Open Letter to Councilwoman Zapf From Friends of OB Library

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OB LibraryEditor: The following letter was originally sent to Councilwoman Lorie Zapf by the OB Friends of the Library back in February of this year. 

Here, the Friends’ President, Judy Collier, has resent the letter with the opening phrase, “what progress has been made since I sent this letter …?” We share it with you.

Dear Councilmember Zapf,

What progress has been made since I sent this letter on February 9, 2015? Thank you for your help and support.

Thank you for supporting the Ocean Beach Library Expansion in your Budget Suggestions for FY 2016, dated January 16, 2015, and included in the FY 2016 City Council Budget Priorities, dated January 23, 2015. Thank you also for your gracious participation in the Ocean Beach Town Council meeting on January 28, 2015.

As you pointed out at that meeting, the OB Library Expansion is on the Capital Improvement Projects list, but there is no funding to implement expansion. Indeed, the Priority Category is “Low.” In the written description of Ocean Beach Branch Library/S00806, the Schedule describes the long delayed history:

“Preliminary studies and design concepts began in Fiscal Year 2001. Property acquisition and design were completed in 2005. Revision of the design documents is in progress” (my comment: really?).

The project cost and schedule were initially developed in Fiscal Year 2002; However, the scope, cost, and schedule including construction will be revised once funding is identified.”

The Summary of Project Changes continues:

“This project is on hold due to lack of funding. A new project will be created when funding is identified and this project will be closed by the end of the fiscal year. No other significant change has been made to this project for Fiscal Year 2015.”

It appears that no significant changes have occurred since 2005 and it is now 2015. We cannot let this badly needed and long delayed project get closed out of the CIP budget.

At the OB Town Council meeting, you suggested that communities need to identify their priorities so that they will be in line when funds, such as CIP, Lease-Revenue, Deferred Capital or  Mega-Bonds, become available.

The Ocean Beach Planning Board spent years developing the Ocean Beach Community Plan and the companion Public Facilities Financing Plan, which identified expansion of the Ocean Beach Library as its number one priority.

This plan was approved by community groups, such as the OB Town Council, the OB Historical Society, the OB Mainstreet Association, and the Ocean Beach Friends of the Library, and it was unanimously approved by the San Diego City Council. It is time to align the San Diego City priorities with community priorities.

We understand that the Mission Hills/Hillcrest, Skyline and San Carlos branch library projects have the strong support of the Councilmembers from their various districts. We want to work with you to make the expanded Ocean Beach a tangible reality and not just a dream or a hope. Thank you for
your help and support.

Best Wishes,
Judy Collier, President
Ocean Beach Friends of the Library

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Geoff Page April 30, 2015 at 2:11 pm

As I said in a comment on the previous OB Rag article above, OB didn’t vote for Zapf or Faulconer so good luck with your appeal. Personally, I’m proud of the way OB voted but the fallout is clear.


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