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OB OB Pier 50th Art ImageOB Pier 50th Anniversary Art Show Reception – June 30th

Join the celebrations at the OB Pier 50th Anniversary Art Show Opening Reception on Thursday, June 30, from 6-9 p.m. There will be a local chef showcase (serving hors d’oeuvres), wine from Gianni Buonomo Vintners, beer from Mike Hess Brewing Ocean Beach, and music by John Tafolla.  The exhibit will be on view at Teeter from until July 31 during their business hours, 9 a.m.-7p.m. daily. The Ocean Beach MainStreet Association, Teeter, and Luminous Views by Michael James Slattery are pleased to collaborate on an art show celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Ocean Beach Pier (#OBPier), which opened on July 2, 1966.  Here’s the facebook on the event.

Ocean Beach Street Fair and Chili Cook-Off set for June 25

More details later …

Point Loma Neighbors See Violation of 30 Foot Height Rule in New Construction

On June 20, a land surveyor taking photos on the corner of Emerson and Evergreen streets in the Roseville neighborhood of Point Loma was interrupted by a middle-aged couple driving by who asked, “Are you building a hotel here? That’s at least 40 feet high.” The surveyor replied, “I think it’s 41.” The surveyor told me she was mapping the area for the developer of the two four-story duplexes being constructed on the corner lot. The house next door on Evergreen. Babita Souza lives up the hill on Emerson. While her view is safe for now, she is concerned about those below. “People that are on the ground will have their views obliterated and their home values will go down,” she said. San Diego Reader

Recent Research Showing Cabrillo as Spanish Ignites Local Controversy

In an article entitled, “Cabrillo: No longer a man of mystery?” by Peter Rowe of the SD U-T, Rowe discussed how a Canadian scholar continues to shed light on the first European in San Diego, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, . According to Wendy Kramer, a Canadian historian, her research on explorer Juan Cabrillo has upended previously held understandings about his origins from Spain, not Portugal. Kramer was at the San Salvador at the Maritime Museum in downtown San Diego recently.

Recent research by Kramer, a visiting scholar at the University of Toronto’s Latin American studies program, has brought him into the light. In archives across Spain, Kramer found documents revealing a soldier-turned-landowner, a merchant, a slave owner, a trader in gold — and a native of Spain, not Portugal, appearing to settle an old debate. Not everyone agrees. Point Loma and San Diego’s Portuguese-American community, which has embraced Cabrillo as a heroic Portuguese explorer, is skeptical. San Diego U-T

OB Newport art midJune poseyIt’s Back! Artwork Cleaned-Up and Returned to Newport Ave.

Newport Ave’s “famous” sculptures have been cleaned up and have been returned to their rightful sites just recently. (Did you wonder what those wood boxes were for? Actually, people used them to sit on.) Hat tip to Posey

Is Amazon Taking Over the Old Midway Post Office?

There’s a rumor out there that bears repeating: Amazon may be taking over the old Midway Post Office. One of our readers talked to one of the Amazon delivery drivers just recently, and he told our reader that Amazon is making their headquarters in San Diego. Amazon does have a warehouse on Miramar Rd. But our reader seems to recall that there was a rumor at the Pt. Loma Association Meeting in May that the former Midway Post Office was to be operated by a mail-forwarding firm. Our reader writes:

The Wall Street Journal, in an April article noted that Amazon had broken with UPS over price gouging and was forming their own delivery system, to get packages to customers as quickly as possible; Amazon delivers 24/7. Coincidentally one of the markers associated with Point Loma History, the bronze plaque to Ryan and Lindbergh’s plane is located in the plaza of the old Post office Building.  Co-incidental, inferred and unreferenced; nevertheless worth noting. Bezos is interested in the  aerospace industry just like T. Claude Ryan and other Dutch Flats outfits were.

Our reader tells us that Jeff Bezos (born 1964) is the founder and CEO of Amazon.com, an online merchant, which  became the largest retailer on the World Wide Web and a model for Internet sales. As of June 2016, Bezos’ personal wealth is estimated to be US$63.3 billion, due in part to a recent spike in Amazon’s stock price, ranking him 4th on the Forbes list of billionaires.

Pt Loma pipeline meet 6-22-16Pipeline Repair and Rehab Project Public Meeting – June 22nd

From 4 to 5pm on Wednesday, June 22nd, there will be a community presentation of the Miramar Pipeline Repair and Relocation Project. (see poster)

Woman Rescued After Falling From Sunset Cliffs …

Firefighters rescued a young woman Saturday who fell from Sunset Cliffs on Saturday, June 19. The fall happened about 7:30 p.m. in the 1350 block of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard in Point Loma.  A crowd of people that had gathered to watch the sunset also waited to see her successfully rescued. Cheers erupted as San Diego Fire-Rescue Department crews brought her to safety at about 8:20 p.m.
Crews used a crane extended from a ladder truck to lower a firefighter down with ropes to where she waited.  A lifeguard crew also boated over from Ocean Beach to help with the rescue. Once she was raised to safety, the young woman complained of a “hurt elbow” and, jokingly, a “bruised self-esteem.” Paramedics were on scene to assess her. An ambulance was also on scene, but it wasn’t immediately clear whether she was transported to a hospital. San Diego Patch

Bicyclist Injured by SUV in Fleetridge Area of Point Loma

A 64-year-old bicyclist who was hit by an SUV in the Roseville/Fleet Ridge neighborhood Saturday morning suffered a broken leg, a dislocated hip and broken ribs, according to police. The collision at Catalina Boulevard and Point Loma Avenue happened at about 10:15 a.m. when the driver of a 2003 Ford Expedition traveling southbound in the 1400 block of Catalina Boulevard made a left turn at the intersection in front of the bicyclist, according to San Diego Police Officer Frank Cali. The bicyclist was taken by paramedics to a local hospital. His name and condition were not released. abc10News

PB Residents Argue Whether Crime Rates Gauged to Lack of Local Control Over Alcohol Licenses

Alcohol-related crime experts counseled Pacific Beach residents to “move past their blame,” though there was enough to go around as frustrated citizens called for more action and less talk at Pacific Beach Town Council’s June 15 monthly meeting.  In a continuation of its April meeting with the San Diego Police Department on PB crime trends, the conversation June 15 turned to the direct link between the saturation of alcohol licenses in the beach community and the high incidence of violent crimes: PB has the city’s second-highest rate. It made for a volatile discussion.

“When the politicians feel the heat – they see the light,” quipped community activist Lou Cummings, who exhorted the community to “not just sit here and moan,” but to go down to City Council and tell them its continued inaction on alcohol-related crime is no longer an option.  The Beacon.

Imperial Beach Is Worried About Sea-Level Rise – Shouldn’t OB Be?

If IB is worried, shouldn’t OB be? IB, or Imperial Beach, unlike OB, is a separate city, whereas OB, of course, is part of the City of San Diego. IB is on its own. From Voice of San Diego: “Adapting to sea level rise requires trade-offs – and money. Imperial Beach, one of the poorest coastal communities in Southern California, will need to decide whether to prioritize the economic benefits of tourism and beach recreation over maintaining the ecological value of beach and preserving existing flora and fauna, versus simply protecting buildings and property along the coast.”

Fiesta Island’s full-on dog party over soon?

FIDO, the Fiesta Island Dog Owners group, is worried that the San Diego Department of Park and Recreation’s plans to revamp Fiesta Island may take away a much-used 90-acre city dog park and beach. “The city has done a Mission Beach parks master plan update that cuts the size of the area and runs a road right across it,” said Carolyn Chase, who serves on the FIDO board of directors. “We are trying to get the dog park recognized as a dog park and to protect that cherished space.” San Diego Reader

Americana group Dewey Paul Band will perform their Garcia Van Dylan tribute at Winston’s

On Tuesday evening, June 28th at Winston’s Ocean Beach Club, the four-piece group of the Dewey Paul Band, consisting of fiddle, guitar, bass, and drums, hails from the Rocky Mountain ski resort areas of Summit County, Colorado. Guitarist and singer-songwriter Dewey Paul Moffitt has headed up various tribute bands to Jerry Garcia, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan. So why not put them together in one super fun night of entertainment and dancing? That was the beginning of Garcia Van Dylan which has won many fans in the Rocky Mountain region. Van covered Bob, Bob covered Jerry, and Jerry covered both Van and Bob. They are the inspiration behind this americana based tribute show.

Moffitt, an accomplished talent in the Colorado music scene, will also be signing copies of his recently released book, BOHEMIAN GHOSTS: A MEMOIR. The book recounts the musician’s adventurous years in the psychedelic Grateful Dead and jam band scene (Allman Brothers, Phish, Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler, Pfunk). The memoir recounts how he transformed into working backstage with Bill Graham Presents and some of the biggest bands in the industry. Southern rocker Michael Buffalo Smith (author of Prisoner of Southern Rock) recently reviewed the book: “Moffitt is a musician and a music lover who has had life experiences any rock and roller would envy. He is one part Kerouac, one part Merry Prankster, and one part Tom Wolfe.” (Kudzoo Magazine).

Don’t miss Dewey Paul Band & Garcia Van Dylan this Tuesday evening kicking off at 9:30pm, with special guest Ted Wulfers, at Winstons (1921 Bacon, Ocean Beach). Admission is a $5 donation to the band.  Website: http://www.deweypaulband.com  … Music Videos: http://deweypaulband.com/videos/

Thousands of Books Collected for Kids Summer

The San Diego library department and councilmember Lorie Zapf began distributing thousands of books collected since May 1st for the “Read to Succeed” summer initiative. “So many kids backslide on reading,” Zapf said at Ocean Beach Elementary School. “There’s a lot of distractions going on. They’re really enthusiastic about reading but a lot of these kids are low income. They don’t have books at home and we want to make sure we get some books in the hands of kids so that they can keep up some reading over the summer.” About 70 percent of inmates and about 85 percent of kids in the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate Zapf explained. “I think early childhood literacy is one of the most important things that we can accomplish,” she said. “I love reading, too,” Zapf told the third graders at Ocean Beach Elementary Thursday. “I wanted to make sure you guys had some new books to take home over the summer.” The books will be distributed to local schools and libraries.   NBCSanDiego

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PL Local June 24, 2016 at 10:57 pm

Man accused of gunning down parents won’t face death penalty

SAN DIEGO — Prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against a man accused of gunning down his parents in their Point Loma home the day after Thanksgiving 2014, it was announced today.

Instead, 24-year-old Peter David Haynes will face life in prison without the possibility of parole if he’s convicted of killing Dr. David Haynes and Lissa Haynes on Nov. 28, 2014.

The defendant is charged with two counts of murder and special circumstance allegations of lying in wait and multiple murders.

Superior Court Judge Laura Halgren set the defendant’s trial for Oct. 18, but that could change if Peter Haynes enters a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity, said his attorney, Deputy Public Defender Mignon Hilts.

A status conference is scheduled Aug. 19.

The defendant shot his 61-year-old mother, Lissa, the morning after Thanksgiving, then ambushed his father when the 62-year-old emergency room physician came downstairs to check on his wife, according to evidence presented at a preliminary hearing in January.

Courtney Gant, who lives next door, testified she heard screaming, yelling and what sounded like gunshots at about 3 a.m.

The witness said she looked down into the victims’ kitchen and saw someone walking, then heard a male voice say, “He shot her in the chest. I think she’s dead.”

Gant said she saw the silhouette of a man consistent with Peter Haynes standing outside a sliding glass door holding a gun.

She said she was on the phone with a 911 operator when she heard a man scream, then three to four more shots.

San Diego police Officer Bradford Green testified that he found Lissa Haynes’ lifeless body and a wounded David Haynes after another officer kicked in the front door.

“He (David Haynes) said, `My son shot me,’ ” the officer testified.

When he asked the wounded man why his son shot him, David Haynes responded, “He’s schizophrenic,” according to Green.

David and Lissa Haynes both were pronounced dead at a hospital.

Officer Andrew Korenkov testified that an armed but confused Peter Haynes was arrested without incident some time after 6:30 a.m.near the crime scene.

Deputy Medical Examiner Steven Campman testified that Lissa Haynes was shot once in the chest and her husband was shot nine times.

Campman said David Haynes was probably shot once in the upper abdomen, then a number of times in the back. A shot to the victim’s right side struck his spinal cord and would have rendered him paralyzed from the chest down, Campman said.

After David Haynes was shot, the phone line to the 911 operator remained open, with the victim seemingly writhing in pain before his moaning stopped.

A family member told authorities that David Haynes had an interest in guns, which he used to bond with his son. Detective Anna Yankovich testified that an AR-15 rifle was found during a search of David Haynes’ bedroom.



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