San Diego County Issues Advisory: ‘Stay out of the water due to pollutants washed into ocean.’

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Due to hazardous stuff and pollutants being washed down from the streets and roads into the San Diego River and then onto local beaches, the San Diego County Department of Environmental health has issued an advisory for residents to stay out of the water at all local beaches.  Material that is caught up in the rain-swept streets is not treated anywhere before it reaches the ocean.

The advisory is for the period of 72 hours after the last heavy rain, which was Wednesday and Thursday of this past week.

County officials say surfers and other water-goers should think about the pollution before going out into the ocean, as those hazardous stuff can make on ill. Common medical ailments include rashes, sore throats and gastro-intestinal ailments.

“Anywhere where the water is going across the beach from an urban environment is where you should really be careful,” Mark McPherson with the San Diego Department of Environmental Health said.

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