A Bigger, Better Job for Hillary Than President

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By Colleen O’Connor

Seriously. The country needs real leadership, not photo ops from a full-time, “acting” President.

The economy is cratering.  Businesses are shuttering.  Malls are about to be scooped up as Amazon warehouses and millions are looking at evictions and possible homelessness.

And oh, yes, limited or non-existent health insurance.

Plus, COVID-19 is killing us. Over 5 million cases in the U.S. and over 160,000 deaths. Worldwide, the number is 20 million cases and counting, with deaths topping 740,000.

This is a global pandemic that promises to morph into something worse come fall with the flu season.  Add the cold of winters driving most of the country indoors with risky ventilation. The virus is not “going away.  Things just go away.”   Leave “like a miracle.”  Or “just disappear.”

We need someone to take charge.

Someone who can call world leaders “at 3 a.m.” and get an answer; be it Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Arden (who have corralled the virus), or every other world leader except possibly Russia’s President Putin.

Someone who can push the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, private foundations, and all the major players on the world stage to become a team.

A global pandemic requires someone with global experience and skills. Someone who knows politics, can work independent of the government, and is rich enough and savvy enough to get every Democratic governor of every major state to come to the table and execute a plan.

Obviously, that is an abbreviated Curriculum Vitae for former First Lady, Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and best-selling author, Hillary Clinton.

After Biden names his V.P., he might want to start fighting the virus by proposing Hillary Clinton as the new “Czarina to Crush Covid-19.”

Think about it.  Just the thought might push Putin to give-away his new found, but highly suspect Russian-approved vaccine, to everyone in his orbit. It might also jump start President Trump into some kind of action because the title of “first” is gone and with it his “October Surprise.”

Waiting 90 more days for an election (that will surely be fraught with insane accusations about the mail-in ballot results) to tackle what is killing us, is too long.  Add to that, the lawsuits that will pile up until the January swearing-in ceremony.

Americans being on the “Do Not Enter” list for dozens of countries is not a badge of honor. Nor is a collapsing economy and over 10% unemployed.

Just the thought of Hillary back on the world stage might trigger an imaginary encore bout against Trump.  Remember, she did defeat Trump in the popular count by nearly 3 million votes. Nice popular base to start.

To replay the last four years, with a glimpse of “what might have been,” (by delivering a serious “war” against a global pandemic), would be a lasting legacy for Hillary. Far more important than being a present-day President.

Just a thought.  When faced with no plan, no science, no coordination, no coherent message, and nothing but chaos for an option, look around. The economy will not come back until the pandemic goes away.  It will not go “poof.”

Suggest Hillary Clinton as the new taskmaster to crush COVID-19.  Someone with the knowledge, experience and grit to “crush it.” She is not afraid of science or anything else. Go for it.


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