San Diego Trump Opposition March – Horton Plaza – Mon., Dec. 19th

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Trump Opposition March

Monday, December 19 -9am-6pm
Horton Plaza
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This is the big one. #Dec19th is the last day for electors to change their vote. Show up as early as you can, and wear yellow to protest from work. This is what the electoral college was made for – we just have to say this is the time to use it. #JoinUs. #WeCanWin. #WeAreTheMajority #StopTheVote

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OB John December 19, 2016 at 11:25 am

142-186 civilians likely killed in U.S.-led coalition bombing of Iraq and Syria last month, according to @airwars –

Dem, Repub … does it really even matter?

I’ll say one thing, at least Republican are honest about their service to billionaires. Democrat give a secret speeches Wall Street banksters earn $300,000/ hour, turn around and oppose $15hr min wage for poor.

And the middle east war wages on.. i missed the hope & change part of Obama’s 8 years. No wonder Trump won. Sheesh.


Bearded OBcean December 19, 2016 at 12:42 pm

Personally, I enjoy the messaging of #LoveCanWin followed by several, less lovely expressions.

I guess it all depends on how that love is expressed.


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