OB Time – Kudos to Town Council and Questions for Police and Planning Board

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Once in a while I have to emerge from my folded yoga position and comment on local happenings around the Village of OB.

Praise be to the OB Town Council – for they have led the way for a second year in a row with their “Mallow Out” campaign against the marshmallow wars of yesteryear. For the second July 4th in a row, there were hardly any marshmallows thrown down around the beach once the fireworks ended.

I did hear about a little good-natured throwing contest of marshmallows and firecrackers between people on the beach and some folks up in a balcony at the new condo complex at Saratoga Park.

But some said it couldn’t be done – but they did it. Some say it’s spoiling all the fun – but it was spoiling our environment.

Hey, I’m as much as an anarchist as anybody else around here, yet even I grew sickened by the destruction to our beach and streets and birdlife by the gooey messes left by the crowds every July 4th. It was fun – over the years – and I’m glad I participated in the ‘war’ a number of moons back. But, c’mon, it did get out of hand, it really did – and everybody let it expand – even the cops. It was never meant to leave the area around the fire pits in front of the lifeguard station.

So, kudos to the Town Council and their volunteer ‘peace patrol’.

Question for or about the Police presence – I am too much of an anarchist, however, to not make a comment or question here now that I’ve brought up July 4th;  why was the police presence on July 4th so heavy-handed? I’ve heard several complaints that there were too many cops around, writing tickets, mobilizing their looming tower – they already take over the two main parking lots at the end of Newport – and generally playing their hand too strongly.  Why?

Question for the Planning Board and a new logo – Hey, I heard about the OB Planning Board changing its logo after the original owner of the OB Seagull complained.  The Planning Board’s logo definitely included the sense of the Bob Sorben’s OB Seagull, slightly altered, and it was nice of the Board to go with Sorben’s request – made I understand a couple of years ago, but just never acted on.  The Board did use their logo, I have to say, for – what – 30 years, so it is a little weird for the current Board to all of a sudden, without warning, change an image used by generations of volunteer OB planners.

Yet, here’s my suggestion: you and I know that it’s difficult to get OBceans involved or interested in the OB Planning Board. So, why not inspire a design contest for a new logo for the local planners? Get locals involved by holding a month long – or whatever – contest with some kind of award – for a new image for the group. The planning group represents all of OB – not just the current folks who sit on the Board. If a parrot, why not let others in on helping to design the logo? I’m not particularly thrilled or put off by the new design, reportedly offered for public showing at the last OB Planning Board meeting last week.

So, c’mon on guys, I know it’s a thankless job, and the new logo could be your way of putting your stamp on the Board, but many of us identify with what the Board stands for and does. Just a thought, eh?

Check out OB Rag Links and Calendar – Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you, dear reader, that the OB Rag has an awesome “Links” page and the best monthly calendar in the village.  Both can be found in the Nav Bar (navigation bar at the top of the homepage).

The Links page has – you guessed it – links to all the different OB and Point Loma groups (and if your group is not included, let editordude know), plus it has links to all  of OB’s different facebook pages, and to other media sources, both local and national.

And the calendar – located at the “Events” page, is really the best in the village because it includes the meetings and events of all the different organizations.

Also, our Classified pages are also a treasure and resource. Jobs, for rent, things for sale – all are there. Go check it out.

That’s it, gang, until next time.

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Frank Gormlie July 10, 2015 at 10:21 am

Old Hippie, you must have said something weird – not one comment, not one “like”. Sorry dude.


Old Hippie July 10, 2015 at 10:23 am

I know, I know. Maybe I just should shut up, keep my thoughts to myself. Why write anything here if nobody bothers to read and appreciate it? How are the stats?


editordude July 10, 2015 at 10:26 am

It had 9 hits at 10:20 am this morning.


Old Hippie July 10, 2015 at 10:27 am

Hey fans out there! Let editordude know that you are too embarrassed to admit you read my column.


Rufus July 11, 2015 at 4:36 am

Fear not Old Hippie, even us old OB conservatives read your musings. Even if it is 4:30 AM on a Saturday.


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