Poll shows support for local branch libraries but also shows ambivalence

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November 22, Citizens rally to save the Ocean Beach Library

November 22, 2008, rally to save the OB Library.

Our recent poll on cut-backs to the City’s libraries shows strong support for the local branches – including, of course, OB’s library.  But the poll also demonstrates a certain ambivalence, and a weakened support for a downtown Central Library for San Diego.

58% of respondents gave responses that reflect a strong undercurrent of support for local library branches.  Of that, 29% said they were amazed that Mayor Sanders was trying to cut libraries again. 12% want to use monies ear-marked for the Central library to keep the branches (and rec centers) open. 9% claimed they were ready to commit civil disobedience in order to keep the local branches open. 8% stated that reduced hours were a real hardship as they and their family depend on the local branch.

However, the poll showed an ambivalence toward having local branches, as 21% wondered why it was important to have branches close to each other as much as a mile and half (the asserted distance between OB and Point Loma branches).   2% (actually only 1 vote) said that there are more important government services than libraries. Yet no one voted for the response that they don’t use or care for libraries.

And that 12% who wanted to use a supposed amount of $200 million slated for the downtown new library shows a weakened support for a central one.

Here’s the poll question and the response rates in the order they were presented:

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders has prosposed cutting back days at the City’s libraries, including the Ocean Beach branch, in order to balance the City’s budget. What do you think?

1)  3 days a week is better than a closed library.

13–20% of all votes

2)  My family and I depend on this library. Reduced hours are a hardship.

5–8% of all votes

3)  There are more important government services to keep going than libraries.

1–2% of all votes

4)  The library budget is being cut again? Unbelievable! What is the Mayor thinking?

19–29% of all votes

5)  Don’t really use or care about libraries.

0–0% of all votes

6)  I’m ready to commit civil disobedience if necessary in order to keep our branch open.

6–9% of all votes

7)  Do we really need two libraries within a mile and half of each other?1

14–21% of all votes

8)  Use the $200M+ earmarked for un-necessary Central Lib to permanently endow all branch libs AND rec centers.1

8–12% of all votes

Total Votes: 66. The poll started November 28, and ran thru mid morning Dec 7, 2009;( 1 = Added by a guest)

We cannot determine who voted or where they live, of course. Plus, any “answer” added by a reader guest during the course of the poll could not voted upon, naturally, by those who voted before.

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