OB Planning Board Meeting: Dish Wireless at St. Peter’s, Bylaw Changes to Bend to City’s Draconian Rules, Terminal 1 Update — Wed., Sept.6

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The Ocean Beach Planning Board meets Wednesday night, Sept. 6 at the OB Rec Center at 6 pm.

There is one project on the agenda. St. Peter’s By-the-Sea at 1371 Sunset Cliffs Blvd has submitted an application for a conditional use permit and coastal development permit to install a Dish Wireless with 3 panel antennas and 6 remote radio units and a bunch of ancillary equipment.When the Project Review Committee looked at the application on Aug. 16, they decided not to make any recommendation and simply forwarded the issue to the full Board without a denial or approval. (See agenda below) Here are the documents : Dish Wireless – 1371 Sunset Cliffs Blvd

An update on the airport’s Terminal 1 project will also be provided by a rep from the Airport Authority.

Plus, it appears that the Board will consider bylaw changes being proposed by an Ad Hoc committee “necessary to complete the CPG Recognition Application.” An ad hoc committee was formed to figure out how to begin the transition to comply with the city’s new draconian rules on community planning groups.

Even though the OB Planning Board has been in existence since 1976, it is forced to grovel in front of the city council and beg for “recognition” – as all the other some 40 community planning groups have to do.

A year ago, the city council passed so-called “reforms” which in essence have gutted the very reason for the groups’ existence by not requiring developers to bring their projects before the local planning panels of volunteers. (For more, go here.)

Here’s the official agenda:

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