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Guy Gilmore,  Chief Operating Officer

Frank Pine, Executive Editor

It’s always worthwhile to be able to put a human face or two on corporations that do things and affect us yet wish to remain faceless.

And over the years as the San Diego U-T kept getting batted about from one owner to another we at least could put a face on the Copleys and Manchesters and Soon-Shiongs.

But now, with hedge fund Alden Global Capital becoming the U-T’s sixth owner in 14 years, I don’t think I’ve seen one human face from Alden or its subsidiary MediaNews Group.

That changes today.

For starters, there’s Guy Gilmore,  Chief Operating Officer, and Frank Pine, Executive Editor of MediaNews Group. They’re headquartered in Denver so I don’t think Gilmore or Pine will be actually showing their faces today in San Diego.

Here’s more:

Who’s Leaving the U-T?

Here is a partial list of journalists who are leaving the paper, many of them voices San Diegans have been reading for decades:

  • Greg Moran, investigative reporter, 33 years
  • Joshua Emerson Smith, senior environment reporter, joined the paper in 2015
  • Sam Hodgson, director of photography and video
  • Gary Warth, reporter focusing on homelessness, credited with 33 years of service
  • Dana Littlefield, an editor who has been at the paper in various roles since 2000
  • Diane Bell, city columnist, 40+ years with the paper
  • Deborah Brennan, political reporter who also covered education, 13 years
  • Kate Morrisey, immigration reporter, with the paper since 2016
  • Merrie Monteagudo, research manager, 35 years
  • Jeff Light, publisher and editor-in-chief, editor since 2010
  • John Wilkens, feature writer, at the paper for the past 35 years
  • Steve Breen, Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, joined the paper in 2001

From 7SanDiego

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Linda July 25, 2023 at 2:48 pm

Just like one party rule….one party editorial doesn’t either. We all lose.
We need both editorial views so The People Can decide truths for themselves.
We need all sides of opinions.The Facts don’t seem to matter anymore. Seems people follow one side or the other…can’t think for themselves.


lyle July 25, 2023 at 5:11 pm

I think we are still in a better place than most people of this country. We still have the OBRag, VOSD, SDNews, Beach and Bay, PL Monthly and PLA newsletter, and maybe some others I forgot because I’m old. My daugter/SIL live in east Chula Vista; who is reporting on what the CV city council is up to? Hopefully we can keep supporting those outlets we still have so we will have them for awhile.


unwashedwalmartthonG July 25, 2023 at 9:56 pm

Mr Guy Gilmore reminds me of a biology teacher I once had in a high school where the architecture of the school was modeled after a medieval French prison.
Mr. Gilmore has that “I just experienced the worst flatulence ever” expression, & now he is worried about his three thousand dollar suit & the skid marks in his pants. I sometimes worry about skid marks while wearing my silk-lined board shorts while dipping right off the OB pier.

Frank Pine used to be a manager at a Wendy’s somewhere on the East coast.
That look he has, that’s the look of, “Nice. You’d like two orders of fries with that Dave’s Double, fries & a Frosty.” And then he says, “Here’s the
code to the restroom just in case you have a bad case of flatulence, just like my buddy Guy Gilmore when he knows he’s about to screw over a lot of people in the search for more & more & more profit.”


Tessa July 26, 2023 at 5:24 am

The UT’s takeover by this group is terrible news. I’ll specifically miss the brilliant Steve Breen
But however thin the paper gets I’ll keep my subscription until/unless it turns into a useless fish wrap.


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