“Convergence” Transformative at Cabrillo Light House

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convergence coverBy Eric Nielsen / blogsandiego

The Convergence show at Cabrillo National Monument on November 14th was a huge success. It was fabulously put on by Ship in the Woods. It was spiritual and mystical. It was full of great people and objects. It breathed with the ocean and the cliffs. It melted into the serene and transformative power of the location.

convergence LtHo

Screen capture from author’s video of light show on Light House.

It was site specific art at its best and if you missed it, you missed the night of the year. I couldn’t even see all of it and I couldn’t stay for the music. I really wanted to see Perry Vazquez and Pall Jenkins play in front of glass walls that looked out onto the ocean, the bay, downtown and Tijuana. But, I didn’t even need to see all the art or hear all the music to feel the presence of the ocean, the stars and night time sky serving as the backdrop to the creationist visions of local artists.

Iconvergence 1‘ve lived on the peninsula for 25 years and have never set foot on the property after dark like this. This land is our land. And all I could think, as I gingerly explored this night time sacred power spot, was how have they kept us out for so many year? This is ours! This setting must be utilized more often at night. The high cliffs, the crescent moon, the stars, the channel into the bay, the native landscape all opened itself like petals for the seeker. Around every corner, out of the dark, emerged a sacred little dream. The setting, the art, the people, all came together for a night unprecedented in my time in the city.

convergence 2The highlight of the art was Neil Kendrick’s projected piece on the lighthouse itself. Accompanied by underwater sounds and beautiful blue and white abstracts, the piece made you feel like you were underwater. Or, at the lighthouse, in a storm, in the old days, when it took a day to travel there from the city by horse and buggy. The pictures and movies can’t do it justice, but you can check out this youtube for a taste.

Thanks to A Ship in the Woods for revealing this night time gem locale (the best spot in the city to park and kiss your girl). Do it again. Please, do it again.

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Daniel Shay November 18, 2015 at 1:42 pm

Dang, I was unaware of this show. Sounds cool. How did you hear about it?


Eric November 22, 2015 at 4:49 pm

Through blogsandiego.com
I’ll put something up on the rag for their next show.


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