Ocean Beach, Peninsula and Midway Planning Boards All Have Elections in March

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All three of the planning boards that make up the Point Loma planning areas have their annual elections coming up in March.

The Ocean Beach Planning Board holds its election on Wednesday, March 15th, the Peninsula Community Planners hold theirs on March 16th, and the election for the Midway – Pacific Hwy Planning Group will also take place March 15th.

Here are details for the various planning committee elections:

OB Planning Board

The annual election is being held Wednesday, March 15th.  The balloting takes place inside the OB Recreation Center between the hours of 4 to 6pm.

Any tenant, resident, property owner or business owner in Ocean Beach can take part in the election. Importantly, everyone from these categories can also be a candidate for one of the seats on the 14-member Board.  [The OB Rag encourages tenants and renters, especially, to run for the Board, as tenants make up 6 of every 7 residents in OB and it’s important for renters to have a strong voice on the Board.]

So, if interested, check the district map for the district of your residence or business or property. One seat in each of the 7 districts is up for election each year. One of the requirements for running as a candidate is attending one of the monthly meetings over the course of the previous year. So, as long as a candidate attends the next upcoming monthly meeting being held on Wednesday, March 1st, that would satisfy the requirement.

Here is what the OB Planning Board website says about Board member eligibility and running as a candidate:

Terms are two years, with the seats in each district staggered so elections occur in alternate years. The Board may also appoint members on a discretionary basis to fill vacant seats.

All members, whether elected or appointed, must meet the same requirements to serve.

Eligibility Requirements

All persons who meet the eligibility criteria below are allowed to apply for a seat on the Board. It is not necessary to be a registered voter with the state or county government. Candidates must first demonstrate that they are 18 years of age and meet one of the following conditions within the OB Community Plan Area (map) for more than 30 days:

  • Resident: Residing and maintaining a physical address.
  • Property Owner: Owning property.
  • Business Owner/Licensee: Owning/operating a business with a physical address/location. (Proof of the above may be established with a copy of a driver’s license [or other government ID] in addition to a copy of a utility bill, business license, or tax bill that demonstrates the qualifying address of the candidate.)

In addition, eligible candidates must:

  • Gather at least 35 signatures from the district in which they are seeking a seat (signatures must be from district residents, property owners, or business owners/licensees).
  • Have documented attendance at one of the Board’s last 12 meetings prior to the election.


The official application, including signature forms, can be downloaded below. It may be used for elections or appointments. Please contact the Board to notify us that you are interested in a seat and to coordinate submission of your application.

Candidate Application (PDF, 350 KB)

Once the candidate’s application and signatures are verified by the Board, the candidate will be deemed eligible to serve and may be appointed at the next general meeting.

Peninsula Community Planning Board

From PCPB website:

The Peninsula Community Planning Board (PCPB) will be holding elections in March 2017 to fill five (5) vacancies. Board terms are three (3) years, with exception of unexpired terms which are filled.

Requirements for those interested in becoming a Board Member:

  • Candidates must be 18 years of age.
  • Candidates must reside,
  • own property,
  • or operate a business within the PCPB boundaries.
  • Candidates must have attended one regular PCPB meeting within the previous 12-month term. Attending the candidates forum qualifies for this requirement.

The election will be held on Thursday, March 16, 2017 from 4:00pm – 8:00pm, at the Point Loma / Hervey Branch Library located at 3701 Voltaire Street, San Diego, CA 92107.

Proof of residence, business operation, or property ownership within the PCPB boundaries must be provided for an individual to vote.

Candidates’ Forum

The candidates’ forum will be held on Thursday, March 2, 2017, from 5:30pm – 7:00pm, at the Point Loma / Hervey Branch Library located at 3701 Voltaire Street, San Diego, CA 92107.

To find out about eligibility requirements and obtain an application to run, go here; . Any applications already filed can also be viewed at this same address.

Midway – Pacific Hwy Community Planning Group

The planning group will hold its annual election on March 15th from 2:30 to 3:00, prior to the monthly meeting at the San Diego City College – West City Campus on Fordham Street in the Midway District.

The election will take place on the first floor and the meeting will commence at 3:00 on the second floor, room 208.

Here is the group’s announcement:



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Geoff Page March 15, 2017 at 2:29 pm

I’ve been asked to be a write-in candidate for the Peninsula Community Planning Board in tomorrow’s election and have agreed. If anyone would like another choice, other than what is on the ballot, feel free to write in my name. I do have past experience having been on the board twice and I served as chair on two occasions also. Regardless of who you vote for, I encourage you to go vote!


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