February 2019

OB Town Council Juggles Planning Board Candidates, Traffic Safety at OB Elementary, Van Sleepers, Famosa Park, Library Expansion……..

February 28, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

There was a lot going on at the February 27 Wednesday night meeting of the Ocean Beach Town Council at the Masonic Center on Sunset Cliffs Blvd. .

First off, new Board members were introduced and those re-elected at the last Board election acknowledged. They included newbies Dan Grofer, Stacie Woehrle, Isaac Darby, Scott Grace and Stephanie Kane. Those re-elected included Trudy Levenson, Corey Bruins, and Jill Kent. (Here’s the full Board.)

OB Planning Board Candidates Introduced

Another bevy of candidates – this time, those running for seats on the OB Planning Board – were also introduced by OBPB Chair Andrea Schlageter. The election is coming up on March 6 – and any resident, property owner or business owner in the OB Planning Area can vote. (See this. )

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‘Stay Classy, OB’

February 28, 2019 by Staff

Judith Starker found this tribute to OB in the sand.

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Young Gray Whale Off Mission Beach Attracts Humans and Dolphins – Some Rules to Follow in Close Encounters

February 28, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, a young gray whale in shallow waters off Mission Beach was so close to shore that it attracted a bunch of humans – and dolphins.

About noon, lifeguards received a call that a whale was maybe trapped in a fishing line, but upon investigation by a lifeguard who swam up to the whale, it was seen not to be entangled.

Meanwhile dolphins and surfers approached the whale – which could have been up to 50 feet in length. It was estimated to be a year and half old – still a youngster.

These humans probably got too close,

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Watching the Michael Cohen Testimony in Which He Describes Trump as a Racist, Liar, Cheat and Conman

February 27, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

We haven’t posted anything today – Wednesday, Feb. 27 – as we’re watching the unprecedented testimony of former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, describe how Trump is a racist, liar, cheat and conman. See this.

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News from Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Late Feb. – Early March 2019

February 26, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Point Loma Whale Carcass Heading to the Big Deep

Often, whales that wash up on shore are hauled to landfills or pushed back into the water. …, a biologist from NOAA wrote that a large female fin whale had washed ashore four days previously, on the rocky beach at Point Loma

Wedding Singer at OB Playhouse Presented by OB Theatre Co., it runs through March 3 at the OB Playhouse in Ocean Beach.

Drama at Point Loma Playhouse Samuel D. Hunter’s “A Permanent Image,” 8 p.m. Feb. 22-23, March 1-2 and 2:30 p.m. Feb. 24 and March 3, Point Loma Assembly,

Slightly Stoopid Announces Summer 2019 Tour Slightly Stoopid announce their annual summer amphitheater tour, with this years installment: “How I Spent My Summer Vacation 2019”.

Celebration of Life for Good Samaritan Who Died in Jump off Bridge

Man Steals Tips from OB Subway – Caught on Video

Friends of OB Library Push for Expansion

Andrea Schlageter, Chair of OB Planning Board Interviewed

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Got to See My Color, Man!

February 26, 2019 by Ernie McCray

By Ernie McCray

“When I see a person
I don’t see color”
I heard a man say.
And I thought
what I usually think
as I listened to him that day:
I wondered, then,
how could he not see
the color of my skin,
my dark brown pigmentation
like a chocolate milk shake
or a cocoa colored
birthday cake
or a blend
of some kind of fine coffee
that a master barista might make…

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OB Town Council: New Board Members and Elementary School Crosswalk Safety Campaign – Wed., Feb.27

February 25, 2019 by Source

Did you know that your OB Town Council public meetings happen the 4th Wednesday of every month, at 7:00pm? The meetings offer a unique opportunity to voice your concerns or ask a question, interface with our local politicians’ field representatives, hear from our law enforcement officials, and connect with other vital community agencies. This Wednesday, Feb. 27 the OB Town Council will hear

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Only San Diego Police Have Data from New Streetlight Spy Cams and Sensors

February 25, 2019 by Source

Data gathered “exclusively for law enforcement purposes”

By Matt Potter / San Diego Reader / Feb. 21, 2019

As predicted by privacy advocates, a hoard of surveillance data collected by video cameras and audio sensors incorporated into San Diego street lights is exclusively in the hands of the city’s police department.

The sweeping police powers are contained in a freshly-minted Intelligent Streetlight Data Policy, signed and dated February 6

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Peninsula Planners Hear From Jen Campbell on Wide Range of Issues; and About Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

February 25, 2019 by Source

By Geoff Page

Our council person from District 2, Dr. Jennifer Campbell, has only been in office a matter of months but has already managed to do something the former council person never managed to do after years in office. Dr. Campbell attended a Peninsula Community Planning Board meeting. She came to the Thursday, February 21 meeting at the Point Loma Library despite nursing a sore foot that was in a protective boot.

Dr. Campbell related a few things about her background when asked, chiefly that she was a physician for 38 years and grew up back east. But, she spent most of her time taking questions from the audience and the PCPB members. She is a small lady with a big smile and an engaging public persona. Her answers to questions were informed and the intelligence was clearly evident as she spoke. This was not the typical politician with a polished demeanor and not much else.

She was asked a number of questions about different things and was familiar with them all.

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When Will We Finally Find the Courage to Challenge the Status Quo?

February 25, 2019 by Jim Miller

The Wages of Inequality Continue to Grow, Year after Year

Over the last few weeks, the national political discourse has been chock-full of ridiculous handwringing in what stands in for progressive circles over whether Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and “the left” will push the Democrats beyond what whoever the pundit of the moment is deems the “acceptable” political boundaries.

Apparently, Trump can flirt with authoritarianism, push the world toward ecocide, and lie through his teeth every day but Democrats cross the line when they fail to properly genuflect before our plutocratic masters.

Meanwhile, America’s moneyed elite are laughing all the way to the bank. The rich are getting richer so fast that it’s hard to keep up with them.

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A ‘Lost Colony’ of Monarch Butterflies Found in Mexico

February 22, 2019 by Source

Long-sought hidden monarchs’ colony was found in December

From Mexico News Daily/ February 18, 2019

Owners of communal land located near the Nevado de Toluca volcano in México state have discovered a monarch butterfly colony long searched for by park rangers and conservationists.

A small group of ejidatarios, or communal landowners, was carrying out a routine patrol of their forested land within the Nevado de Toluca National Park just before Christmas when they found the butterflies hanging in massive clumps from the branches of Oyamel fir trees on a steep mountainside.

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A Tribute to the “Ocean Genius” – Walter Munk

February 22, 2019 by Source

By Thomas Ultican / Tultican / Feb. 13, 2019

The great man, who seemed like he would live forever, died the afternoon of Friday, February 8, 2019 at the age of 101. The New York Times had dubbed him the “Einstein of the Oceans” an appellation he rejected.

He modestly bowed to Einstein’s towering intellect. Virtually unknown outside of scientific circles, Munk’s achievements have touched us all; from creating the science of wave prediction that greatly advantaged the D-Day invasion of 1944 to providing initial research pointing to global warming. A contributor to the Huffington Post, Max Guinn observed, “Following Munk’s accomplishments is a Forrest Gump journey through history.”

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The Old Broad Asks – ‘When is a Gospel Brunch NOT a Gospel Brunch?’

February 22, 2019 by Judi Curry

By Judi Curry

If you read my article on the trouble I had with redeeming the tickets I purchased on-line at the AMC in Fashion Valley, you are aware that I had a BIG birthday coming up this week. In fact, when this is published it will have already happened.

I have never liked to celebrate my birthday. I do not like to be the center of attention and had told my children that I would just as soon not have any celebration this year. I thought I was going to luck out, because I have two children visiting India, and I knew that they would not be able to be with me.

However, I should have realized that my daughter – Michele – did not go with the other two,

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A Message to Ocean Beach from the New Owners of OB Hardware

February 22, 2019 by Source

The new owners of OB Hardware – Mike DeEmedio and Michael Grimes – have issued a reassuring message to Ocean Beach, confirming that they have indeed bought the business and its inventory, and that “the Ocean Beach hardware store is not going anywhere.”

They pledged to maintain all the same products Carl and Carolyn did for nearly four decades, plus promised “some changes.” And they thanked the 770 people who signed the change.org petition.

Finally Mike and Michael asked all those OBceans to “remember your pledge and make every effort to support the store.”

Here is the message, which was posted on change.org:

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Hey Trump! Hands Off Venezuela! – San Diego Protest – Friday, Feb. 22 at 4:30-6 pm

February 22, 2019 by Staff

There’s a “Hands Off Venezeula” demonstration this Friday, February 22, 2019 at 4:30 – 6 PM – at the San Diego Federal Courthouse in downtown San Diego.

Protest Trump’s efforts to get his regime change in Venezuela.

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District 2 Councilmember Jennifer Campbell to Attend Peninsula Community Planning Board Meeting – Thurs., Feb 21

February 21, 2019 by Staff

TONIGHT 6:00 PM Point Loma Hervey Family Library

District 2 Councilmember Jennifer Campbell will address tonight’s meeting of the Peninsula Community Planning Board and will take questions for a brief period of time (about 10 minutes in total).

The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM SHARP (Note the change – usual starting time is 6:30 PM) and she will be the first agenda item.

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Woman Left for Dead at Sunset Cliffs Sues City – Alleges 911 Dispatchers Ignored Calls

February 21, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Last April 12, a woman in her twenties was found on the Ladera Street stairs at Sunset Cliffs bleeding from gunshot wounds around 7 in the morning. A passerby found her and called police. Initially listed in critical condition, she was in stable condition after she had undergone surgery. Yet what happened to her remained a mystery.

She was conscious when police arrived and with multiple wounds to her head and lower body. She initially claimed she didn’t know what had happened or who had shot her. Later news reports stated the young woman was shot by someone she knew – that she had been targeted – but police could not reveal by whom or why.

About a month later, – in May 2018 – the fog around the mystery started to lift.

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Midway Planners Table Vote on Famosa Canyon

February 21, 2019 by Source

By Geoff Page

“Point Loma” was the only action item on the Midway-Pacific Community Planning Board’s agenda at the Wednesday, February 20 meeting. That seemed odd, even to some board members.

The action item was a request for a letter of support from Midway for the Save Famosa Canyon group’s position of keeping a piece of land in Point Loma as open space instead of having affordable housing built on it.

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Reparations Are Way Overdue

February 21, 2019 by Ernie McCray

by Ernie McCray

Every now and again
in this nation,
talks of reparations
enter into our conversations
and some folks
are saying
that such
could cost trillions
by some calculations,
implying it would be
too costly.

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Louise Peirson and her History-Making Garden in Ocean Beach

February 21, 2019 by Source

By Kathy Blavatt / February 19, 2019 ©Photos Kathy Blavatt Collection

“With every breeze I hear the name Louise”

What triggered the flood of sweet memories of my dear friend Louise Peirson (Brain) this time? Was it the scent of her garden? The whispering breeze through her trees? The pallet of vibrant floral colors etched in my memory?

Oh yes, I know what triggered these thoughts … it was the January 29, 2019, Architectural Lecture, “Rosecroft Garden, Masterwork of Alfred D. Robinson,” at the Point Loma Assembly.

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OB Historical Society Celebrates 25th Anniversary With ‘Treasures From the Archives’ – Thursday, Feb. 21

February 21, 2019 by Source

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Project Review Committee – of OB Planning Board – Has 3 Projects – Wed., Feb. 20

February 20, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

There are 3 projects on tap to review by the OB Planning Board’s Project Review Committee. Here’s the agenda for the Committee, which meets Wednesday night, Feb. 20, at the OB Rec Center, 4726 Santa Monica Ave.

4811 Pescadero Avenue
1776 Cable Street
4645 Coronado Avenue

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Online News Site Sues SDSU for Details on Its Mission Valley Stadium Plans

February 20, 2019 by Source

Funny, it was just the other day I was talking to a bicycling partner about the future of a sports stadium in Mission Valley when he began complaining the public didn’t know yet anything about what San Diego State University was planning to build at the former Chargers site. And then bingo! The Voice of San Diego sues SDSU on this very issue.

From Times of San Diego:

A local news organization is suing San Diego State University, claiming that the school has refused to disclose records involving its plans to redevelop SDCCU Stadium, with particular focus on whether the project will necessitate raising student tuition and/or fees.

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Ray Blavatt – OB Artist – Part of Winning Team for International Adult Literacy Award

February 20, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Many of us know Ray Blavatt as the quiet, tall man with long blond hair behind the projector or setting up the sound system for presentations by the OB Historical Society. Or we may know him as the cartoonist whose drawings have adorned the walls of local :coffee houses.

But now, the nation knows him – as do even people across the seas – for Ray is a professional animator and artist who has been for decades part of a San Diego team working on developing “handcrafted” video games that teach adult literacy by using music to teach reading and math. For now Ray’s team has just won an international award for adult literacy.

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Locals Open New Seafood Market and Restaurant in Ocean Beach

February 20, 2019 by Source

Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill Opens With Much “Finfare”

by Bob Edwards

There’s been a lot of activity and happy faces at the foot of Santa Monica Street where a new restaurant, Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill, has opened. Excited locals and other San Diegans, food blogs, and a film crew from a major TV network have all been checking out or publicizing the opening.

It has always been this reporter’s policy to not review any restaurant before it has been up and running a month or two to give it a chance to iron out the inevitable issues that arise with an opening. I am going to make an exception in this case because there don’t seem to be any issues! I’ve paid a couple visits to Blue Water and service, food quality, cleanliness, and a good vibe have been spot on each time. It’s probably because

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10 Years Ago in Ocean Beach – February 2009

February 19, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

What was going on in Ocean Beach 10 years ago? Back in February 2009. We cracked open our archives to see what were the issues, controversies and concerns among OBceans a decade ago.

It turns out almost exactly ten years ago to the day the coast received a huge downpour – it rained an inch in just 4 hours in OB on February 16, 2009. Back then the OB Rag was advocating that people harvest their rainwater.

There were a couple of controversies rocking Newport Avenue back then – the closure of the store Rock Paper Scissors and a dispute between the Farmers Market and a jewelry storeftont. So, we have tracked down some of the more interesting and provocative posts and share them with you inside …

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Faulconer’s Proposed Ordinance for Scooters at City Council Committee Hearing – Wed., Feb.20

February 19, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s proposed regulations for scooters and bicycles will be discussed at the City Council’s Feb. 20 Active Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meeting, which meets at 2pm in City Hall, 202 C Street, 12th floor.

FYI – Councilwoman Jen Campbell of District 2 does not sit on this committee.

The proposed ordinance is summarized by the Mayor’s office here (italic bold emphasis is OB Rag’s):

Permit and Fees: Each company wishing to operate within City limits will be issued a six-month permit and will be required to pay $150 per device annually. Operators will only be allowed to amend or renew their permit, including increasing the size of their fleet, during the permit issuance months of January and June. Companies offering an approved equity program can receive a $15 per device reduction in their annual fee.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders Goes All In – Will California Be His Waterloo?

February 19, 2019 by Doug Porter

By Doug Porter / Words & Deeds / Feb. 19, 2019

If you thought this was an off year, you were wrong. The 2020 election has begun in California.

Sen. Kamala Harris has the inside track, but it ain’t over until the votes are counted.

As expected, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Good for him. Yay for us. His 2016 campaign inspired millions of people and transformed politics. A raft of once seemingly impossible policy proposals have become probable, should almost any Democrat win the 2020 election.

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Tracking the Parrots of Ocean Beach and San Diego County

February 19, 2019 by Source

By dan weisman / Escondido Grapevine / February 18, 2019

Seen a wild pandemonium of parrots lately? Report it immediately. That’s the question and request posed by University of San Diego Biology Instructor Dr. Janel Ortiz and her San Diego Parrot Project, along with “parrot sighting submission form” and a hardy SDPP thank you.

Ortiz takes the academic show on the road Wednesday. That’s when she and her flock of students plan to take flight with a plan to begin a survey of the wild parrots of San Diego County. She is asking fellow county residents if they see something parrot, say something parrot to university parrot watchers.

The parrots shouldn’t be hard to miss. This is parrot time, to be sure, as wild parrots go looking for mates in mid-February,

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San Diegans Rally Against Trump’s Fake ‘Emergency’

February 19, 2019 by Frank Gormlie

A couple hundred San Diegans took their Presidents’ Day holiday to protest the current president’s fake “national emergency.”

Rallying in front of the County Administration Building, speakers denounced Trump’s authoritarian move, that the southern border should not be considered a national emergency, and described other issues that were in more of a need to be addressed, such as climate crisis and gun violence.

The San Diego rally was organized by San Diego Indivisible and MoveOn.org, and was one of dozens across the country.

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