OB Rag Is Three-Fourths of the Way to Our Summer Pandemic Fundraising Goal

by on August 12, 2020 · 3 comments

in Ocean Beach

It’s the Third Day of Our Summer Appeal for Donations During the Pandemic – Keep the OB Rag Going

The OB Rag has reached three-fourths of our Pandemic Summer Fundraiser! At this point, we’ve received $1250 in donations. That is very exciting.

Most of us are aware of the stakes involved, as trump threatens to not accept the results of the November election, hints that he’d like to postpone it – which he cannot – continues to call the press, “the enemy of the people” and bristles at every negative news story about his pathetic response to the COVID-19 response. But the people of OB and Point Loma (and the rest of San Diego as well) continue to need the OB Rag more than ever.

It turns out, the OB Rag is one of the most progressive local news platforms in all of Southern California. Providing local OB and Point Loma news and analysis, maintaining a discussion platform that is better than a dozen facebook pages, and keeping track of the various crises hitting us is a daily challenge.

The OB Rag has not folded like some media platforms have that were based on advertisements, because we rely on our readers and supporters to survive and thrive. Our online newspaper for the Peninsula communities is in its 13th year and that’s mainly because our efforts are motivated by a love of the people and neighborhoods that we serve.  Please ensure that we can keep going.

How to Support Us

Send us a one-time donation via our PayPal button on the homepage;

Become a regular monthly contributor; via PayPal on the homepage;

Send us a check made out to “OB Rag” to:

OB Rag
PO Box 7012
Ocean Beach, CA 92167

Have a business or non-profit – take out an advertisement – we have great rates for locals. Send us photos, poetry, musings, observations, or volunteer to help us cover local events and meetings.

So, help us keep the OB Rag alive and well – send us a donation during this Pandemic Summer campaign.

The original OB Rag was first published in the fall of 1970 – and we’re still here 50 years later – a freaking half century! okay,there’s been some gaps – but with your help, we’d like to be around another 50 years.

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Geoff Page August 12, 2020 at 11:43 am

The effort to manage and run The OB Rag is considerable. It is a forum for news and discussion that matters to all of us in Point Loma. They don’t ask for much when they do ask, clearly the staff is not getting rich on this venture. At least judging by how the editor dude is attired. Come on folks, step on up, even a little helps.


Frank J August 12, 2020 at 5:36 pm

Thanks for what you do! My small donation isn’t enough, but I do spread word of the newsletter/website.


Frank Gormlie August 13, 2020 at 8:35 am

In 3 days, 35 of our readers and supporters have sent us donations totaling $1960 so far. This is so awesome and inspiring. Thank you everybody!


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