Two City Meetings on Draft Ordinance for Short Term Rentals – Wed. Oct. 14th

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The City of San Diego is holding 2 meetings on the proposed draft ordinance for short-term vacation rentals, on Wednesday, October 14th.

Both meetings are open to the public, and they’re both in the same place – but there will be limited time for comments.

The first meeting is the Code Monitoring Team (CMT) Meeting, which is at 10:00-11:45 a.m. and the second is the Technical Advisory Committee, which meets from 12:00-2:00 p.m.

The meetings are in the 4th Floor Training Room, in the City Operations Building – Development Services Center, located at 1222 First Ave, San Diego, CA 92101.

Critics of the draft proposal being considered feel it is a poorly conceived ordinance that would legitimize mini-hotels in all residential areas in the City.

The draft is opposed by Save San Diego Neighborhoods (SSDN), as well as the city-wide Community Planners Committee (CPC), which voted 24-3 against it on September 22nd.

Both SSDN and the CPC are asking the City to enforce its current Municipal Code, which both groups – along with a growing number of land-use and legal experts – say prohibits STVRs in residential areas.

Then on December 3rd, the City’s Planning Commission will also consider the draft ordinance on. SSDN activists are urging that everyone who can attend that meeting, also. They also ask folks to checkout Save San Diego in the coming days for updates during what they firmly believe is a critical period for those trying to protect their neighborhoods and homes from the proliferation of mini-hotels.

They ask people to sign their online petition asking the City to enforce its Municipal Code.  Their common clarion call:

“Enforce the current Municipal Code and keep mini-hotels out of our residential areas.”

(Tip o’hat to Celeste Abbott)

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Lori Hegerle October 13, 2015 at 7:06 pm

It is too bad that these meeting are during work hours. Thanks for sharing Frank.


Celeste Abbott October 14, 2015 at 10:19 am

Many of us support shared housing but NOT at the expense of displacing Ocean Beach families. Not at the expense of a childhood being lived in the best community in the world. We love our neighbors! We want them in our neighborhoods.

Ocean Beach has always made an effort to preserve its local style and prevent capitalistic development. O.B. serves as a great example of old values and ideas being incorporated with mindful growth. O.B. is not a backdrop for commercial development.

I am true to O.B. Through intelligent conversations and activism, I have done my job sharing beliefs with STVR and AirB&B owners. Many of our core values are the same. In fact, we discover there is a lot of common ground. Therefor, a fair solution is possible.

Ocean Beach is a powerful. We are a community of the people. I believe the power is in the people of Ocean Beach. I think getting OBceans out to demonstrate is a more challenging than in past generations but…its there still.

I do feel that O.B.’s counter culture is now cutting edge mainstream but I do not believe it is a capitalistic culture. I have hope.

Ask not what O.B. Can do for you but what you can do for O.B.!

Go to a meeting.
Talk to someone with an opposing view.
Write your district rep.
Build a float for the OB XMAS Parade.
Fly a kite at the Kiwanis Kite Festival.
Get barreled!
Give back to a community that’s given you so much!


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