OB CDC Continues Its Focus on Ocean Beach Park Projects

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OBCDC meet 10-8-15 bh 01

Standing: Tom Perrotti, sitting L to R: Dave Martin and Steve Haynes.

A Report of the OB CDC Meeting – October 8, 2015,

by Lois Lane

Ocean Beach has the smallest of the city’s northern beach parks, just one mile long. Both Mission Beach and La Jolla greatly exceed it in size. We sometimes take it for granted, but in our hearts we agree with OB Rag commenter “mjt’s” words for a recent article:

“The natural beauty and harmony of the beach…The beach represents freedom and beauty…”

But for all of us who believe the beach represents freedom and harmony, there is an opposing force that the beach represents opportunity for change.

OBCDC meet 10-8-15 bh 04

Jane Gawronski

For the number of dollars today associated with the various Ocean Beach Park endeavors (including the surfing camps), we could probably carpet the entire park with dollar bills, a green-cartoon vision that does not take into consideration tides and wind. The beach and park and beach represent different things to different people.

If you think that filling empty space with worthwhile projects is better than nothing there, then you will welcome the park improvements and usage.

So, back to the OB CDC meeting where the usual agenda items are discussed – the OB Entryway, and two beach park projects: the OB Veteran’s Plaza, and the Children’s Play/ Lifeguard Fitness Area.

Members of the public are welcome at these meetings but do not come. This meeting was attended by Chet Barfield, a Navy veteran who is also formerly a City Council staffmember and Interim Mayor Todd Gloria staff member. He will be helping with for the OB Veteran’s Plaza. Conrad Wear was also there, representing Lori Zapf’s office. He announced the OB Rec Council would be meeting to vote to change the name of part of Ocean Beach Park, commonly called Saratoga Park to Ruth Varney Held Park. This meeting will be October 13 at 6:00 pm at the Rec Center.

The entry way continues to require repairs, which are being made by the city as damage occurs. No plaques or tiles are being sold by the OB CDC for the entryway, as announced at the September meeting.

The Veterans Plaza in Ocean Beach Park is moving ahead with the elevation survey. A consultant is needed to map out the water, electricity, gas, and sewer lines existing or required.

OBCDC meet 10-8-15 bh 03

Tom P, Dave M, Steve H, Paris Barrowclough. All photos by Lois Lane.

For the Children’s Play/Lifeguard fitness area in Ocean Beach Park, a vote was taken to hire the consultant for the “Defining the Vision” phase of the project for $4800. This includes data collection, site survey, a meeting, and other preliminary activities. This is a partial funding of the $13,200 required for early design.

The meeting was chaired by the President, Tom Perrotti. Other board members in attendance were Steve Grosch, Dave Martin, Brian Pottenger, Steve Haynes, Jane Gawronski and Paris Barrowclough.

The next OB CDC meeting: November 12, 2015 at 7:00 pm, OB Recreation Center.

Note: US currency bills are 2.61 inches wide and 6.14 inches long

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Frank Gormlie October 12, 2015 at 8:55 pm

Wow! I know Paris! Paris used to do childcare for us when I lived on Santa Monica.


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