OB Planning Board Votes to Approve CVS Pharmacy Alcohol Permit

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By Stephanie Denton

Here are my notes from the Ocean Beach Planning Board Meeting – Wed., Dec. 4th.

The planning board meeting opened up with a modification to the agenda bringing the CVS Pharmacy ABC License Type 21 to being the first of action Items to be addressed tonight. The CVS representatives presented their Proposed OB Community Benefits Package which was created by meetings between CVS and members of the Town Council and Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association.

Gretchen Kinney Newsom president of the Ocean Beach Town Council spoke as the floor was open to the public and reported to the Planning Board that CVS has cooperated with all of the OB Town Council’s requests and that she now supports CVS coming into the neighborhood.

CVS has vowed on their word that they will follow through with the proposals in the OB Community Benefits Package.

CVS vows in their Community Benefits Package to a variety of Alcohol Security Measures, 2 of which were modified by the board. It was clarified that there will be no bottles of liquor less than 755ml for sale. In support of local brewery’s who largely sell 22oz bottles of their product, CVS will allow the sale of these although single beers will not be sold otherwise.

CVS vows to “preserve the community character of the property by re-using the existing architectural structure,” and will “preserve and restore the existing mural (less Apple Tree name), or replace it with a new mural from a community artist that CVS agrees to select with community involvement and/or host a community mural produced at the ocean beach street fair.”

CVS will join the Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association as well as the Ocean Beach Town council. In addition they will support the OB Annual food and toy drive by hosting receptacles for community donation of money, food, and toys.

CVS agreed to support a plastic bag ban ordinance and will sell reusable recycled totes which is good news for the environment.

CVS will provide 20-30 new jobs to qualified individuals from within the community offering medical care at just 24+ hours of work per week, they also herald that they have the “highest rated job satisfaction in its industry.”

The owner of the former Apple Tree came out in support of the CVS stating that “We are going to give you your market” in a to be developed site on Newport. He stated that he can feel assured that the new Apple Tree Market will be successful with CVS moving in as their competition.

A community member pointed out that “there is no guarantee that CVS will follow through on the community support” as the Proposed Benefits Package does not legally bind CVS to these promises. In response CVS stated that the community is “going to have to go on CVS’s word.”

The proposed action item of the Alcoholic Beverage Control License Type 21-CVS Pharmacy was recommended for approval with modifications at 1 abstention, 2 against the recommendation, and 8 for the recommendation.

The Del Mar Units proposal which will result in the demolition of the two existing one-story, single-family residences at 4706 Del Mar was unanimously recommended for approval. An OB Historical Society Member and ex peninsula planning board member spoke out against the demolition of the buildings, blighting being what she perceived to be happening to this property as it is unkempt and presents a danger to the community.

The McDaniel residence at 4655 Castelar Street will be adding a 399 Square foot second-story studio unit to the property as the proposal was unanimously approved without modification by the board. The new development will include a parking space as required by city code.

The Election Committee members for the March 2014 Planning Board Elections were chosen. Raeanon Hartigan will be the chair of the committee and John Ambert and Scott Therkalsen will be members helping with the election process.




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Gretchen Kinney Newsom December 5, 2013 at 10:31 am

While it is unfortunate that the property owner was not successful in leasing the Apple Tree lot to another grocer (as desired and advocated by the community and OB leaders), CVS is adamant that they want to be a long term OB community partner and they have taken steps to address community concerns about their sale of alcohol and their benefit to the Ocean Beach community.

To read the full CVS Community Benefits Package go to:



CC December 5, 2013 at 11:33 am



OB DAVE December 5, 2013 at 1:07 pm

The problem is that CVS does not take care of their outside property or parking lot. They sell alcohol to lcoal drunks and homeless and then turn a blind eye to the passed out guy. Want to see for yourself look at their property in Hillcrest. I go to a hospital there and the homeless are always at CVS. This will be a mistake for OB.


OB Dave December 5, 2013 at 2:42 pm

This could be a huge mistake! The Hillcrest CVS is uver run by drunks and homeless loitering. Why support another location to sell alcohol in downtown OB.


Thomas December 5, 2013 at 4:23 pm

What happened to all that progressivism for which the residents of OB are famous for? I’m amazed OB is letting in “big corporation”.
I see from the minutes posted they agreed to demands from the OBPB. Big question is will CVS keep those promises. The other big question is what will the OBPB do if those promises are broken?


jeffeck December 5, 2013 at 9:29 pm

Hey give OBTC a break, they can only ask so much. Last I heard, we live in a relatively free country and property owners can lease to whoever they wish.

CVS is not our preferred business but who is to say they will not be a good neighbor and spur our other pharmacy to shape up or ship out.


obracer December 6, 2013 at 9:33 am

I agree with jeffeck.
OBTC was at least able bring CVS to the table and communicate O.B.’s concerns.
I doubt most other CVS locations had to make concessions to residents.
CVS knows the village is watching. I bet they keep their word.
Residents will speak will their buying power.
Good job OBTC !


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