2 Million Egyptians Rally in Celebration of Revolution

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Tahrir Square in Cairo, Feb 1, 2011. (Screen capture from Al Jazeera video, 7:20 PST.)

I got up early this morning to watch the Egyptian revolution unfold. Turned on Al Jazeera and BBC to watch live coverage of the hundreds of thousands converging and rallying in Tahrir Square in Cairo.  They had called today for a “million person march.”

And rally they did. All kinds of Egyptians have converged into Cairo, all religions, all genders, all classes, and all ages.  Lots of women, lots of children.  It is a festive affair, and some observers called it Egypt’s “Woodstock.”

Upwards of two million people are estimated to be in the Square, despite the shut-down by the government of trains, communication, and social media. And despite the imposition of a curfew and some efforts to block roads and bridges.  Large demonstrations are also happening in other cities, such as Alexandria at the coast.

The main demand of the Egyptian people: Hosni Mubarak get out!  Many have claimed they will stay until the dictator – who has been in power and supported by our government for 31 years – has left.

The Army has declared that it will not use force on the people or fire into the crowds. The Army is reported to have strung barb wire around the President’s Palace.

Check it out yourself at Al Jazeera English live video stream.  Or go to the BBC for updates.

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Frank Gormlie February 1, 2011 at 4:04 pm

President Obama just said: “President Mubarak recognises that the status quo is not sustainable, and that change must take place.” The president says he made it clear to Mr Mubarak that he believes “any orderly transition must be meaningful, must be peaceful, and must begin now”.

“The process must include a broad spectrum of Egyptian voices and opposition parties. It should lead to elections that are free and fair. It should result in a government that is not only grounded in democratic principles, but is also responsive to the aspirations of the Egyptian people.”

“Throughout this process the United States will continue to extend the hand of partnership and friendship to Egypt. We stand ready to provide any assistance that is necessary to help the Egyptian people as they manage the aftermath of these protests.”

Obama concludes by saying: “In the last few days, the passion and the dignity that has been demonstrated by the people of Egypt has been an inspiration to people around the world. To the people of Egypt, particularly the young people, I want to be clear. We hear your voices. I have an unyielding belief that you will determine your own destiny and seize the promise of a better future for your children and your grandchildren.”


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