Who the San Diego Left Endorses in the June California Primary

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Just having finished a review of who – and what – the San Diego Left endorses for this June’s Primary, I wanted to offer a summary of where different groups and media projects are at with the current crop of candidates and propositions.  (Note: not all races are covered, especially those of smaller municipalities and non-controversial propositions).

First – of course, there is a left in San Diego politics – so, those who cannot accept it, get over it. (For a refresher course on left vs right, see here and here.)  The groups reviewed for their endorsements are all left or left-of-center.  And by reporting on any group’s choices does not mean that I necessarily endorse them, their choices, or politics.

I scanned the endorsements of the following news sources and organizations:

  • CityBeat – the weekly magazine is generally left-of-center in their views, policies, and endorsements.
  • Democratic Socialists of America – clearly a left organization – an out-and-out “socialist” stance. Here’s their endorsements in a pdf file: Download File
  • Progressive Democrats of America – they have a local progressive group, on the activist left side of the Democratic Party.
  • Democratic Party – most would label the County group on the left side of politics.
  • Progressive Post – this North County online publication offers progressive views – focused in the northern section of the San Diego County and participating in the Democratic Party.
  • Green Party of San Diego – Definitely part of the local left, they obviously endorsed their entire national slate of Green Party candidates, so we only focus on their local endorsements. The Greens only made two local endorsements of candidates.

Here is a summary of the endorsements, without details, and the ‘why’s or ‘why-not’s’  (Links to the different endorsements are provided above. Note: if a group is not mentioned, they made no formal endorsement, as some groups only made endorsements that they were comfortable with.)

San Diego City Races

Mayor of San DiegoBob Filner is the unanimous choice of every group.

San Diego City Council –

District 1Sherri Lightner is endorsed by CityBeat, Democratic Party and Progressive Post.  DSA has a dual endorsement: Lightner and Bryan Pease – an animal-rights activist and lawyer. The PDA and the Labor Council were not happy enough with Lightner to endorse her. The Green Party endorses Bryan Pease.

District 3 – Democrat and incumbent Todd Gloria is running unopposed. Only the Democratic Party and the Progressive Post actually came out and endorsed him, whereas PDA and the Labor Council explicitly failed to give him their support.

District 5 – Republican Mark Kersey is running unopposed for Carl DeMaio’s old seat.

District 7 – Everyone endorses Mat Kostrinsky. (Everyone excluding the Greens – who only endorsed Pease in District 1.)

District 9 – Marti Emerald – who moved over to run in the brand new district – is favored by everyone.

 San Diego County Board of Supervisors

District 1 – CityBeat, DSA, Democratic Party, and Progressive Post all endorsed Brant Will. Both PDA and the Labor Council failed to make a public choice.

District 2 – Three groups endorsed activist Rudy Reyes against stalwart and Republican Diane Jacobs: DSA, Democrats, Progressive Post. CityBeat likes Jacobs, and the Labor Council didn’t make a choice.

District 3 – Democrat Dave Roberts is favored by everyone, except PDA and Greens who didn’t make choices.

State Races

State Assembly

71st District – Patrick Hurley – a Democrat – is endorsed by all except PDA and Greens who didn’t make one.

75th District – Most groups have lined up behind Democrat Matthew Herold, although PDA and Labor Council and Greens didn’t make endorsements in this race.

76th District – No group made any endorsements in this race, except CityBeat which came out for Rocky Chavez, a Democrat.

77th District – This is one of the most divided races in terms of splitting the Left in this part of the state. DSA, the Democratic Party, and Progressive Post are backing R.J. Hernandez, yet the Labor Council supports Greg Laskaris, and CityBeat likes Brian Maienschein, a Republican who used to seat on the San Diego City Council.

78th District – Everyone is supporting local darling Toni Atkins.

79th District – This race is even more divided that the 77th. There are four Democrats running: Pat Washington, Rudy Ramirez, Shirley Weber, and Sid Voorakkara.  City Beat and DSA only endorsed Voorakkara; Progressive Post only endorsed Shirley Weber. PDA issued a triple endorsement: Voorakkara, Washington and Weber; the Labor Council did a dual endorsement: Voorakkara and Weber, and the Democratic Party didn’t endorse anybody.

80th District – Every group endorsed Ben Hueso, the Democrat and former San Diego City Council member, except PDA and Greens.

State Senate

39th District – Everyone is backing Democrat Marty Block, except DSA and Greens, neither of which made an endorsement.

US Congress

49th District – CityBeat and the more progressive and liberal groups endorse Dick Eiden, including the Green Party in one of their few local endorsements. The Democratic Party and the Labor Council b0th endorse Jerry Tetalman.

50th District – CityBeat, DSA and Progressive Post support newbie David Secor, whereas the Democrats did not make any endorsement of either Secor or Connie Frankowiak. PDA and the Labor Council made no endorsements.

51st District – This race between two fairly well known Democrat politicians could have been more divided than it is. Juan Vargas and Denise Ducheny are going against each other for Bob Filner’s old seat. Yet, CityBeat, DSA, and Progressive Post support Ducheny, with the Democratic Party and the Labor Council endorsing Vargas. PDA did not make an endorsement here.

52nd District – Another divided race pitting well-known Democrats against each other. Here Scott Peters and Lori Saldana are squaring off, creating a dilemma for some liberals and progressives. Saldana is being endorsed by DSA and Progressive Post, whereas Peters is endorsed by CityBeat and the Labor Council with Lorena Gonzalez making a personal pitch on behalf of Peters. PDA and the Democrats either endorse both or neither.

53rd District – Everybody lined up behind Susan Davis, despite some grumbling in the ranks.


San Diego Unified School Board

District AJohn Lee Evans is universally endorsed.

District D – Ricard Barrera is running unopposed, and everyone endorsed him.

District E – New-comer Marne Foster is favored by every group surveyed.

County Board of Education

 1st DistrictGregg Robinson is endorsed by DSA, Labor Council, the Democrats, and Progressive Post. Robinson is active in his AFT local as he is a tenured sociology professor at Grossmont.  Plus Robinson was one of the first bloggers with us at the OB Rag. Only CityBeat, the Greens, and PDA didn’t make any endorsement here.

2nd DistrictLyn Neylon is supported by every group, but CityBeat, Green Party, and PDA – who didn’t make any endorsement.

4th District – Mark Anderson is backed by each group, except CityBeat, PDA and the Greens.

Community College Board

B District – Bernie Rhinerson racked up 5 of 6 endorsements.

D DistrictMary Graham is running unopposed.

Superior Court Judges

Seat #24 – Every group except PDA – which did not make an endorsement – supports Terrie Roberts for this judgeship.

Seat #25 – George Schaefer is endorsed by all, exept PDA, who did not make one.

Seat #34 – Garland Peed, a moderate Republican, is endorsed by three groups: CityBeat, DSA and Progressive Post – mostly because his opponent Gary Kreep is a far-right, religious extremist and Tea Party type.


Prop A – Universally condemned by all. No.

Prop B – The Left stands united against this  one. No.

Prop 28 – The Term Limits measure is supported by everyone except the Green Party. Yes.

Prop 29 – The cigarette tax is supported by all except the Labor Council which took no position. Yes.


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La Playa Heritage May 19, 2012 at 9:54 am

Great interview with Congressman and Mayoral candidate Bob Filner on KUSI’s San Diego people.


We’re less than a month away from the June primary, and one of the choices facing San Diego voters is who should be our next mayor. On this edition of San Diego People, we’re joined by mayoral candidate Bob Filner. We talk about the big issues facing San Diego, including pension reform, convention center expansion and our local economy. And we get the congressman’s vision for the future of our city.


Patrick Pierce May 19, 2012 at 9:55 am

The San Diego Labor Council endorsed the following:
Jerry Tetalman in the 49th District
No Endorsement in the 50th District
Juan Vargas in the 51st District
Scott Peters in the 52nd District
Susan Davis in the 53rd District

These endorsements were not listed on the Labor Council website due to federal campaign regulations.


Frank Gormlie May 19, 2012 at 11:54 am

Okay, as that is where I picked up the Council’s endorsements, so thanks Patrick, I’ve made the additions.


Frank Gormlie May 19, 2012 at 1:02 pm

I was also informed by the Democratic Party locally that they did not make a dual endorsement in 50th Congressional District, and that they did back Ben Hueso for the 80th State Assembly seat; I’ve made the corrections.


Zack June 3, 2012 at 7:46 pm

I’m against bankruptcy, so this is a good list of who not to vote for. Thanks.


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