OB Elementary PTA to Rally Opposition to District Decision to Remove Beloved Teacher and Re-Assign Her Class — Tues., Oct.10

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The head of the Ocean Beach Elementary PTA is organizing a rally Tuesday morning in front of the school to protest a decision by the School District to remove a beloved third-grade teacher and re-assign her class.

Stephanie Trimis, PTA President, hopes the rally and show of support for third-grade teacher Bailey Ringer who has been re-located to a different school will convince the District to change its decision.

The rally will be from 7:15-7:45am at the corner of Newport and Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Trimis is asking people to wear red for “Ringer.”

Ringer’s class will have to change to a new classroom starting this week which impacts another class — Mrs. Wright’s unique 2/3 combo class, tailored to address specific learning needs. Her second graders, who’ve been benefiting from a specialized teaching approach, will be redistributed to standard second-grade classrooms.

These changes are due to a lower than expected student enrollment at OBE the district says.

OB Elementary parents were informed about the changes Thursday night, Oct. 5.

Marco Drapeau, Principal at OBE issued a statement to OB families:

At the end of each school year, the district allocates staffing based on projected enrollment. That allocation is reviewed at the beginning of each school year and can be adjusted based on actual enrollment numbers at the end of September.

Unfortunately, due to low enrollment, OBE staffing will be adjusted. What this means is our wonderful 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Bailey will be reassigned to a new school. This is a big loss for OBE as she is an amazing teacher who will be missed tremendously.

In order to balance classes, Ms. Ringer’s 3rd graders will be re-assigned to the existing 3rd grade team, comprising Mrs. Wright, Ms. Quinn, and Ms. Acoba. Mrs. Wright’s current 2/3 combo will see her 2nd graders reassigned to the current 2nd grade team, comprising Ms. Giglitto, Mrs. Kilian, and

Mrs. Gwyn. Families in Ms. Ringer’s and Mrs. Wright’s current class will receive another notification next week with new classroom assignments. Our plan to transition the students will see all affected students visit their new classrooms on Thursday, October 12th , with the first full day in their new classroom on Friday, October 13th.
Ms. Ringer will be on campus helping the students’ transition to their new classrooms starting on the 12th . She will remain with us until October 19th

On Friday, PTA prez Trimis issued her own statement, outlining her concerns and calling for the rally:

Last night, the parents of Ocean Beach Elementary were informed due to lower enrollment than projected, our school would be losing a 3rd-grade teacher. The students in this 3rd-grade class, who have been together almost two months this school year, will have to change to a new classroom starting next week. This decision also impacts a second classroom of students in a 2nd/3rd-grade split where all of the 2nd-grade children will have to divide up and join other 2nd-grade classrooms.

As parents and educators, we know how important the first two months of school are to kids and teachers. It’s the crucial time of the year when trust between the teacher and the child is built. It’s the time when teachers begin to more deeply understand each of their students, so they can support their needs and help each child achieve his/her greatness. It’s the time of the year when class mission statements are written and classroom families are established so that an environment of collaboration can come to life. Finally, it’s the time of year when children who are shy, or anxious, or just a little unsure, finally feel a sense of routine, and with that comfort and safety they can open up and take risks needed for deeper learning to take place.

It’s also important to note that the students affected by this decision are the same students who had their first year of formal school, kindergarten, during COVID. These kids had to try to learn to read through remote learning. It continues to impact many of these students today.

SDUSD prides itself on being a district that is responsive to the social-emotional needs of children. This is why we are urging the district to reconsider the relocation of Ms Bailey Ringer from Ocean Beach Elementary. These kids deserve to stay in their classes with their teachers. Just let these kids be!

The OBE PTA stands behind the children and teachers at our school. Join us Tuesday, October 10th from 7:15-7:45am in front of the school (corner of Newport and Sunset Cliffs) to rally and speak out against this decision. Wear RED FOR RINGER. We will see you there!

A supporter of Ringer and Trimis’ efforts wrote the Rag about his take on the situation:

I’m reaching out to bring your attention to a pressing issue that is currently unfolding at Ocean Beach Elementary, which I believe warrants coverage due to its profound impact on students, parents, and the broader community.

In a recent decision, the school board has proposed a classroom reorganization that would lead to the “excessing” of Ms. Ringer, a beloved third-grade teacher. This move would not only displace her diverse group of students among other third-grade classrooms, increasing their sizes significantly, but it also has a cascading effect on other grades. Notably, Mrs. Wright’s unique 2/3 combo class, tailored to address specific learning needs, will be affected. Her second graders, who’ve been benefiting from a specialized teaching approach, will be redistributed to standard second-grade classrooms, potentially disrupting their academic trajectory.

The implications of this decision are multifaceted:

Academic Concerns: With increased class sizes and students being moved mid-year, there are genuine fears about a decline in the quality of education and attention each student receives.

Emotional Toll: The abrupt changes can lead to anxiety, confusion, and a sense of loss among students who’ve established strong bonds with their teachers.

Community Outcry: Parents, guardians, and community members are deeply concerned about the long-term consequences of such a decision on our children’s welfare.

Given the gravity of the situation and the potential long-term effects on our community’s children, I believe this story would resonate with many local families who are either directly affected or concerned about the future of education in our area.



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Frances O'Neill Zimmerman October 10, 2023 at 10:58 pm

Good for the OB families who are protesting. I wish them success.
This pernicious permanent bureaucratic feature of San Diego Unified School District serves everyone but the children. Annually in October there are shakeups like this one, based on an ironclad teachers union contract that honors seniority and trades off historically large class sizes in return for a better wage scale. It often requires bumping newer, fresher, younger teachers to other sites — if they are lucky. Never mind that this cadre of affected students apparently had suffered learning to read online during the pandemic lockdown.


Yessa October 11, 2023 at 5:41 am

Oh no, not Ms. Ringer.
This is terrible news- for her, the other teachers, students and families, and for our town.
Do not do this, school district.
Do not do this, city government and City Council. Fix the flawed short term rental policy now.
Sorry to have missed this rally. Please have another at the end of a school day.


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