Opposition Grows to So-Called Proposed Tenant Protections – San Diego Council Votes Tuesday, April 25

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City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera

The San Diego City Council will vote Tuesday, April 25th at 2 pm on an ordinance proposed by San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera to provide protections to renters from eviction as long as they continue to pay rent and comply with their lease.

But opposition to the proposal is growing and residents are being rallied to call in or attend the meeting to show or voice issues they have with it.

Opponents assert this ordinance has loopholes that allow predatory landlords to exploit renters and does not do enough to protect vulnerable tenants. The proposed ordinance prioritizes industry profits over renters. We need stronger tenant protections to ensure that everyone has the access they deserve to safe, affordable housing so that vulnerable members of our communities are not left behind.

For example, the ordinance does not apply to all renters. The protections do not extend to affordable housing, vacation rentals, hotels, residential care facilities, granny flats, or other properties where the landlord lives permanently. It also includes a carveout for certificates of occupancy issued within the last 15 years. (See this Voice of San Diego article.)

Opponents ask San Diego residents to:


Call or Email your Councilmembers! Make sure they hear your voice! They’ve received hundreds of letters from the industry fighting against tenant protections. You can find their emails and phone numbers from the City Council site by clicking their names: https://www.sandiego.gov/citycouncil. You can use the draft letter found here.


For more details on how to call in or email councilmembers, please see this.


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