Survey of San Diego Neighborhoods With Highest Crimes by Zip Code – Ocean Beach Is Only No. 13th

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magnify glassOur local CBS station, Channel 8, just did a survey of neighborhoods of the County of San Diego with the highest overall crime numbers within the last six months. The news station did this by zip code.

We took their numbers, and after adjusting them to allow just City of San Diego neighborhoods, we found that the neighborhood of Ocean Beach – zip code 92107 – was the neighborhood with the 13th highest crime numbers.  During the last 6 months, according to the survey, OB had 856 over-all.

But OB was bested by twelve other neighborhoods with higher numbers of crimes.

Downtown San Diego was the worst neighborhood – 92101 – with 3,893. Next was Pacific Beach, 92109, with 2,643 overall crimes in the last 6 months.

The zip code of 92115 – the College Ave area – was 3rd with 1,811. City Heights/ Oak Park came in 4th with 1,685 crimes.

By comparison, Point Loma was 20th with 376 crimes.

This survey – by zip code at least – demonstrates that many other communities within San Diego have higher crime totals than Ocean Beach.

And San Diego, by the way, is in a 35-year low point in violent crimes and crimes against property.

Now, there are problems with this survey. Not all zip codes are equal. So, it may be unfair to compare zip codes to zip codes.

Yes, even though Ocean Beach is a relatively small community, the 92107 zip code area is not.

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unwashedwallmartthonG November 20, 2015 at 10:09 am

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