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Comic-Con Internation, San Diego Convention CEnterIt’s always interesting to get another perspective on one of San Diego’s most iconic events, the annual Comic-Con, which started yesterday, July 8th, and of course continues for days.

So, here’s a sampling of out-of-town media coverage of San Diego’s giant cultural bash:

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Day 1 Live Stream: Marvel Wants To Show You The Con Without Any Of The Lines [VIDEO] / iDigitalTimes

It’s been a hard journey but Comic-Con 2015 has descended upon San Diego and the largest celebration of popular culture is ready to commence. But unfortunately many people can’t make the trip to San Diego or get their hands on a ticket/badge. However, there’s no need to fear as Marvel is hosting another live stream of San Diego Comic-Con 2015 for its fans.

San Diego Comic-Con 2015’s Biggest Panels: Mockingjay, Walking Dead, Batman, and More! / usmagazine

It’s that time again! The time of year when thousands upon thousands of comic book, movie, and TV fans — and your favorite celebs — converge upon the San Diego Convention center for Comic-Con.

The 2015 slate features a couple of major movie panels that will be sure to contain highly anticipated trailers, cast and premiere date announcements, and other fan-friendly news, but the lineup is heavy on the epic television panels. …


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2: It’s Katniss and co.’s last time at Comic-Con for the final installment in the series — look for Jennifer Lawrence and her costars to share exclusive footage from the last movie.

The New and Improved San Diego Comic-Con Anti-Harassment Policy / The New Yorker

Below, please find the official San Diego Comic-Con Anti-Harassment Policy, to be posted in Dothraki, Klingon, and Hulk-speak throughout the exhibition hall, and read aloud by an animatronic Patton Oswalt at the entrance to the San Diego Convention Center:

1. No uninvited touching: not with your clammy hands; the tip of your movie-accurate, machined-aluminum ForceFX light saber; or any of your prosthetic hentai tentacles.

2. No Supermansplaining, Batmanspreading, or Iron Manslamming.

3. If you’re unsure whether you’re being insensitive to female attendees of the convention, please consult our new pamphlet: “What Would Joss Do?”

‘Creeping at a con’: Sexual harassment at Comic-Con not so comicWashington Post

 Comic-Con International. It’s a convention where celebrated superheroes and science fiction stars come to life. And, with thousands behind masks, it’s also a hot spot for misbehavior, according to reports.

In fact, Comic-Con events across the country have become so notorious for groping, stalking and unwanted photographing — even “upskirting” — such harassment has been termed “creeping at a con.”

For Comic-Con, home is where the heart is — San Diego / Los Angeles Times

The year was 1970, at the San Diego Golden State Comics Convention — the gathering that would become Comic-Con International — when science fiction author Ray Bradbury took the stage at the U.S. Grant Hotel. He had a message for the fewer than 300 attendees: Do not let others label your passion for comics or science fiction as mere escapism.

“[All] these things that are looked on as escapes, it’s not so,” Bradbury said. “Don’t let anyone hand you that nonsense. That’s one of those trick words that we’ve had applied to various fields like science fiction, detective writing and comic strips. It’s simply not true. It’s a way of dreaming yourself to a reality later in your life.”

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