Reader Rant #2 on OB Rag: “One of the last vestiges of OB that makes it great!”

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 Editor: We continue to post comments and statements sent to us via email on the future, status and role of the OB Rag. Below is #2 from an anonymous admirer who also shares a bit of her/his own history and aspirations.

By Anon #2

I wish I could give money and time to the OB Rag. It is so very necessary for our community. It’s how the collective group of peaceful OBcians get together to discuss, rant, blog and review changes in our community, ideologies both locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, and we can do so without worry of never being employed again (almost no one posts with their full name).

Its one of the last vestiges of OB that makes it GREAT.

Who cares where you live? If your heart is in the community of OB, then you are, and ALWAYS WILL BE an OBcian.

But as for the money, man, if I won the lottery tomorrow, you KNOW OBRag would get a nice sweet chunk of change.

Like everyone else, I am running below the poverty line right now, and am being forced to move out of state to find work (and to get away from a cokehead neighbor).

Pissed off with California people in general for all being self serving and just real jerks.

And the job market… I have been looking for THREE years. OK, for the first two years if I got a serious of rejection letters it would send me into a three week downward spiral of doing nothing but Dog Beach and watching the news obsessively.

Yeah, I am a weirdo I guess in that my way of being an ostrich sticking head in the sand is to still be aware and attached of what is going on outside my home, but to only interact with the one part that makes me happy (dogs, and the beach).

I am almost 40. I have lived a fairly self serving life. I have found in my soul searching, as just one of the many Californians in San Diego do. Now I want to serve my PURPOSE and live a life of FULFILLMENT rather than self gratification. I hope to find it in Colorado. If not, you will find me back in OB in the next few months.

But if I can, I want to hang tough, and become a mountain woman who works on keeping the earth from global warming and starts a foundation with a olympic sized training facility in the middle of the country that trains Wounded Warriors on equestrian sports for the special Olympics. And I want it to be run on just donations and government funding, and to be FREE no matter how old or young you are, what race, religion, creed level of experience and whether you are in a wheelchair, missing limbs or unable to communicate verbally.

And I want Olympians to come there FOR FREE and offer week long seminars on their retired horses that they donate. Its a big thing to take on. But if I can get just one part going, then I know I will be given the other tools to open the other doors. I don’t want people to know my crazy hair-raising idea because well, right now, it just sounds crazy. But if I can make it happen….LIFE FULFILLED.

So I will keep you updated, and I will continue to go on and post/blog on OB Rag as long as it is around. Keep it around. LIFE FULFILLED for you. May the OB Rag be blessed in many unexpected ways.

Highest Regards,

Your Faithful Reader, Blogger and Friend,


OBCindi (cuz no matter where I land, I will ALWAYS be OB Cindi)

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