Open Letter to Grover Norquist on Why Most Americans Don’t Want to Drown Government in the Bathtub

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By Joe Flynn

Dear Grover Norquist:

Top Ten Reasons why most people would not want government reduced to the size they could drown in a bathtub, as you so smugly recommend.

10.  A water main has broken in front of your house, and you don’t have enough water to flush your toilet, let alone, drown anything in the tub.

9.  Neighborhood kids have piled rocks in a sewer manhole plugging the line and what appear to be date expired Baby Ruth’s are floating down the street.

8.  Your residential neighbor is in the process of constructing a building in his front yard, which coincidentally, blocks your prized view of the ocean.

7.  You feel earth moving equipment and learn that your down hill neighbor is digging into the 20 foot bank supporting your rear yard, patio, and house.

6. You learn that the garage door repair firm advertising senior discounts has just doubled their quoted estimate – after the repair is finished.

5.  To your dismay, you find out that your community  recreation center and branch library have cut their hours in half.

4.  Two rough looking men are in the process of breaking into your new Porsche parked in the driveway.

3.  After a dip in the ocean, you got caught in a rip tide, can no longer touch bottom, and the beach is receding in the distance.

2.  All of your smoke alarms have just fired off, you see smoke billowing down the hall and an eerie orange glow downstairs.

1.  There are a number of armed men circling your house deciding where they want to break in.

Grover Norquist is an anti-tax lobbyist known for his Tax Payer Protection pledge. He “wields immense power over the Republican Party, enforcing a hard-line position that compels the GOP to protect tax breaks for the rich and billions in federal subsidies for America’s wealthiest corporations.” San Diego Mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher has signed the Norquist pledge.

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Andy Cohen May 15, 2012 at 3:31 pm

Sadly, this will be falling on deaf ears…..


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