Ocean Beach Home Hosts Sanctuary House Teach-In

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By Dianne Lane

A couple of activists hosted a Sanctuary House Party/Teach-in at their home in Ocean Beach on Saturday, February 25th.

The impetus for the event sprang from a “Teaching Positive Alternatives to Trump Teach-In” last month in Balboa Park.

The aim is to build a San Diego network of sanctuary homes in resistance to Trump’s fascism and to corporate capitalism.

Over the next few months, a series of neighborhood house parties throughout San Diego will help define and create this vital new network of hope and resistance. The goal is to form real connections during these social /educational events.

This house party attracted at least 60 people, plus a few kids and small dogs. Peter Brown, the organizer of Teaching Positive Alternatives to Trump, asked that everyone give a brief statement of why they were there. Most of the folks were long-time activists. Organizations such as San Diego Women United, ThinkDignity.org, and SanctuarySanDiego.org/ResistSanDiego.org (the same organization) were represented.

Half a dozen people identified themselves as attorneys, and I suspect there were more. One man stated the most poignant reason for us being there, “We were all here because we had to be. A seed was planted in our minds way back. Now here we are.”

The immediately useful takeaway for me was the information that the ACLU is a good place to start with specific, written information about people’s rights. One of the attorneys gave me some small cards that can easily be put in a wallet. Also, the ACLU will give referrals for help. Phone 619-232-2121, or email info@aclusandiego.org.

The focus of this house party was “Community Defense of Civil Liberties.” The presenters were two young women from AlianzaComunitaria.org, a coalition of human rights groups, student groups, and community members in North County San Diego. For the past four years, the organization has created and maintained a cellphone network. Now thousands of people are spreading the word about checkpoints, raids, and police activity in the corridor between highways 78 and 76.

After the presentation, the hosts called for a break, offering a table groaning with wonderful home-cooked Mexican food. Donation jars were available for the house party and for “Mi Casa es Su Casa/Sanctuary” yard signs. From 4pm till late in the evening the Rocking the Resistance Party played out with awesome music, craft beer, and amazing conversations.

From Peter: How about hosting a Resistance House Party at your home or attending a party in another home? Together we can create a space where popular education meets people’s culture ~ and then eat, sing and dance together! Perhaps it will be the first step in breaking down our isolation and making the connections we need in these hard times! Si se puede.

Contact pedrocafe@hotmail.com to schedule a Sanctuary House Party & Teach-In at your home

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