Another Reason to Help OB Rag Reach Fundraising Goal – Today Our Principled Stand Acknowledged by UT Columnist

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In today’s San Diego Union-Tribune, columnist Michael Smolens acknowledged the principled stand taken by the OB Rag on the issue of Trumpist Carl DeMaio aligning with those forces opposed to Measure C, the removal of the height limit in the Midway on November’s ballot.

In “DeMaio becomes wild card in fight to keep sports arena-area height limit,” Smolen discusses how “Opponents of lifting 30-foot restriction in Midway District see potential promise and peril in radio talk-show host’s involvement.”

Smolens wrote:

Carl DeMaio, the radio talk-show host and former San Diego City Council member, suddenly has become a leading opponent to Measure C. He has joined three community advocates in signing the ballot argument against lifting the 50-year-old height limit.

Some leaders of the No on C effort warily accept DeMaio’s involvement, while others working to defeat the measure are upset about the alignment.

In both views, DeMaio is considered a double-edged sword. He potentially can bring resources, campaign knowledge and his largely Republican and conservative following to the fight. But his polemic persona can be polarizing and alienate some voters working to preserve the height limit, particularly Democratic activists who openly loathe DeMaio.

A few paragraphs later:

The OB Rag, long a progressive voice in San Diego and a staunch supporter of keeping the height limit, was aghast that the Save Our Access group, which successfully challenged the 2020 measure in court, was now aligned with DeMaio, whom writer Frank Gormlie called “San Diego’s Trumpiest of Trumps.”

“The OB Rag is hereby drawing a line in the sand: we will not support Save Our Access as long as they are in an alliance with DeMaio,” wrote Gormlie, who was the first to report about the dispute over DeMaio.

Here, then, is another reason to help the OB Rag reach our fundraising goal of $2,000 this week during our annual summer campaign. We’re only a few hundred away from it at this writing.

And if there’s any confusion, we will continue to support the 30-foot height limit and oppose Measure C despite DeMaio’s involvement.

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Gravitas August 26, 2022 at 11:21 am

Re: DeMaio and Height Limit: Realpolitik.
“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


unwashedwalmartThong August 26, 2022 at 8:53 pm

The enemy of my enemy could still be an asshole.


Frank Gormlie August 28, 2022 at 5:53 pm

Editordude: we reached our fundraising goal of $2,000 over this weekend! Thanks everyone who donated to keep us going.


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