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No Injuries a Miracle as SUV Plows into OB Episcopal Church

A Honda Pilot SUV plowed into OB’s Episcopal Diocese just weeks after a remodeling project was done. It happened around 9am on Monday, July 7th, and luckily – or miraculously – no one was injured.  The SUV, which was pulling into a parking space, never slowed and smashed into the back of the diocese. No one was in the room, but there were 10 humans within the two-story building.

The driver was a long-time volunteer and did a number where the accelerator was mistaken for the brake. It is a painful fix. The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego recently moved to the location on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, completing a $1.2 million renovation in June.  A church official said:

“Thank God nobody was there. We often have morning meetings there, but today there was nobody in there and on the outside. Often times we have volunteers around … I don’t believe in coincidences. It’s miraculous nobody was hurt.”

No Arrests at July 4th BBQ for Homeless

There were no arrests of anyone at the July 4th BBQ for homeless people in Saratoga Park. Hosted by Second Chances and a number of local churches and homeless advocates, the feeding went on smoothly with no hassles and no problems.  Yet, Glnns Franks, the main organizer had been threatened with arrest.  Channel 10 reported:

The head of a nonprofit group spent his day worried his July 4 barbecue in Ocean Beach would land him in jail.  At Saratoga Park, steps from the beach, the sausages are on the grill and Glyn Franks’ nerves are fried.

“Absolutely anxious and carrying my bail money,” said Franks.

A looming fear of arrest hung over the most typical of scenes here — an Independence Day barbecue. For nearly two decades, Franks and his nonprofit group, Second Chances Bread of Life, have been feeding the homeless on holidays, including the Fourth of July. At a meeting of local merchants and police on Wednesday, Franks said he was approached by a group of police officers.

“I was told they were going to shut it down; there would be no more feedings at the beach,” said Franks.

Franks did feel that the main reason there was no problems from police was due to the presence of OB Rag and Channel 10 reporters.

Meanwhile, another non-profit group also says it won’t stop feeding the homeless at the OB seawall.

Volunteers Needed at Farmers Market to Circulate OB Plan Petition

Volunteers are needed as OB organizers gear up for  the final showdown at the City Council. They’re needed to help circulate the Petition in support of the OB Community Plan.  Over 3,000 signatures have been already been collected, but activists want another 2,000.  It’s a great way to meet fellow OBceans and San Diegans who enjoy the Farmers Market. Meet at the OBMA tent, in front of Wings, for petitions and clip-boards between 4 and 6pm.

Councilman Ed Harris to Hold Forum on Homelessness – Thursday July 10

Councilman Harris will host a forum at the Point Loma library Thursday evening – July 10 – at seven to discuss possible solutions for the growing homeless problem in Ocean Beach and surrounding coastal areas.

OB Summer Book Sale – Sat., July 19th

Ocean Beach Friends of the Library are hosting their annual Summer Book Sale — on Saturday, July 19, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. They will be sorting books and materials donations on Friday, July 18, from 12:30 ish to 2:30 ish. They ask donors to please sort through your used books, video tapes, CD’s, and audio tapes for gently used donations which we can sell to fund more books, materials, and programs for our wonderful library. Donations need to be at the library by Friday, July 18, 2:00, if possible. If you would like to help, please come to the sorting and/or the sale.

Have an Idea Where to Place the Picnic Tables?

Do  you have a good idea of where the City can place two picnic tables it wants to move up at north OB in the Dog Beach parking lot? Dan Danerio of the Park and Rec Dept is working with OB to find a different location for them.  He is willing to accept and hear feedback about those locations; his number is (619) 235-5914.

More Women Join Suit Against Rock Church Affiliated Director

CBS8 reports that additional women have come forward to accuse a director at a sober living program with ties to the Rock Church of sexual battery. Seven more women have come forward making allegations David Powers touched them inappropriately and sexually harassed them while being treated at ABC Sober Living. Since May a total of 13 women including a former employee accuse Powers of sex-related crimes.

In May, a civil lawsuit was filed against David Powers and his wife Tina Powers and clinical staff member Fred Murray. The lawsuit also names the Rock Church and ABC Sober Living claiming sexual battery, negligence, failure to warn, sexual harassment, failure to take reasonable steps to prevent discrimination and harassment, fraud and breach of statutory duty.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Irwin Zalkin, stated:

“I think we need to out this guy [Powers] out of business. I think Rock Church needs to own up and accept accountability for what they have allowed to have happened here.”

 SeaWorld Protest on July 26

Organizers are planning a protest at SeaWorld on Saturday, July 26th from 11a to 1pm. They will hold the historic, LONG Corky Freedom Banner along SeaWorld Drive, before the entrance into SeaWorld. The amount of banner displayed (shipped in 24 boxes from San Juan Is., WA here) is limited only by the number of people on hand to hold it. So please “Join” to commit as a Holder of Corky’s Freedom Banner, and Invite others to join us!

OBceans Urged to Attend July 29 City Council Hearing on OB Community Plan

The San Diego City Council is scheduled to hold its meeting, finally, on the OB Community Plan, on Monday, July 29th.  The hearing will begin at 2pm.  OBceans and supporters are urged to attend and show support for the Plan, and are asked to wear blue.  Blue T-shirts with slogan “Keep the OBcean Attitude” are on sale at Dog Beach Dog Wash.

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Aging Hippie July 9, 2014 at 12:15 pm

It’s unfortunate that I can no longer be an advocate for the homeless. I still feel the same way about their plight, but for now I have to concern myself with the sales value of my house, and their presence reduces that value.


OB Jess July 11, 2014 at 10:20 am

When I went to the forum on the homeless last night I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, I just wanted to go and listen to all the different concerns of my neighbors and my community. It started at 5:30 so I only caught the last 45 minutes but that’s when community members spoke and that was who I most wanted to hear from.

There were OB (and Pt. Loma) residents, people who work and own businesses in the midway district and people who work with the homeless offering services. I fall into all 3 of those categories (I do not presently work in social services but in the decade where i did most of my work was with the homeless populations in Colorado and San Diego) so I found myself nodding my head or clapping for just about everyone, even if their visions and ideas did not quite match.

The issues of homelessness is complex, there were at least 5 different “types” of homeless persons described by various folks and varying ideas on how the situation should be managed. There will be more meetings and the spokeswoman from the office of Councilman Harris said she hopes people will come back with ideas and get involved in the process so if this topic is important to you, come get involved! I never would have know if not for this blurb and I’m very glad that I went. Most of the people who spoke made valid, well thought out points, even when I did not agree with them!

Here is a snip-it from San Diego 6

Hope to meet more Obecians at the next one!


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