needed context and background to the whole battle – which is being fought nation-wide.

By Doug Porter

I’ve been saying it for months now–the minimum wage battle in San Diego will bring out the Really Big Lies and the Really Bad Guys. Today we’ll give you a little taste of what they’re saying and what they really believe.

On Monday City Council President Todd Gloria has called for a special session of the City Council to override Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s veto of a minimum wage increase and paid sick days for San Diego workers.

Gloria is quoted in this morning’s UT, saying, “The City Council should stand up for the 38 percent of San Diegans who are counting on this raise to help them better make ends meet, and I hope they will override the mayor’s veto”

On Tuesday, The “San Diego Small Business Coalition,” created by big businesses, will roll out a small army of signature gatherers armed with a spiel designed to fool voters into thinking they’re signing a reasonable petition.

We got a little taste of how ‘reasonable’ these folks are yesterday with GOP consultant Jason Roe, who crashed an early morning press conference held by Raise Up San Diego.

Meet Political Consultant Jason Roe

As basketball great Bill Walton, former Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mel Katz and Councilman Todd Gloria announced a campaign supported by Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs urging city voters not to sign petitions seeking a referendum on the city’s new minimum wage and earned sick leave ordinance, Jason Roe of the Revolvis firm handed out press releases headlined “Labor Bosses Launch Voter Harassment Campaign.”

photo (5)

Crashing the Raise Up San Diego Press Conference

Roe’s release calls the decline to sign campaign a “brazen attempt to stifle free speech and disenfranchise voters.” Here’s some actual verbage:

“Today’s announcement of the new harassment campaign, an effort to bully voters who simply want to see this issue put on the ballot shows how worried the Labor Bosses are that their job-killing efforts are not supported by the very working people they claim to represent.”

The press release is packed with so many misrepresentations, it’s hard to know where to start. Did you know that a 75 cent increase in minimum on January 1st wage equals a 44% hike? That’s the number used three times by GOP consultant Roe…

Lets see… January 1, 2015…State Wage = $9.00 City Wage = $9.75. 75 cents equals 8.3% on my calculator. Oh wait, they mean 44% up from the old $8 minimum wage that has already been superseded by the new state law.

End All Minimum Wages?

Does that mean they want to roll back the state law? Oh well, we always knew the GOP was lousy at math. But they are great at lying.

Anybody want to bet on how many media outlets repeat this fraudulent 44% number as truth?

Jason Roe and his Revolvis firm have created a handy dandy Facebook page for their “non-profit” front group on this anti-minimum wage campaign.

The very first post to their timeline is an article from the extremely right wing about how stupid Americans are for letting ‘diseased illegal immigrants’ into the country. And it ends with talking about how great life is in Switzerland, where they don’t have a minimum wage. (The article doesn’t mention that wages in that country are typically negotiated through–gasp–collective bargaining.)

GOP Calculator

Maybe they need a new adding machine

Wash that Minimum Wage Down with a Little Koch?

On August 12th, they posted an article from an outfit calling itself American Encore. If you manage to read all 2700 words of it, you’ll learn that increasing the minimum wage will make us all poorer. (Just like it did every other time it was raised…Oh, wait! That didn’t happen!)

American Encore used to be called the Center to Protect Patient Rights(CPPR). As you should know by now, that if it’s right wing propaganda you’re talking about, the Koch brothers are somewhere nearby.


The Center for Responsive Politics has called CPPR the “linchpin in one of the most complex networks of dark money in the country,” a network spearheaded by the Koch brothers. The network — which is charted in this graphic – included 17 allied conservative organizations that together raised at least $407 million for the 2012 elections. The Center for Responsive Politics’ OpenSecrets Blog won a 2013 Sigma Delta Chi public service award from the Society of Professional Journalists for its reports on dark money groups.

Half of the Worst Person in the World Award

You might remember hearing about Jason Roe as Carl DeMaio’s strategist in his losing campaign for mayor back in 2012. inewsource did a post-mortem wrap up on the various consultants involved.


When a friend called late one night to tell Jason Roe that political commentator Keith Olbermann had just labeled him the worst person in the world on national TV, Roe had one question:

“Did they use a good picture?”

That’s the kind of guy he is.

The 42-year old founding partner of national consulting firm Revolvis is confident, by admission juvenile, successful, relatively young for his profession, and worst of all — smart.

His company refuses to take on liberal clients, and in doing so, suffered a trouncing this election day between the firm’s 20 politicians. He’s not sure who he’ll take on in the immediate future, or what he’ll do.

Mocking A Vet With No Legs

From Daily Kos, how it came to be that MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann awarded Roe one half of the “Worse Persons in the World” honor:

We reported that Illinois congressional candidate Peter Roskam had said his opponent Tammy Duckworth wanted to “cut and run from Iraq” even though she lost both her legs there while serving as a helicopter pilot. Jason Row [sic] from the Roskam campaign charged us with intellectual dishonesty because Roskam merely said that the Illinois sixth is “not a cut and run district.”

Hey pal, this is about campaigning against a woman who has no legs because they were cut off while she served in Iraq and still being insensitive enough to use the phrase “cut and run.” You leave the intellectual to us, we`ll leave the dishonest to you.

Peter Roskam and staffer, Jason Row, today`s “Worst Persons in the World.”

worst persons

Right up there with Mayor Rob Ford

But Wait! There’s More Sleaze!

There is a Jack Abramoff connection. From the Brad Blog, circa 2007:

Signs indicate things are getting worse, and quickly, for one of Congress’ most corrupt members, Rep. Tom Feeney, a once-powerful Florida Republican whose extensive career of documented lies, political favors, and routine partisan smear-mongering The BRAD BLOG has covered in great detail over the last two and a half years….

…Further news reports indicate much more trouble may be ahead for the beleaguered Congressman, as Abramoff is said to be chattering away to federal investigators — “so much he doesn’t have time to eat,” according to one news report — in hopes of reducing a prison sentence he’s currently facing in relation to conspiracy fraud charges to which he’s already plead guilty in Florida.

But if that weren’t indication enough that Feeney may be in big trouble, it’s also now being reported this morning that his former Chief of Staff, Jason Roe — who, along with his wife, Patricia, has also been the target of corruption allegations — abruptly resigned from his new position as Deputy Campaign Manager for Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Amusingly, the reason he cited for the resignation was “familial obligations.”

Jason Roe has gotten some good press lately, as the strategist hired for San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s campaign after a room full of millionaires, meeting in La Jolla, picked him as their guy. Roe has been bragging in all the right places about how his crew used fear to drive the vote in a low turn-out election… …Slickly packaged fear, of course.

The Real Irony

What is amazing are the cajones Roe and his cohorts have in trying to frame their attempt to sabotage the minimum wage increase as a fight against union bullies. The so-called small business coalition is nothing less than a front for a power grab sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, corporate ‘hospitality’ groups and fast food companies.

Their core message (increasing the minimum wage will make working people poorer) is being wrapped in packaging by these consultants designed to make voters think they care about representative democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This attempt at a referendum will be the fourth such effort sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and their allies in the past two years using a big dollar propaganda campaign to persuade voters to overrule their elected representatives.

Earlier efforts included paving the way for urban WalMart locations, eliminating partial restoration of a linkage fee on large construction projects for an affordable housing fund, and overturning the Barrio Logan Community Plan. (Note that earlier promises by the Chamber, et. al., to address injustices at the core of these legislative attempts have gone exactly nowhere.)

If they win this battle at the ballot box (it likely won’t be voted on until June, 2016) it will be the death-knell for representative government at the local level. Why bother even having a city council if unpopular actions can be vetoed any time the Chamber opens its war chest?

The Chamber's vision of Democracy: a return to the Gilded Age

The Chamber’s vision of Democracy: a return to the Gilded Age

A National Impact

You can bet this referendum effort will be watched nationally by groups like the American City County Exchange, the new hyper-local offshoot of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) a group that promotes corporate interests through cookie cutter legislation. As I said earlier:

Since 2011 ALEC and National Restaurant Associated backed legislation has led eleven states to pass laws thwarting local control through paid sick day preemption laws.

They’re the people behind “Stand Your Ground” legislation, voter ID restrictions, and laws prohibiting videotaping in factory farm operations. Most recently ALEC is engaging in a national effort to increase costs for Americans–they call them Freeloaders– who have invested in solar panels for their homes and businesses.

We can only hope that others on the national scene understand the significance of this campaign. With the Party of No control of the Congress firmly in place, the place for the minimum wage battle to be fought is at the local level.

A Historic Battle

The battle for a minimum wage increase in San Diego is symbolic of the struggle between plutocracy and representative democracy nationwide.

As Robert L. Borosage, founder and president of the Institute for America’s Future recently declared:

Money is speech, the conservative majority on the Supreme Court has ruled, and it is speaking with a bullhorn.

We know that the only counter to organized money is mobilized people. Our democracy is the only protection from corrupted oligopoly. Conservatives who believe that markets will protect us don’t understand markets or political economy.

We know that we live in a populist moment. The Great Recession exposed the ideas and shibboleths of conservatism – whether Reaganomics or Rubinomics – as bankrupt. There was a “flaw,” as former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan fleetingly admitted, in the world view.

The known unknown is whether the democracy can save us again, whether the people can call the entrenched interests and wealth to account. Americans, as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has stated, understand that the rules are rigged, the game is fixed to favor the few. The unknown is whether a movement will grow to clean out Washington and make the government an instrument of the common good, rather than the private interest.

Local Fundraiser

Got a few extra bucks?

The craft brewers at Modern Times are hosting a benefit for minimum wage advocates on Wednesday, August 20th. A benefit, as in the good guys need your help.

Here’s the info:

modern timesJoin Us for a Happy Hour at Modern Times Flavordome in North Park to make sure the Ordinance stands. Proceeds go to the effort to protect the measure.

Modern Times is a leading supporter of the earned sick days and minimum wage measure.

CO-HOSTS: Jeremy Addis-Mills, Gil Cabrera, Kirsten Clemons, John Greenwell, Lucas O’Connor, Colin Parent, Jared Quient, Johanna Schiavoni, Sid Voorakkara, Chris Ward, Sarah Boot, Robert Nothoff, Nora E Vargas (Co-Host: $100)

Suggested Donation: $50 * August 20, 2014, 6- 8pm * Modern Times Flavordome, 3000 Upas St, San Diego, CA 92104

RSVP here.

This was from Doug Porter’s daily column at San Diego Free Press.


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Jason Roe August 15, 2014 at 2:52 pm

This is outstanding, thank you! Posted it on my Facebook page.


Anonymous Operative August 15, 2014 at 7:57 pm

So who is Jason Roe.

Roe is one of the Young Turks who for the past decade have been part of the back-room wheel dealers of the San Diego Republican Party.

He comes from good Republican stock, his father was known as “Mr. Republican” and is best known for his 10 year stint from 1969 to 1979 as the executive director of the Michigan Republican Party.

In 1995 in San Diego Jason Roe met Duane Dichiara “and as two aggressive young political operatives, watched and learned about campaigns – and committed to doing it better than what they saw.”

In the meantime Jason Roe became chief of staff to United States Representative Tom Feeney and deputy campaign manager of the 2008 presidential primary campaign of Mitt Romney.

Duane Dichiara remained in California and became a partners at Coronado Communications with Jennifer Jacobs another political consultant.

Around 2005 Dichiara and Roe, with their wives started the political consulting firm of Revolvis. Roe moved to San Diego while Dichiara oversees the office in Sacramento.

OK it gets a little complicated here so bear with me.

Now Jennifer Jacobs (Coronado Communications), a San Diego native becomes director of the Lincoln Club, an unofficial arm of the San Diego Republican Party. For a long period of time her boyfriend was Ronald Nehring, who was chair of the S.D. GOP. Which becomes very convenient when she starts her company with Dichiara.

Nehring later anoints his best friend, Tony Kravic to become the new chair of the San Diego Republican Party. Kravic is an immigrant from Sweden, in the 90’s he is able start a computer business in California even with an alleged background of computer piracy.

Back to Revolvis. Things are going well with the firm, they hire a staff. In 2011 Stephen Puetz becomes a Vice President of the firm.

Puetz had previously been an Associate with Axiom Strategies in Kansas City. Axiom specializes in strategic consulting and direct mail for Congressional, Senatorial and statewide campaigns.

Axiom was founded by a Jeff Roe. While I have not yet found a connection with Jason Roe, it is an interesting coincidence nevertheless.

Around the time Puetz was with Axiom another Associate, Ryan Clumpner was learning the trade.

Remember these names.

—————Fun and Games———————–

Jennifer Jacobs former partner of Duane Dichiara and former girlfriend of Ronald Nehring is now owner of Sunshine Strategies. Under this role she works as a spokesperson of the San Diego Republican Party, a consultant of the Carl DeMaio Congressional campaign and does PR for Roger Hedgecock. She also serves on Mayor Faulconer’s Transition team.

Ronald Nehring is currently running for Lt. Governor of California. This is after serving two terms as the Chairman of the California Republican Party. During his tenure as Chairman he was chastised for hiring an illegal immigrant as CEO of the Party.

Tony Krvaric remains in control of the County GOP even with alleged misconduct. In 2009 Krvaric was investigated for violating the Political Reform Act. In an a statement during the investigation, former Operations Manager for the Republican Party of San Diego County, Ryan Mulvey wrote:

“During the election cycle, there were numerous e-mails and joke graphics that were passed among committee members and donors lambasting Krvaric as a “part-time partner” of Coronado (Communications). Allegedly, he was getting a “cut” of the profits from business he himself was providing as chairman of the Party. I meet Krvaric numerous times at Coronado Communications’ headquarters (then located in downtown San Diego) to have check requests signed. Tony seemed to have his own desk at which he was always working. Often he would spend long periods of time at this desk. He had a close relationship with both Duane Dichara and Jennifer Jacobs; the former being considered a “puppet master” of local politics both in San Diego and Sacramento.”

In 2010 Krvaric and county’s Republican Party Central Committee voted to boot 53rd Congressional District candidate Michael Crimmins…from the committee for unspecified “conduct unbecoming a Republican,” spokeswoman Jennifer Jacobs said after the closed session.

Crimmins, a retired Marine major, had sent e-mail accusing Krvaric and Nehring of behavior “atrociously abusive of their power.” This stemmed from an earlier anonymous email that alleged that Nehring physically abused a former romantic partner. The email stated that the two men allegedly harassed Nehring’s girlfriend when she considered bringing her allegations to the attention of legal authorities. ” Krvaric allegedly applied pressure to Sycuan Resort to dismiss Nehring’s former partner, Michaelene Mansour, from her job as resort manager.”

Remember Stephen Puetz who become Vice President of the Revolvis Consulting? Well, while still with Revolvis he become Chief of Staff for Kevin Falconer.

Ryan Clumpner who worked with Puetz at Axiom, left there to become campaign manager for Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio. Clumper is now the Executive Director of the Lincoln Club.

So the dreams of “two aggressive young political operatives” , Jason Roe and Duane Dichiara came true. If you see any Republican policy or political power plays in San Diego, most likely Revolvis and Roe have their hands in it.


gristmiller August 15, 2014 at 5:06 pm

Seems very simple, wages paid to those making less, are spent locally—everyone benefits, especially small businesses. Wages paid to those making more will be spent globally.
How much do the Hiltons, et al, spend in SD? I am afraid our mayor is more that a bit greedy and brings to mind Ebenezer in August!


RB August 16, 2014 at 6:49 pm

The issue should of went to the voters and now it will.


Stucky August 17, 2014 at 2:17 pm

The reason we need to raise the minimum wage is to make up for inflation caused by a huge and greedy government. If the government would stop looting the treasury for Wall Street and foreign interests we would need to increase the minimum wage.


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