Frank Gormlie: “We Need a Culture of Resistance” to Get Us Through the Time of Trump

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sdfp-contri-meet-fg-11-13-16OB Rag editor Frank Gormlie spoke at Sunday’s San Diego Free Press contributors’ meeting Sunday, Nov. 13th, on developing a “culture of resistance” and the renewed importance of a free and progressive press, now that Trump is president-elect.

The event was held at Iron Fist brewery in Barrio Logan. Several OB Rag folks were in attendance, as were several dozen SDFP supporters.

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Frank Gormlie November 14, 2016 at 6:48 pm

Okay, I spoke from the heart and had had a couple of really good beers.


john November 15, 2016 at 2:04 pm

Frank- in order to go forward we all have to be honest. Unfortunately Obama Years have many troubling things in common with Nixon Years. Off the top of my head here are some anti-progressive issue with us the past
1. Unauthorized Surveillance on individuals deemed enemies of the State.
2. Endless war for the profit of industry.
3. Leader in export of weapons to other countries or CIA sponsored rebels.
4. Full support for foreign dictatorships that violently oppress women and gays.
5. Prosecution of government whistle blowers.
6. Lack of support for returning war veterans.
7. Continue Cold War against Russia.
8. Mass deportation of undocumented peoples.
9. Using the IRS as a political tool against groups deemed undesirable by State.
10. Unconstitutional incarceration and torture of citizens.
11. Fueling of conflict between police and citizens.
12. Federal sponsored violence against Native Americans on their land.
13. Eliminate manufacturing sector jobs.
14. Regulations and non prosecution of large Banking/ Corporations.
15. Support for large agricultural and pharmaceutical policies that directly undermine the health and welfare of the citizens.
16. Soft censorship of the “press” that has alternative viewpoints.
So why not forget what we do not want and state what we do want. See below.

We must be as presidents of our own lives and summon the power of our humanity to heal our fractured nation
Dennis Kucinich·Thursday, November 10, 2016
I travelled America through two presidential campaigns in 2004 and 2008. What moved me deeply was the discovery of how much most Americans had in common. Even in this fractious time, if you look closely, you can find an underlying unity in our nation.
Despite this election, I perceive our nation as an undivided whole. Strategies of polarization in this campaign were used to pit people against each other for narrow political gain. Such tactics may achieve temporary electoral success, but they can never be the basis for governing or guiding a nation.
The central flaw in our two-party system is a compulsive oppositionism, which spawns ‘us vs. them’ thinking, inhibits communication, and freezes us into positionality. A President must seek and find unifying principles which confirm the oneness of our nation, and affirm America’s first motto, “Out of Many [we are] One.” This is not only the responsibility of one person, however.
We must be as presidents of our own lives and summon the power of our humanity to heal our fractured nation, to rise above the conventional left-right, blue-red, liberal-conservative, democrat-republican dialectic of conflict which degrades America’s civic soul. Labels limit us. We are, each of us, much much more.
At this moment of political turmoil in America WE have the opportunity to reestablish the binding power of One Nation, not through declaring a false consensus, nor through visceral, obscene and condemnatory language, but through a conscious dedication to declaring what we stand FOR while employing the unifying, cohesive power of positive thoughts, words and deeds. This is not simply a political imperative, it is a spiritual one as well, which recognizes the ultimate truth of human unity, that we are all one, that we are interconnected and interdependent. From this perspective there is real power when we declare fearlessly:
We are FOR Justice for All. We are FOR Equality of Opportunity. We are FOR Education for All, Jobs for All, Health Care for All, Retirement Security for All. We are FOR Peace. We are FOR Clean Air, Clean Water and uncontaminated land. We are FOR pure food. We are FOR civil liberties. We are FOR reaffirming the Founding Principles of America as articulated in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Let us become visible in our efforts to lift up our nation.
Let us stand up, speak out, discuss, debate, organize, mobilize, and march forward to create the America we most desire, not through fear, not through capitulation to the status quo, but through belief in America’s destiny, with courage and faith, in ourselves, each other and our nation’s future.
Elections come and go. Principles of human freedom, of social and economic justice are eternal and will never be defeated by rank partisanship. America’s birthright is nestled in the perfectibility of our union, in our love of country, our striving for all that’s good, in our individual efforts, through our cooperation for a higher cause, larger than ourselves. One election cannot nullify our innate goodness as a people.
This election presents the perfect moment for us to describe the America of our dreams and to recommit to making those dreams a reality. Years ago, I gave a speech entitled “A Prayer for America,” in which I invoked the words from one of my favorite songs, America the Beautiful: ‘Crown thy good, America, crown thy good.’ Our nation has a higher destiny. Let us remember it. Let us reclaim it.
A Prayer for America – part 1
A Prayer for America – part 2


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