Poll of Name Change of Saratoga Park: Only 1 in 4 Agree to Ruth Varney Held

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In the OB Rag poll asking readers about their opinions on the proposed re-naming of Saratoga Park to being one named after OB’s historian, Ruth Varney Held, there were some surprising results.

In the poll where there were 128 votes, only 27% were for an out-and-out name change (35 votes). That’s a little more than one in 4 who are ready or agree to the name change.

A whooping 31% apparently didn’t know who Ruth Varney Held is and replied they didn’t have enough info to vote (40 votes).

Another 27% objected to the name change as they have always known the park as Saratoga Park (34 votes).

And for these type of polls, 15% had no opinion (19 votes).

What this implies is that those who want to have the park renamed need to do some more public outreach and education.

Please note: this poll and the others we ran for a week are not scientific and we cannot know whether those who participated are from OB or the Point Loma area. However the poll results do reflect the opinions of our readers.

Here is the poll.

OB Rag Poll rename park

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