Thanks to Readers and Supporters, the OB Rag Met Our Fundraising Goal!

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Over this past weekend, enough donations came in to meet the OB Rag’s fundraising goal of $2,000. This is worth celebrating!

As of this writing, we’ve received $2,176 in donations and pledges.

Without advertising or a major benefactor, we need to rely on readers and supporters to get us through the year — and they — you — stepped up for our annual summer gig.

So, on behalf of the Rag and our writers, thank you so very much. It’s greatly appreciated. We couldn’t publish Monday through Friday without this support.

We do have bills — server, subscriptions, utilities and we do pay very small stipends to some of our writers and reporters.

From our annual fundraiser and from our monthly donors, we’re able to operate on “the no-money model,” that is, there’s no money made off this media project called the OB Rag. We’re able to survive on a shoe-string budget – because it’s a labor of love.

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