Poll on Surf Camps Hours Extension: 3/4rds Oppose Current Set-Up

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In the third OB Rag poll that we recently ran for a week, we asked our readers about the surf camps in OB requesting an extension of the time allowed in the ocean and on the beach.

The surf camps want to amend their Memorandum of Agreement with the City of San Diego to extend their time in the afternoon by one hour.

Nearly three-quarters of the readers who responded expressed some kind of opposition to the current set-up.

44% gave an outright “no” to the proposal (63) votes. Another 29% (42 votes) said they were okay with the extension as long as the camps moved to Dog Beach (or as it used to be called “North Beach”).

Only 20% said they support the extension (29 votes). Some 7% said they need more info or had no opinion.  A total of 144 readers participated in the poll.

We should note that the 44% who said no to the extension, also agreed that,

“The camps already take up too much space both on prime beach and in the water – where they create hazardous conditions.”

In setting up this poll, we inadvertently created an option for our readers which has not necessarily even been discussed in public, and that is the option of allowing the surf camps to have their extension as long as they move to Dog Beach. We could have only allowed an option of moving the surf camps to La Playa de los Peros.

Also please note: this poll and the others are not scientific and we cannot know whether those who participated are from OB or the Point Loma area – but the poll results do reflect the opinions of our readers.

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