Nearly Half Way to Our Goal in OB Rag Pandemic Summer Fundraiser

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The OB Rag is almost half way to our Pandemic Summer Fundraiser goal of $2,000. In a little over 24 hours, we’ve closed in on $1,000 with the recent donations that came in today, Tuesday, August 11.

The stakes are high, the need is great.

We do this every year because we do have bills to pay – and obviously we’re not part of the mainstream media.

But we have been the online newspaper for Ocean Beach and Point Loma and now we’re in our 13th year. We’re funded primarily by our readers and supporters.

So, dear Reader, we’re asking you to go to the top of the home page and click on the PayPal logo and make a donation. Or you can donate to us the traditional way, by mailing it to us at our post office box (OB Rag, PO Box 7012, Ocean Beach, CA 92167).

Here are some more reasons to donate to the OB Rag – past victories and history:

The very first OB Rag, published in September 1970.

Saving the OB Library. The OB Rag was instrumental in helping save the OB Library from closing its doors when it was on Mayor Sanders’ butcher block. We joined with the OB Historical Society and the Friends of the OB Library and held several rallies. Mayor Sanders commented that it was the folks in OB who rallied around their library that convinced him to take all libraries off that cutting board.

We have supported the Friends of the Library in their seasonal book sales and their petition calling for improvements and the expansion that the City promised OB over a decade ago. Plus we had the idea of installing a bench in front of the Library, which was achieved in 2015.

Saving OB’s Fire Rings. When faced with more budget cuts, the City considered removing all of OB’s fire rings. The OB Rag singlehandedly led a campaign to save them, and began finding “sponsors” for each one. We finally convinced then-Councilmember Kevin Faulconer and Mayor Sanders to come up with funding for the beach icons.

Kept watch over the OB Entryway Project / Park. It was actually after one of our posts on an update to the Entryway Park that Michael Turko called the OB Rag “the conscience of OB.” We also joined with our friends from the OB Green Center and cleaned up the park which had become totally neglected by the city one weekend.

Saved a Torrey Pine on Longbranch. The Rag led an effort to save a Torrey Pine on the 4600 block of Longbranch Avenue, after the City had marked it for lumber because it was perceived as leaning. Along with a local tree activist, who hired an expert and paid for a trim, we were able to save the mighty tree from being cut down. We have also highlighted the plight of other Torrey Pines – a protected species – and their history in OB and Point Loma.

Cover of OB Rag, early May 1974

Lobbied for clean public restrooms. We have been very strident in our criticism of some of OB’s restrooms – particularly those at the Lifeguard Station. And we also have applauded the new “comfort station” recently installed on the beach at the foot of Brighton. (There’s also OB Rag quotes on the ceiling.)

Pushed for Public Infrastructure and facilities. Along with expanding the Library, and getting new restrooms, we have also pushed for a new lifeguard station (with the possible option of having an adjoining police sub-station), street lights/lamps, real bike paths, improvements to Collier Park, more murals, and a new recreation center.

Publish news and updates of the commercial districts – with our “Newport News” and such. Periodically, the Rag publishes news from the local commercial areas of OB, particularly from Newport Avenue, and include the comings-and-goings of small businesses within the village, and the progress of new ones. We also provide inexpensive advertising for small, local businesses in the area.

Restaurant and business reviews. Thanks to Judi Curry and a few others, we have published a rack of restaurant reviews over the last few years.

Campaigned for more humane treatment of homeless people – led pushback against dehumanizing sticker, and tried to get OBceans to see homelessness as a civil rights issue. Continued to cover homelessness and the series of community forums held to grapple with its issues.

Highlighted attacks against women in OB at night. There was a series of sexual attacks against women, particularly at night, which we covered to highlight the dangers at night and the need for better street lights.

OB Rag greatly aided in the campaign to have the OB Community Plan Update passed. It did this by providing up-to-date coverage of the campaign by OBceans to have first, the City Council, and then the Coastal Commission, pass the Community Plan, and to aid in the petition drive that gained 4,000 signatures.

We also have spotlighted each of the different planning districts of OB, the history of the making the Planning Board some 40 years ago, and have encouraged OBceans to get involved in the Board itself.

Reports of local planning committees. There are 3 local planning committees from the Peninsula whose meetings the Rag reports upon, particularly the OB one, but also the Peninsula planning group and occasionally the Midway District one. Most mainstream press ignore these local meetings and groups.

Chronicled the turn-over of apartments and large complexes in OB. We have been following the unprecedented sell-off and buying up apartment complexes throughout Ocean Beach, and trying to watch how many speculators exploit the village whereas a few actually try to become part of it.

Track local developments. The Rag tracks the developments of large developments in the OB and Midway areas.

Pushed City to deal with dangerous cave at Sunset Cliffs. More recently, inspired by local residents, we investigated the dangerous conditions of the cave-like structure at the foot of Pescadero, and was part of the pressure to get the city to deal with it.

Source of modern OB history. The Rag is a resource of modern Ocean Beach history – from the 1960s at least.

Platform for discussion of community issues. With our online system, we have provided an invaluable platform for the discussion and debate of community issues and of different perspectives. With our broader readership, we can do this at a wider level than any one facebook page can.

Provide links to OB and other groups and facebook pages.

Help us continue this great tradition of having an alternative press for our community. Support the OB Rag. Become a monthly contributor.

We believe we’re the modern day Ben Franklins with our press – afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted.

Meanwhile, thanks to all of our supporters who have sent checks and donated via PayPal over these past few months.

How to Support Us

Send us a one-time donation via our PayPal button on the homepage;

Become a regular monthly contributor; via PayPal on the homepage;

Send us a check made out to “OB Rag” to:

OB Rag
PO Box 7012
Ocean Beach, CA 92167

Have a business or non-profit – take out an advertisement – we have great rates for locals;

Send us photos, poetry, musings, observations, or volunteer to help us cover local events and meetings.

So, help us keep the OB Rag alive and well – send us a donation during this Pandemic Summer campaign.

The original OB Rag was first published in the fall of 1970 – and we’re still here 50 years later – a freaking half century! okay,there’s been some gaps – but with your help, we’d like to be around another 50 years.

Back in the old days, during the 1970s when the OB Rag was an actual paper newspaper, the staff would leave stacks of the folded issues on counters in storefronts and businesses across OB, and on top of each stack was a large coffee can with a sign for donations. And no one would touch the contents of those cans. In large measure, that’s how the OB Rag survived in those days – through contributions from residents and businesses of the community.

Likewise today, the online OB Rag – now in our 13th year – has survived on donations from our readers, supporters and businesses who take out ads.

It’s how we roll.




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