Disclaimer to Our OB Rag Online Subscribers

by on April 25, 2023 · 1 comment

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To all our OB Rag subscribers:

The online image that our subscribers receive in their email is only partly from the OB Rag. Below our posts are sponsored ads and even articles.

Yet, we do not have any control over what our subscription service adds to our sub list. The ads are NOT ours – and we don’t make one cent from them. And the sponsored articles are not ours either. Some of them are downright embarrassing. (See below for a sample.)

It’s the cost of enlisting a free service for our readers. (That’s right, you too can have the Rag sent to your email for free — check out the sign-up box just below our banner.)

Hopefully, someday we’ll have a subscription service that doesn’t feed off our readers. But until then, be forewarned, dear subscriber, and proceed with caution after reading our headlines and text in the emails sent to you.

Sample ads and sponsored posts below Rag articles

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FrankF April 26, 2023 at 6:46 am

We’re all subjected to crazy advertisements on TV, on the Internet and in print media. I have faith that Rag readers are smart enough to separate advertisements from news and editorial content.


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