OB Planners Take on Questions to City onTorrey Pines, the Ebers – Greene Project, and Project at 4768 Del Mar

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The agenda for the Wednesday night’s OB Planning Board appears full, with reports and discussions on a number of popular issues – the Torrey Pines and the project at Ebers and Greene – as well as proposed project at 4768  Del Mar, plus it looks like at effort by the Board to reach out to the community during what’s being touted as “Archtoberfest”.

OB Torrey Cut beforeThe Planning Board meets at the OB Recreation Center, 4726 Santa Monica Avenue, at 6pm sharp, Wednesday, October 5th.

Torrey Pines and Canopies

Of great interest will be the Board’s review of questions submitted to the City by the Friends of Peninsula Trees, as well as an update to City policies regarding trees and its reforesting efforts. This all stems from a September 7th presentation at the Board’s monthly meeting by the Friends on what happened with the Torrey on Saratoga Avenue – which was chopped down in August by the City and its contractor.

ob-ebers-gre-sept016-closeupEbers and Greene – the “Nelson Addition” Project

Also of interest is another matter on the agenda, the controversial Ebers and Greene project, the so-called “Nelson Addition” at 2269 Ebers. Neighbors of the project had made a formal request at last month’s meeting, and this Wednesday, the Board is expected to discuss the project and determine if there is any action they need to take.

ob-del-mar-4768-sidefront4768 Del Mar Project

Action item number 3 is the proposed project at 4768 Del Mar Avenue.  The project being proposed via a Process 2 Coastal Development Permit, is to demolish an existing garage and construct a 3-story unit addition, do interior remodel and companion unit. The plans propose 2 bedrooms, an FAR of 0.51, and is at 30 feet in height. The Project Review committee had taken a preliminary review of it at their Sept. 20th meeting.

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Micporte October 5, 2016 at 4:27 pm

What you do for the smallest of projects in this city, in defending a tree, you do for the whole city., and the whole earth…stand tall Ocean Beach defenders, like the trees that the city and developers haven’t yet got variances to cut down…and thank you from the future.
Please don’t cut down the old trees in Pacific Beach, many planted by Kate Sessions, and early settlers, but not on any protected “list” , like the old elms (rare survivors) on Fanuel St , and Law St at Academy, and the old California Coastal oaks (in danger species) on Chalcedony 1600 block , old community, old trees, let’s keep and feature them in our development, not chop them down , please, says the trees


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